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CWA Memphis TV 3/6/1982

CWA Memphis TV 3/6/1982

The Monk vs Chief Thundercloud

The Monk

"The Clark Gable of Professional Wrestling, The Monk, Baby! Isn't he cute?" - Jimmy Hart
Hart accused Thundercloud of hair pulling.

"Pin him! Pin him!" - Jimmy Hart
The Monk won here after a headbutt in a nothing match at 2:58. He pulled hair and just clobbered Thundercloud on the back a few times.

"He's not very fast, but he's big." - Dave Brown
"He's got one of those powerhouse weapons...a hard head." - Lance Russell
The Monk is banging his head off the desk.
"What'd ya think man?" - Jimmy Hart
"His head did pretty well, Jim." - Lance Russell
Eaton shills a shirt as Hart calls his troops down
"You having another party Jimmy?" - Lance Russell
Gypsy Joe kisses Jimmy
"Ya know, I am so sick of wrestlers trying to get into the music buisness"
"Jimmy Hart went out and cut a record and it's called "We Hate School".
"I am putting Memphis on the map".
We then get the legendary performance of "We Hate School". Video here:

Koko on guitar,  Iranian Assassin on drums and Hart on the mic
"My teachers don't like my music and they don't like my clothes...I said, up your nose with a rubber hose."
"I'd like to shove 'em where the sun don't go, cause' we hate school, but WE LOVE ROCK AND ROLL"
"We hate school...We hate school, ROCK AND ROLL".
Iranian Assassin, gimme a beat!
Look at Koko kick
Koko jammin'
"I'd like to hit that old broad in the nose...cause' we hate school but WE LOVE ROCK AND ROLL."
"Weee hate school, ROCK AND ROLL."
"We hate school"
Koko's so good he doesn't even need to touch the strings
"Woo! Alright Baby!" - Jimmy Hart

"Alright Lance Russell, Baseball hat baby!" - Jimmy Hart
"You don't like our record, do ya baby?" - Koko(Sweet Brown Sugar)
"Ah, it's marvelous, Sug." - Lance Russell
I don't even think I need to tell you this, but this deserves, minimum 10 million stars. THIS IS PRO WRESTLING. No one will ever reach the greatness of Jimmy Hart. You need to see this ASAP.

"There's my match right there." - Dream Machine
"If it takes the whole family to get Dundee outta the way, we gotta get 'em baby." - Jimmy Hart
"You ugly nose, pekingese head Dennis Condrey, those belts are our's, ya understand?" - Dream Machine
"This is what I think of Rose and Condrey." - Jimmy Hart

"Look at this, Norvell Austin. Who does he remind you of? That's right, Buckwheat." - Jimmy Hart

"Spanky..that's Dennis Condrey" - Jimmy Hart
"Look at this man right here, last but not least, Alfalfa. Who is that? RANDY ROSE." - Jimmy Hart 
Hilarious promo. Anytime Hart has a prop you know it's going to be good.

Bobby Eaton and Sweet Brown Sugar (Koko B. Ware) vs Roy Rogers and Rick McCord

Flying head scissors
Koko works the leg and goes for the tag
Cheapshot by Kenny Shane
Eaton with the elbow off the second rope
Eaton won here over McCord with the elbow pictured above at 4:18. This was a nice squash. Eaton and Sugar were both really rough and worked McCord's leg nicely.

Highlights from Dutch Mantell vs Jerry Lawler:
"It was a bitter blow to Jerry because he went in with the absolute conviction that he could beat the Dutchman." - Lance Russell
"That was a moment to see. It was a moment of great jubliation for Dutch Mantel." - Lance Russell
"Like the song says, the winner takes it all, and the loser has to fall." - Jerry Lawler
"There comes a point in every athlete's life when you have to sit down and take a good long look at yourself."
 "I've never been in a situation where, I've wrestled a man two times, going after something I wanted more than anything else and wasn't able to come away with it."
"I realize that I haven't said alot of good things about Dutch Mantel, but I'll start right now.
Dutch Mantel is a good wrestler, he's a fine wrestler."
"There comes a point in every athlete's life where he's gotta realize: nobody can go on forever. I'm not trying to hide anything."
"I've seen wrestlers who are 45 and still end up in the ring, and I don't wanna end up like that."
"I want one more shot at the title. If I don't walk out of the ring with that belt, if I don't regain my Southern Heavyweight title, I'm gonna wish Dutch Mantel well. Then I'm gonna go home and face the fact that, I set myself some new priorities."
"Dutch Mantel, I'll admit you're a good wrestler. But I still I'm better, and this is gonna be the biggest match that I've ever had in my life."
- The King
Really good, strong promo by the King.

