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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/26/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7/26/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:

Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow
DS came out and did his usual spiel.

"You know what that means? Cody's gonna accept the job as protector of the case. Well done, Cody." - JBL
Randy Orton won with the RKO after Cody Rhodes came down and took the MITB briefcase. The match was what you would expect from these two - an average match between two average workers that went around 14 minutes. Lots of rest holds here that ended up meaning nothing as the match's real point was Cody taking the case. That's when Orton hit the surprise RKO to Sandow who wasn't paying attention. Cody stole the MITB case.

CM Punk came out to talk.

He said Brock's biggest weakness was trusting Paul Heyman, while Heyman's biggest weakness was his ego. Punk said Heyman always wanted Punk vs Brock but wanted to be in both corners.
Fandango walked in.

Fandango danced around, jumped in and got beaten up and then GTS'd.

We got the 1-800-FELLA Sheamus commercial.

Mark Henry and The Usos vs. Wade Barrett and The Prime Time Players

The faces won with a Mark Henry WSS. This was just a quick squash and a waste of time.

ADR came in and sucked up to Vickie.
ADR said Vickie owed him since Brad Maddox let Cena choose his opponent for Summerslam. He said he wanted to choose his own partner too. Vickie said he could have a week to think about it. RVD came in.
RVD said he was the obvious choice.

Damien Sandow was looking for Cody.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

JBL said he'd fight Barry Horowitz every month if he could choose his opponents.

Alberto stalled and faked an injury. RVD went to attack anyway and Alberto got a surprise superkick in for the win. This was a giant waste of time and a total rip off for people like me who were looking forward to this. This only went a few minutes and they didn't really do any moves.
DS went asking around for Cody. Henry said he wasn't a snitch but didn't see him. DS said Booker should know about Cody, since he used to be the GM. Booker got mad.

AJ said she was out to clear the air. She said was "A-OK" since she had the Diva's Title.
AJ had the keys to Dolph Ziggler's house. She said she was going to use this to break in and burn everything to the ground, but she was ready to let go of them.

Dolph said he gave out thousands of those keys. AJ said he was never the smart one in this relationship, and I'd probably agree if DZ is giving out thousands of keys to his house, which he would never be at since he's always wrestling.

AJ Lee grabbed Dolph Ziggler's suitcase. She brought scissors and cut up Dolph's driver's license and passport. It is illegal to destroy or deface a passport, see here -

AJ then ripped up Dolph's money. Destroying US Currency is actually a felony and can lead to fines and imprisonment. See here: 

So, if we are to believe all of this is real, AJ just committed four felonies on live TV. She stole Dolph's stuff, she destroyed a US Passport, she destroyed US currency and she defaced Dolph Ziggler's personal property. She should be fined and arrested, if we are to believe all of this is real. Remember everybody, be a star.
AJ threw stuff around from Dolph's suitcase as the crowd chanted, "You are psycho".
Kaitlyn came down and speared AJ, while Ziggler laid out Big E to end this stupid segment. Yay, more AJ vs Kaitlyn.

I also want to note how stupid it is for Dolph to just stand there and watch his stuff getting destroyed. You can play it whatever way you want, but it makes no sense, especially considering Dolph would have had to leave on a plane that night and would need proper identification.

The Wyatt Family vs. Tons of Funk

They said that this is the first time the Wyatt Family has ever had a match. It must be nice to get signed by the WWE without ever having a match. I guess that means I have a chance at making it to the WWE. I guess I should also pretend that I didn't see them have a match yesterday on NXT.(see here - )
The Wyatt's won in a quick squash after a nice looking Erick Rowan splash. Not much to say here as I don't think this went 90 seconds.

Bray Wyatt said if Kane was looking for him, he wasn't hard to find. He told Kane to follow the buzzards.

DS was still looking for Cody. Vickie said she contacted the authorities. She probably should have done that for AJ's actions earlier in the night.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger

"Are we in Texas or are we in Northern Mexico?" - Zeb Coulter
Zeb said he went through an inspection station last night and the authorities said there was no need to check out Zeb's car, because he is a Real American.

Christian won with a Killswitch in a quick match. This wasn't anything special and was mostly just Christian trying to get all of his stuff in during the allotted time.

DS said he had a warrant for the arrest of Cody Rhodes for Grand Larceny. He asked for Cody to be fired.

Cody Rhodes said he was at the Gulf of Mexico, which they said was across the street. He told Sandow that if he wanted it, come and and he will give him it.

"You know what Damien, you earned this." - Cody Rhodes
 DS tried to suck up to Cody before Cody threw Damien Sandow's MITB briefcase in the Gulf of Mexico.
"Good luck, little mermaid." - Cody
"Help, I can't swim!" - Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow swam back to shore but didn't get the briefcase. He threw a fit once he recovered.

Overall thoughts: The end segment was okay but I didn't really like the rest of this. There were too many quick matches and wrestling clearly wasn't the focus here. I thought this show sucked and if you take out all of the commercial's and entrances, I'd be surprised if the show was one hour total.

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