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WOW TV Disk 9 Part 1

WOW TV Disk 9

David McLane and Lee Marshall on commentary

We open up with fallout from the WOW Unleashed PPV
Ice Cold threw a chair in the back after being shaved and Riot attacked:
"Now, who's on the highway to hell?" - Riot
"Danger, you messed with the wrong girl. Terri Gold, I'm coming for you next." - Riot
Today's lineup:

"I'm Lana Star, and this is my prized possession, Ice Cold's hair."
Randi Rah-Rah returns to get revenge on Lana Star for injuring her
The match then began:
 Randi Rah-Rah vs Lana Star
Lana takes off Randi's eyepatch
Patti Pizzazz comes out
Randi wins
Randi Rah-Rah won here after Lana was distracted by Patti and she rolled her up. This was good, seriously. Good highflying by Randi and she was aggressive in getting her revenge on Lana Star. I don't even think I liked Randi before, but I was definitely into this. Rating:**
Lana and Patti argued after
Jungle Girl's jump at WOW Unleashed

"Jane Blond...Double-O Heaven and a license to thrill." - Lee Marshall
They talked about WOW's next PPV called Spring Vengeance during this. However, the PPV never came to be.
Jungle Grrrl won here after a bunch of moves including a superplex and a Superfly splash. This was great. Really, it was. This is probably the most exciting non-japanese and non-mexican women's match I've seen in a long time. Jungle Grrrl was really great here. Rating:**3/4
"David McLane, how many more of your girls do I have to put down to get that belt? You're looking at the number one contender, that's right."
"One by one, they will fall, they will lose."

Ice Cold throws a soda after losing her hair
"Lana Star, you did this to me and now you're gonna pay for it." - Ice Cold
"You are looking at a new Roxy Powers with a new attitude."
"Slam Dunk is nothing but a punk. Yeah she talks the talk, but as I said before, she still can't walk the walk."

"Slam Dunk dominates, the court, the ring and you better hope I don't take your job you verticall-challenged, tight-wad..."
"You claim that you didn't want to be in the WNBA, but we all know the truth. They didn't want you."
"This isn't any game, you don't need to be in the ring...OHHH." - McLane to Slam Dunk
Dunk then chokeslams Roxy and the ref
Dunk grabs the ref's belt

Roxy then challenged Slam Dunk to a strap match next week.

"I am the #1 contender for the championship belt. I cannot be beaten."
"'cuz nothin' can stop THE RIOT."

Riot vs Sandy
"Not on the floor, not on the floor. Don't do it on the floor." - Lee Marshall

Riot won here with the powerbomb in this match which was mostly a squash. It was a good one. Riot's awesome and the crowd really liked her. Rating:*1/2
"I didn't want to count for Thug, but I had to." - Gold
"Your heart must have been torn." - McLane
"Selina trains me all the time and I think she's an awesome wrestler. I didn't want to turn on her." - Terri
"Well, you didn't turn on her. You had to do the right thing." - McLane
"Exactly, I had to count." - Terri
Caged Heat with their police officer who prevents them from escaping
Mystery and Misery with The Goon, The Daughters of Darkness
"It's a hard life, we doin' hard time. We take the wrong way, we take the hard line" - Caged Heat's song
WOW Tag Team Champions - Caged Heat - Delta Lotta Pain and Loca vs the Daughters of Darkness
The Drive-By~!

Capital Punishment
They did the Dudley's what's up dive.
Caged Heat won this one rather easy with Capital Punishment. This was probably my least favorite match on the show as it was all squash

Overall thoughts: Good show overall. The first two matches were good and I got into the storylines. I recommend it.

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