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Mid-South Wrestling TV 12/10/1981 Review

Mid-South Wrestling TV 12/10/1981 Review
The previous week's episode is here:
Boyd Pierce and Ernie Ladd are at the booth
The Monk vs Brian Blair
Blair won here with the move shown above. Pretty boring match here.
King Cobra vs Tom Renesto Jr.
If you like King Cobra, I reviewed a match of his from Memphis here:
King Cobra won here with a headbutt. I think you know the drill with Mid-South matches by now. Not good and boring.
Debeers sends Garvin to the outside while he was on his back with a sleeper
Wiskowski won with a stomach breaker. This was better than alot of the stuff on here has been. Rating:*1/2
Junkyard Dog and Mike George vs Jerry Novak and Aaron Holt
Novak was formerly a member of the Bounty Hunters tag team that was a mainstay in WWA and other promotions.
JYD got the win here with his powerslam. Squash City.
The Iron Shiek vs Buddy Ryan
"Right now he's using the bottom of his shoe." - Boyd
"He must have a camel on the mat." - Ladd
Squash City Returns as Sheiky made easy work of his opponent. He hit a cool german and a nice belly to belly to take this.
Mixed Men's and Women's Midgets: Diamond Lil and Rick Ferrara vs Barbie Doll and Tony Charles
This is by far the oddest thing I've seen in a while.
Doll got the win here with a running la silla. Again, not what it could have been at all. It was very short and they didn't really try to make any efforts at a story.
Ted Dibiase vs Paul Orndorff
"I love this, this man Dibiase is in pain. Why don't the man give up?" - Ladd
The match went to a TV time limit draw as Dibiase was in the Figure Four. This was a good match. As you can see, Dibiase sells really well and I really wanted to see a winner. But hey, this is the 80's, and I can't! Rating:*3/4

Overall thoughts: The main event was good and that's really about all one would want to see from this. The commentators finally came around in the main event too as all show, they basically talked to themselves without any sort of conversation going on. Skip this one.

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