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TNA Impact Wrestling 9/13/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/13/2012 Review

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Aries came out and talked for a little. Hardy then came out with some really interesting orange and yellow facepaint. They talked and really said nothing except Aries saying congratulations to Hardy for winning the Bound for Glory Series. Bully Ray came out and said he felt bad for Hardy for getting drilled by Aces and 8's. He told Hardy that he's been beating him for 15 years. They made Hardy vs Bully Ray for later.

Tenay and Taz wished speedy health to Jerry Lawler. That's nice of them.

Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion
I actually saw Zema's first match live and I even picked him to wrestle Michael Facade at a dojo show(before he even debuted) for IWC way back in the day. Dutt ran at Zema from the outside and got launched to the ropes, then did an asai. Dutt later did an awesome Hikari Fukuoka moonsault footstomp. Zema stole the win right after by holding onto the rope. Then he came and attacked Dutt from behind with an armbar on his injured shoulder. I liked this match. It wasn't as good as it could have been but at worst there were some cool moves.

Daniels was in the back with Kaz pretending to be Hulk with a Hulk photo. Hulk came into the back and offered them the choice of their opponents in single matches. Hulk said if any of their opponents win, their opponents' team will get a rematch fo the tag belts.

Angle and AJ talked in the back and AJ asked to have the match against Kaz.

Bobby Roode came out and talked bad about his former partner James Storm. Storm came out and him and Roode got into it.

AJ Styles vs Kaz
They had a pretty good match here. Lots of big moves and big bumps by both. Styles ended up winnng this one with the pele followed by the Styles Clash.

Hulk was in the back talkng with Brooke and Joseph Park came to him. Park said he had some evidence for Hogan next week. Hogan asked Park to guard Brooke.

Bully Ray went to the back and challenged Hardy to put up his title shot at Bound for Glory for a match with him. Hardy said okay.

Hogan came out and talked. He declared Ray vs Hardy with the winner facing the champ at Bound for Glory. Hogan said, "All the Harley Davidson's and all the King's Men, couldn't put Ace's and 8's in this building again. Someone from Ace's and 8's came on a video with an Ole Anderson Black Scorpion voice. They basically said that when Hogan gets hit by them, he won't know where it came from. I couldn't make out most of what they said.

Chavo and Hernandez talked in the back and Chavo asked for the match against Daniels.

Christopher Daniels vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo got the win here in a nice little match. I really like face Chavo. I hate heel Chavo(unless he's Kerwin White). Chavo won this with a three amios followed by the frog splash. Daniels' tried to cheat by getting in a belt shot, but Chavo stopped it. Rating: **

They did a gut check challenge segment with a guy named Mark who was 18 and still in college.

James Storm said that with next Thursday being called open fight night, he will be calling out Bobby Roode.

Tara came out and declared Miss Tessmacher the TNA Knockout's champion. Naturally, she then attacked her from behind.

Dixie Carter had a meeting in the back with the different heads of TNA about Ace's and 8's.

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy
This was okay for what it was but Bully Ray is really never going to be a main eventer to me. The crowd was pretty into this and they did do a pretty good job. Bully hit the Bubba bomb for a near-all but Hardy hit two twist's of fate and a swanton to take this.

Overall thoughts: Good show. All the matches were good and everything made sense. That's about all you can ask from wrestling.

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