We then got Steve Keirn showing a video of his match with Norvell Austin.

Keirn's got the chain
We then got a donnybrook with Dundee, Keirn and another vs the MX as the MX tried to run
"I'm the one saying Norvell Austin's a coward now." - Steve Keirn
Austin came out:

"I ain't no coward Steve Keirn, what's wrong with you?" - Norvell Austin
"I'll beat you two times in 10 minutes. Get in the ring." - Steve Keirn
"I'll get in the ring with you all day long, as long as you don't be throwing no punches and kickin' me, things like that."
 "If you put the tag team belts up, I would get in the ring with you". - Norvell Austin
"I own this one, and he owns that one. Now, he owns both of them if you'll get in the ring with him, jackrabbit." - Bill Dundee
"Two times in 10 minutes, ya understand?" - Norvell Austin
"The winner gets both belts" - Eddie Marlin
The match started right there.
AWA Southern Tag Team Title Match - Keirn cannot punch and must win twice in 10 minutes - Steve Keirn vs Norvell Austin

"That worked to his advantage. If he can wander around outside there, and let time expire on him." - Dave Brown
"There's one! There's one!" - Lance Russell
Keirn wins the first fall(I guess you can call it that) at 2:59.

Keirn went for the clean break then Norvell spit on him. Keirn decked him and lost the fall.
"Uh oh" - Lance Russell

"Keirn punched me. I got the belt! AHHH!" - Norvell Austin
"I just came out here and let my mouth override my butt." - Steve Keirn
"WHY? WHY DID I DO THAT?" - Steve Keirn
Keirn came back out and pretty much repeated what he just said.

"I'd do anything Lance..." - Steve Keirn
Keirn called Eddie Marlin down asking for a match, since now Austin is the champ and has open contracts:

"I want lumberjacks and a chain strapped to my wrist, so there's no way he can run without dragging me. I want the lights out. I don't care how much time it takes, just give me the match."
"It's the last thing I'll ever ask of you." - Steve Keirn
Dundee and the MX came down.

"Why don't you just sign the match, dog?" - Bill Dundee
"I ain't signin' no match." - Norvell Austin
"Put the match on there." - Eddie Marlin
We then got some quick promos:

"I told everyone that I was gonna beat him and here it is, living proof that I'm the Southern Heavyweight Champion."
"Lawler, I'm gonna give you one shot and one shot only to prove that you can beat me. But in your heart, I don't think you can beat me."
"I know a wounded animal hits hardest and I know Lawler wants this belt." - Dutch Mantell

Overall thoughts: That was a heck of a show. I don't know how, but Memphis followed last week's classic show with another instant classic.

Jimmy Hart's music video was absolutely hilarious and truly must see TV. It was campy and fun and everything that wrestling should be.

Then we got Jerry Lawler showing how important his match with Dutch Mantell is and basically vowing to retire if he doesn't win. Great work by Lawler. I could feel everything he said and he came across wonderfully.

Then, we got the amazing Keirn/Austin segment. Keirn played his overconfident role well and Austin played a great little cheap heel. Keirn's flip out at the end of the match was absolutely awesome and his promo with Lance was pure emotion. I know everyone says wrestling needs characters, but wrestling also needs legitimacy and reality and Keirn provided all of that. I don't think anyone could say that they wouldn't react the same way if they were in Keirn's shoes.

This program was a collection of real people and their trials and tribulations. This show was everything that's right with wrestling and another must see classic. GET IT NOW.

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