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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/2/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/2/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Alberto thanked the fans for nothing and tried to lead a cheer for Vickie Guerrero, who he called "mamacita".
"The person who will face Alberto Del Rio at Summerslam is Ricardo Rodriguez!" - Alberto Del Rio
Vickie then came down.

"Ricardo Rodriguez? He's like a jiggly little man child. I expected more from you." - Vickie
Vickie felt disrespected by the choice of Ricardo.
"What about THE BROOKLYN BRAWLER??" - Alberto Del Rio
Vickie said Alberto would fight the winner of a triple threat tonight with Randy Orton vs Christian vs Rob Van Dam. I thought Alberto Del Rio vs The Brooklyn Brawler would have been money.

Jack Swagger vs Cody Rhodes

Zeb tried to talk before the match and Cody nailed Jack and he stopped.

Cody won with a reversal of a gutwrench into a sunset flip. This was quick and average. It was maybe 3 minutes tops.

Cody said he didn't blame Damien Sandow for taking the briefcase, but he is tired of his arrogance. He said he was the best part of Team Rhodes Scholars.

Damien Sandow jumped Cody Rhodes from behind and it had to be broken up.

Sin Cara vs Big E Langston

Big E won in a quick squash with a Big Ending. This was every Sin Cara match but he didn't get much in at all before getting squashed. Langston caught a Sin Cara asai moonsault and hit his finisher from there.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you're gonna get speared." - Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn was interviewed by Renee Young and Layla tagged along. Kaitlyn said this was her home town and she won the title here before and would win again tonight. Layla said Kaitlyn was the real deal.
Alberto was mad at Vickie for not letting him choose his opponent and Vickie said his pick was immature. ADR said a champion shouldn't be treated like that, then Brad Maddox walked in. Brad said Vickie made the right call.
"Who do you think you are?" - ADR | "I'm the General Manager of Raw. You'll be under my authority this Monday." - Brad

Fandango vs CM Punk

CM Punk beat Fandango with a superplex into an Anaconda Vice. Good match with a better finish. These two worked well together since Fandango is smaller and can do the big bumps, so they could do more indy style stuff. I really liked Fandango's nasty falcon arrow. Rating:***

 RVD said he was feeling good and he could win tonight, when Christian jumped in.
Christian said he deserved one more match, when Orton jumped in.
Orton said he wouldn't be complacent just because he has the briefcase. He said he could win both titles. He said he had a special gift for RVD - an RKO. RVD said he would win tonight.

Diva's Title - AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn

AJ Lee beat Kaitlyn with the Black Widow. The match was okay. They were a little awkward but it was stiff. That's not the big news here though. Layla turned heel or atleast in Kaitlyn's case, maybe turned face since Kaitlyn has been acting like a heel. Kaitlyn went to spear AJ through the barricade when Layla jumped in and stopped her. AJ then got the advantage, slammed her into the rails and took the win from there. Layla smiled after and Layla went skipping with AJ Lee. Cole tried to play this as Kaitlyn being stabbed in the back, but considering Kaitlyn was talking trash about everyone else, including Layla, it seems pretty fair to me. She had this coming and earned this.

I have some mixed thoughts on this segment. Kaitlyn has been an awful face and is maybe the least over diva ever for her push, so I don't like the idea of  her still being the top face. Layla was by far the best face WWE had and one of my favorite WWE wrestlers. I'd like her to get featured more, but I don't want her to turn, since she's pretty good as a face.

We had a TEN MINUTE Raw Recap. I'm telling you, the day when they just show the last hour of Raw instead of Smackdown is not far off.

#1 Contender - Christian vs Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton

"I'm gonna be backstage, watching, enjoying you three beating the guacamole out of each other." - Alberto Del Rio
ADR told them be careful what they wish for as one of them would be tapping out to him at Summerslam. He also said Ricardo Rodriguez could beat any of them.

"E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!" - The fans

Christian pinned Randy Orton with a backslide. Good match but the wrong person won. This was about as fun as expected. RVD brought the great flying and selling and the crowd ate it all up. He was the star of this by far. The really cool spot was the rolling thunder into the powerslam. It was really creative and everyone really marked out for it. I really liked this one and definitely recommend it, but I cannot figure out any reason for not having RVD win here. None at all. Rating:***1/2

Del Rio jumped Christian after and laid him out.

Overall thoughts: I thought it was a good show, mostly due to Punk/Fandango and the three way. While the diva's match wasn't great, at least something happened and everything on this show was built up. Definitely check out the main if nothing else!

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