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Mid-South Wrestling 12/3/1981 Review

Mid-South Wrestling 12/3/1981 Review
"Hi everybody, I'm Boyd Pierce and welcome to the Mid-South Wrestling Television Network."
"Our guest, a man who needs no introduction with a record that speaks for itself, Bob Roop."
We opened up with a re-showing of last week's Bob Roop vs Buddy Landel match:
"We all heard that history never repeats itself but through the magic of video tape, we got to repeat that." - Bob Roop
Bob Roop won here with a shoulder breaker in a quick and not so interesting squash.
"This event is for one fall with a ten minute time limit."
Paul Orndorff vs Tony Charles
"Paul Orndorff is a philanthropist and that means he donates money to worth causes. He's offerred up $1,000 to anyone who can put Ted Dibiase out of professional wrestling, which in my mind is a worthy charge." - Bob Roop
Orndorff won with a vertical suplex as pictured above. It wasn't too interesting to be honest. It was also a little slow.
Ted Dibiase vs Ed Wiskowski (Col. Debeers)
"My prediction is that Ted is going to take a severe beating, not as bad as the one I would give him." - Bob Roop
Ted Dibiase won here after reversing a weak cross body from the middle rope into a pin. This one didn't really do it for me either. Roop spend most of this match ripping Ted apart.
Mississippi Heavyweight title: Jim Garvin vs Bob Orton Jr. (c)
"The Figure Four is going to go the way of the flying squeegee and the keylock. In case you never heard of those, it's because they're extinct." - Bob Ropp on Ted Dibiase's Figure Four
"Jim Garvin has had things happen to him that should make him resume his career in Outer Mongolia or some place." - Bob Roop
Bob Orton won here with the piledriver pictured above. This was the best match on the show so far. Too bad it didn't go longer as it was looking good. Bob Orton is the master of the piledriver and the master of selling a hit in the crotch. Rating:*1/2
Orndorff leaves town if he loses: The Junkyard Dog vs Terry Orndorff
"I thought you hated that mask?"
"Don't get me wrong, I hate this mask but this is the mask that I beat Mike George with right here. And I feel lucky. I feel I can beat the Dog right here too." - Orndorff
"Why he got that dat gum hood on? I ain't wrestlin' til you check him." - JYD
Bob Orton gives Terry Orndorff a weapon
JYD headbutts Terry's loaded mask
A fan throws something as Orton tries to piledrive JYD in the mask
JYD got DQ'd here for throwing the man in the yellow mask over the top rope. Cool angle here. Orton put on the mask while Terry was outside and put it on. I thought the switcheraroo was quite clever.
The Iron Shiek vs King Cobra
Shiek hooks the rope with his shoes
Roop said that the toes on Shiek's boot are for when you want to kick a camel and don't want to hurt your toes.
Sheik won with a german and then an elbow. This was a decent squash. I liked the spot with Sheik's boots. Never seen that before and I'm surprised he never used that in the WWF.
Jerry Novak and The Monk vs Brian Blair and Frank Monte
This is the same Monk from Memphis here:
Well this was a total fail. It was very boring with absolutely no highlights AND it went to a time limit draw...Nice way to end the show.

Overall thoughts: This was not good at all. Only one match was a little interesting. The rest was blah. Lots of uninteresting headlocks and bad camera angles. Skip this.

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