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CWA Memphis TV 10/30/1982

The Sheepherders came out and they were mad that they weren’t booked. Lance ended up leaving out of fear. Boy wore a shirt that said “MANIAC” on it.
Terry Taylor/Jacques Rougeau vs The Angel/Jesse Owens
They cut right into this match here so I have no idea who the opponents are. Taylor and Rougeau were both pretty good here. Rougeau hit his awesome middle rope dropkick for the win.
They advertised: “The Fabulous Ones: In Person!” coming up.
Hart cut a promo promising to get rid of the Fabs once and for all. Boyd said that him and Luke could take on 10 yanks at one time easy. Boyd then said Dundee left Australia “because he couldn’t handle it” and now he’s become “soft and a cowboy”. Then he called Dutch Mantel, “Lack of Bar Soap Mantel”. He called him a Yank too. We then got this video: . The 80’s were a different time…
Carl Fergie/Enforcer vs The Fabulous Ones
We got the usual Fabs striptease to start this off. Lance seemed to actually enjoy this. Not much to this here. The Fabs won easy with an atomic drop. Keirn apparently made his return here after an injury caused by Eaton/Sugar.
Bill Dundee came out and mentioned that he hadn’t been around for 5 weeks because he got beat up by 4 people and messed up his orbital bone. The Sheepherders then came out and ripped on Dundee. Dundee said that he “knew this guy for about 10 years” and Boyd took offense, saying he’s not American so don’t talk to him like one. Dundee then said, “this bloke”. Boyd kept ragging on him and said he’s been to 37 different countries and in all of the toilets, it said, “Go home Yank”. Dundee tried to defend the people in the crowd then finally had enough and hit Luke. Boyd returned the shot and then Luke hit Dundee with a flagpole. They then gave Dundee the beatdown.
Don't mess with the Sheepherders

Non-Title Match - AWA Southern Tag Team Champions: Bobby Eaton/Sweet Brown Sugar(Koko B. Ware) vs Joe Stark/Pat Hutchinson
Jimmy Hart leaned on a chair at ringside and put his feet up on the apron. Hart’s men were really aggressive and vicious here and I totally approve. They destroyed their opponent’s arms which apparently they also did to Steve Keirn, which caused his injury. Eaton won with a nice elbow at 4:32. He even grabbed his opponents hand and held it down for the pin. Good squash.
They showed clips from Crusher Broomfield aka One Man Gang vs Dutch Mantel. Mantel took off his strap ala Lawler and revealed the hairiest back I’ve ever see. I’ve always wondered what was under those straps, and I think it might be alive after seeing it. Cornette slipped a chain in and Dutch got it. He nailed Crusher for the win.
Dutch cut a promo and called Broomfield, “Crusher Blackwell”. Right idea, wrong promotion. Boyd and Luke interrupted and Dutch said, “You want the interview time? You got it” and left. Boyd said he had a yellow streak up his back but said , “That’s a smart bloody yank”.  Mantel came back with a whip and the Sheepherders left. Mantel said, “They got heat with me, they are making me hot”.

Mid-America Title Match: King Cobra vs Dutch Mantel (c)
King Cobra

I’m pretty sure there was another King Cobra in Memphis who was white and masked, this one was neither.  They actually shook hands before the match. Cobra hit a magnificent sunset flip. They actually had a nice slow technical match and then you can guess what happened. The Sheepherders invaded and laid the smack down on Mantel and Cobra. Lance called Luke, “Luke Graham”. Wrong Luke. They choked Dutch with his whip until Dundee made the save.

Dutch gets choked
We got a promo from Jackie Fargo calling Hart the winner of the “Worst Idiot of the Year” award. He said they were done with Dolls and all he had left was “Bozo the Clown and Little Sambo”.  Fargo said that if his Fabs lose to Eaton/Sugar, they will give them their jackets.
Jackie Fargo
Overall thoughts: This was a good show. The squashes were good and you know Johnathan Boyd never has a bad day. I really liked the Dutch/Cobra match too. Check it out!

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