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TNA Impact Wrestling 11/1/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 11/1/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Tonight is Open Fight Night.

Joseph Park was in the ring. He said he was going to stick up for himself and said that Hogan hasn't decided whether Park can get a match with Ace's and 8's or not. However, since it's Open Fight Night, Park challenged anyone from Ace's to a fight.  All of Ace's came out and Angle then followed. Sting then came out and cleared out Ace's. Sting said someone from Ace's will get their mask ripped off tonight.

Borash called OFN, "live spontaneous combustion".

Jesse was in the back saying it wasn't fair that he had to fight ODB but Tara said she had his back. Jesse said he needed sterilized but Tara said she was just thinking of adoption.

Magnus came out. He called out Samoa Joe for a TV Title match. The crowd chanted,"Joe's gonna kill you". Magnus said that Joe isn't the image Impact Wrestling is looking for for it's TV Title. He said Joe is the Howard Stern of wrestling as people like him but he has a radio face.

TV Title - Samoa Joe vs Magnus
Joe started out quick here controlling the early portion from the bell. They exchanged fore arms toe-to-toe until Joe hit the choke. Magnus got out of it but then got hit with an STO out of the corner.  They fought outside and Magnus got some kind of wrench from under the ring. Magnus cracked Joe with it and got busted. Joe won by DQ. Not much to this at all but what they did was fine. I didn't really get the ending here and it seems stupid to blow your title shot due to that. Why not just hit the guy before the match or make it no DQ?

Angle ran into Hulk's office and said he wanted Devon. Hogan said that Bully had Devon and whatever is left of Devon, Kurt gets at Turning Point. Angle brought out Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff. Man is that a terrible faction. Sting then joined with them as they left the office to get ready to fight.

Joe was in the back saying Magnus tried to escape him and said we will do it no rules, the old fashioned way.

Jeff Hardy was in the back talking to a mirror with the sound of  a beating hart. Jeff was painting his face with a marker. He said Aries is a thief and his overconfidence will kill him.

Daniels and Kazarian came out. They called Sting "Heath" and said Hernandez and Chavo are posers. They then called out Willie Urbina and Hector Guerrero for a match. They teased like they were going to call out Hernandez by talking about a man with strength and Chavo by talking about a member of a famous wrestling family.

We came back and Kaz asked if they are Mexican's or Mexicant's? Then Kaz called Hector a senorita. Daniels then decked Urbina and Hector decked Daniels. The heels beat down the announcers until Chavo/Hernandez came down for the save.

They did a feature on Christian York. I'm just gonna say this. If he can't get in tonight, after 16 years of wrestling, it might be time to look into doing something else.

ODB was talking to Eric Young on the phone and told him that he needed to get here and to bring the fried chicken.

Christian York came out. He looks the part atleast. Kind of like a more ripped Joey Mercury before the haircut.

Christian York vs Zema Ion
JB talked about how he hasn't talked to York since the first TNA show. York did a cool standing Koppo Kick. They fought on the outside and York did a handstand spring into the ropes from the outside and turned it into a hurricanrana. Ion then hit the Submission Impossible for the win.  I'd have to say no to York. He moved a little slow and really can't offer anything different to TNA.

Aries was in the back and said he was still the face of TNA wrestling. He complimented the Robbie's yellow sweaters.

Garrett ran into Bully in the back and told him he had his back. He ran into Ace's and 8's in the back along with Kurt and Sting. Devon came out and made Bully chase after him. Ace's ran away after a brawl in the back.

ODB vs Jesse
ODB took control early slapping Jesse in the chest. Tara then kissed where he got hit. ODB ducked and dodged and slapped his chest more. ODB chases Jesse around outside and got a hold of his legs from behind. ODB threw his head into her crotch multiple times and missed a move from the ropes. Jesse then made out with Tara and got slammed followed by a spanking. ODB then went after Tara and got rolled up for the Jesse win. Goofy match but that's what it was designed to be.

Tenay and JB stayed at the booth for hour 2 as Taz was out due to the storm.

The Robbie's came out. Robbie E called out Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy vs Robbie E
Hardy hit a poetry in motion off the ring steps outside and T interfered as we went to break. We came back with Hardy making a comeback. Hardy ended up getting the swanton for the win here but the commercial break really hurt the flow of this for me.

Aries came out. He said he would get the belt back at Turning Point. Jeff got a ladder out and Aries asked if Jeff was gonna put shingles on a roof. Hardy then challenged him to a ladder match.

They showed footage of the opening of Hogan's beach shop with Matt Morgan crashing it. Morgan took Hulk's Shea Stadium Purple/Gold robe.

James Storm talked to Hogan in the back. He asked for a chance since he's been proving himself. Hogan asked if Storm was a betting man and said he might have a plan for him.

Bobby Roode came out. He claimed he should have had a shot against Hardy because he would have won. AJ Styles then came down. AJ said he should have been the champion. He brought up the Claire Lynch thing then brought up how pictures being taken of people with the opposite sex seems to be a fad if your name is AJ. In case you don't watch Raw, they are running a similar angle with AJ Lee and John Cena and people taking hidden shots of them.

AJ then challenged Bobby Roode who said no. Roode then hit AJ from behind and AJ clotheslined Roode to the floor. Hulk came out with Storm and made a 3-way with AJ, Roode and Storm. He said the loser won't get a shot at the title until Bound For Glory the next year and the winner would get a title shot soon after.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan came out with Morgan wearing Hulk's old robe. Pretty nice looking robe. Morgan said he would go through the roster until he won the TNA title.

Joey Ryan called RVD out.

X-Division Title - Joey Ryan vs RVD RVD missed a splash and Morgan interfered leading to Ryan winning with a pin in no time whatsoever. Morgan then hit the carbon footprint after the match. Well that was a waste of time.

Devon vs Bully Ray
There was a huge Aces vs TNA brawl until they cleared out the ring. Bully was getting ready to put Devon through a table until another Ace's guy came in and threw him out. Park then stared down the Ace's guy and got knocked down. He pulled off the mask and it was Festus from WWE. Festus then push him down through the table and that's how the show ended.

Overall thoughts: Not a good episode of Impact. They did build the PPV some but all of last week was dedicated to building this show up, making two shows a waste. No outstanding matches here and like usual, more focus on backstage segments than wrestling. Skip this one.

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