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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/8/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 11/8/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

One of the Ace's guys was talking to Festus. They said he has one week to show why he deserves a seat at Ace's. They kept calling him "doc". "Doc" said he would make it right tonight. Doc apparently stands for the Director of Chaos.

James Storm sat at the booth.

AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode
They are calling Roode the "it factor of professional wrestling". Storm said his #10 goal was to kick the crap out of Roode, #9-#2 was to drink alot of beer and #1 was to win the world title. They started off with some technical wrestling until AJ started to get the advantage after chops. Roode hit a nice lariat on the back of AJ's neck then we went to the break. When we came back, Roode hit a blockbuster which AJ sold nicely. AJ hit a top rope frankensteiner for a near fall then Roode slammed AJ with a spinebuster. Roode then ducked a pele kick and hit a perfect plex for another nearfall. Roode went for a chair and Storm got up. AJ then hit a springboard crossbody during the commotion before Storm got kicked out. Roode then got the pin as they went back in. Pretty good match here but naturally it had to have some shenangians. Very surprised by this and it was a good way to start the show. Rating:**

Aries met with Hulk in the back. Aries said he would win the title but isn't a ladder climber and doesn't want to be in the ladder match. Hulk says the ladder stays and if Aries doesn't hand back the belt, he will replace him in that match.

JB was breaking down the upcoming matches when they did a HALO commercial cutting it off.

Angle was talking with Wes saying how timing is everything. Sting then said Wes will be the shadow tonight when Angle and Sting go against Ace's.

Joseph Park was in the ring. He wants to fight Ace's because it's not about being an attorney or wrestler, but about being a man. He begged Hulk for a match against Ace's. Hulk came out and said they were proud of Park for giving them momentum. Hulk said Park is not a wrestler, but a good lawyer. Hulk brought up the liability of him in the ring until Bully Ray came out. Bully said he was sticking up for Joseph Park and said that the guy has heart and guts. He said he was a tough son of a b****. Bully expressed how bad Park wanted to fight due to the shenanigans in the clubhouse and said he believed in Park. He said the crowd also believed in Park. Hulk gave in and said "Joseph, just this one time".

Tara talked to Jesse in the back and Jesse talked about hitting ODB with a "super double tiger driver". ODB then came back and said he got her with a schoolgirl. ODB then challenged both of them and said he would give them a little "shooting star tiger bomb".

AJ was mad about Storm commentating and scouting. They then argued.

ODB vs Tara and Jesse
The heels skipped down the rampway. ODB was in control for most of this, even slamming Tara on Jesse. ODB tripped Tara's head into Jesse's crotch then did a double bronco buster. She then speared Tara and hit a folding pin for the win. This quick but entertaining. After the match, they hit ODB with the flask then did a widow's peak on her. Then they poured red liquid from the flask on her.

ODB was on the phone and told EY through voicemail that he better be there.

The judges talked in the back about Christian York. They discussed about tag teams breaking up and forming singles career's. Snow wasn't certain and Prichard was concerned about making the right decision since he wasn't sure why this guy hasn't made it yet.

Kurt Angle and Sting vs Devon and Doc
They started out brawling on the outside. Sting hit a DDT right on Doc's head. They switched to Tenay and Taz as this match started and I definitely prefer the other duo. Sting took a beating for most of this match with lots of punches and elbows. Angle came out with a hot tag and hit a 2nd rope dropkick. Devon then grabbed a bat and hit the faces and actually got DQ'd. Bully then came out and hit Devon with a clothesline. Bully set up a table then chased Devon to the back. Sting came down and Ace's followed. Ace's hit Sting with a hammer and put him through a table. Doc then cracked Sting's hands with a hammer multiple times. TNA people made the save including Joe and Chavo and called the medic's out while Taz did his serious voice. The medics walked Sting to the back. Pretty good angle here with lots and lots of heat.

They then did the Gut Check Challenge review with Christian York. York said he put forth his best effort and said the crowd thought so too. Taz said that York had the it factor and the look and got a yes. Bruce brought up him not making the big leagues(forgetting he did ECW) and said yes, and that York needed a chance to make the big leagues. I thought the younger guy from last time was a better choice as I wasn't that impressed by York. Cool look, but didn't see anything else.

Aries was talking about a loophole in the back and Bully and Brooke were talking about something that ended in"but don't tell your father".

Hulk signed Doc vs Joseph Park.

Joey Ryan ran into Hulk backstage and Hulk said he wouldn't congratulate him on anything. Hulk also said Morgan couldn't be at ringside for the Ryan/RVD match. Morgan then threatened Hulk.

Magnus, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Samoa Joe, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez
It took them three commercial breaks to get all the guys to the ring. Hernandez hit Daniels with a cool bearhug suplex. Daniels randomly did a riding a horse motion and Taz brought up "gangnam style". He called Hernandez a "big mexican super bus" and said if he hits you "it's like getting grazed by a mexican bus". Hernandez did his usual moves and hit a suplex on two men at one time. Hernandez did an awesome over the top rope tope with no problem whatsoever. Daniels flew off that. Magnus hit a top rope elbow on Joe for the win after Daniels/Kaz hit a high low. Pretty good match here. Not great but quick, fun and good. Really good pace here too and nice moves.

They replayed the Ace's angle for the 4th time in 50 minutes and Roode talked about being happy about tonight.

Aries cut a promo in the ring with a ladder. Aries guaranteed that on Sunday that it will be the great fall that Hardy won't recover from physically, mentally or emotionally. Aries then said he won't hand the belt over and said that Hardy would need to come and take it from him. Hardy tried to hit a twist of fate but Aries kind of got out. Hardy then took the belt back and hung both belts on the ladder, which just happened to have two different hooks. Aries then pushed him off the ladder and beat him down. He then grabbed both belts.

Overall thoughts: The matches were all pretty decent and the Sting angle was fine. The show was pretty enjoyable and much better than what TNA has been doing the last few weeks.

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