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WWE Smackdown 9/7/2012 Review

WWE Smackdown 9/7/2012 Review

The review of the previous show is here:
"We will pursue legal action against Sheamus." - Otunga
"I'm on the greatest run of my career. Two weeks ago I made Randy Orton tap out. Last week I defeated the red big monster, Kane. Last monday on Raw in a falls count anywhere match, I destroyed John Cena." - ADR
"The Brogue Kick is brutal and barbaric. It should be banned. Not like my cross armbreaker. It's beautiful, it's a piece of art." - ADR
"He's not only my ring announcer, he's my friend. He's my only friend." - ADR
"I will make sure that my client's pain and suffering are not in pain. By making the Brogue Kick illegal, we will send a message." - David Otunga
"As far as I'm concerned, the Brogue Kick is still legal." - Booker T
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Miz and Cody Rhodes
Rey got the win here with his splash from the top. This was okay but not as good as it should have been. The finishing stretch with Rey and Cara doing moves was good.
Hornswoggle got DB to shake his hand in the back then tramped on his foot.

"So you're gonna make the Brogue Kick illegal?" - Otunga
"I'll think about it." - Booker
"I should call you Mr. T. " - Otunga
Zack Ryder vs Daniel Bryan

"I'm sorry, I need a hug. I need it for my anger management." - DB

DB reversed a hug into the No lock. Not too much to this here but I do like the focus on DB's storyline. Continuity is a good thing.

DB got DQ'd for not breaking the hold. Then he flipped out.
Damien Sandow came out and was upset about getting booked against Sheamus. He said he didn't have enough time to prepare and that his actions were "intelligent" when he ran from Sheamus last week.
"I cannot comprehend the fascination with the WWE and social media. Instead of tweeting, how about reading? When Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, I assure you, he did not tout about it." - Sandow
Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow with Dolph Ziggler on commentary

"Pay attention to your opponent. What are you looking at?" - DZ
"Very strategic move by Sandow I guess? He wanted another bathrobe?" - DZ
Sandow got counted out when he ran as Orton went for the RKO. I have no idea where they are going with this but I don't think it's good for Sandow. This was your basic Randy Orton match with a lame finish.

Ziggler and Orton got into it after the match, then Sandow randomly came down to get RKO'd. I don't get it at all.
"I have doctor's that will testify against the WWE if you don't ban the Brogue Kick. I'll file a lawsuit." - Otunga
"You've been doing all this demanding. Right now, I'm da-manding that you go to da ring and face da World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus." - Booker T
#1 Contender's match: Prime Time Players vs Primo and Epico vs The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

The PTP's won here after one of the Uso's hit a splash and Young threw him out of the ring and got the win. Quick, fast-paced match here. All action but I think it could have been more.
Wade Barrett vs Yoshi Tatsu
"Being in meaningless matches like this does nothing for me here." - Barrett
The WadeMaker

Barrett won with an elbow to the face. Squash City all the way here. Barrett now does a brawling style and looks thinner than before.
David Otunga vs Sheamus

"Sheamus, due to the evidence involved, I have no choice but to ban the Brogue Kick. Carry on." - Booker T interuppting the match a 
 Sheamus got the win here with the Texas Cloverleaf. This is why Sheamus did the hold on Monday. Good follow-up there atleast but why in the heck would Booker tell Sheamus mid-match not to do a move? He really couldn't have told him ahead of time or even warned him? Otunga looked like a goof here. He was down atleast 3 minutes and still got put away easy.

Overall thoughts: Skippable show. Nothing really of note besides the lawsuit and Barrett returning. No really great matches and too many goofy finishes. Skip it.

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