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NXT 9/19/2012 Review

NXT 9/19/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Trent Barreta vs Johnny Curtis
"Nobody realizes I'm here. It's time to make my mark." - Trent via Regal
"Don't take anything away from Johnny Curtis. Obviously he's strange and weird, but he's intelligent." - Regal

"Didn't do any good, that cartwheel, but I wish I could do one of them." - Regal
"Oh Goodness Gracious, God, Dear Me." - Regal
The finish, a lazy knee to the jaw
Barreta won this with a lazy knee to the jaw. Good match here, definitely the best I've seen of either of these two. Tons of cool spots here and the announcers really pushed Trent's comeback trail story. Trent reminds me so much of Johnny Nitro that it's scary. Rating:**3/4

Paige vs Alicia Fox
Cool Paige sign
Regal had some interesting lines:
"Alicia Fox has the greatest bridge that I have ever seen."
"I keep getting alot of grief online from fans. They keep saying, is there anyone Regal didn't know when they were born or their parents?"
Paige won with the RamPaige (Cradle DDT). This was a good match. They did some nice holds and reversals and the crowd was so into Paige. Paige and Fox slapped each other a little and got stiff. I enjoyed this one and it's certainly another case of the recent improvement in the Diva's division. I have no idea why Paige is not on the main roster. Rating:**

Conor O'Brian vs Jimmy Uso with Jey Uso
Jey Uso won last week over Kenneth Cameron(See here: ), so this is a chance for Jimmy Uso to match his brother.
"The Ascension are like rapid dogs, gnawing at their prey." - Regal

Conor O'Brian got the win with basically a Brogue kick to the face. The focus on this was really about anything except the in-ring work. The pushed the Ascension interferring alot and I thouhgt it was obvious that Conor was going to win. The Ascension beat up Jey Uso after the match and hit the running Total Elimination.
"Oh my God, please stop this. Take a hike kid" - McGillicutty
"I don't know if you people noticed, but last week, I beat Tyson Kidd...OWW" - McGillicutty
Then they went at it and got seperated
Kassius Ohno Sparring Session: Kassius Ohno vs Oliver Grey
They first showed clips of Ohno beating up Richie Steamboat 2 weeks ago.
"What's the difference between a sparring session and a regular match?" - Saxton
"I don't know as he's certainly giving him a good hiding." - Regal
"He was trained by Misawa in All Japan. He was trained by Johnny Saint in England." - Regal 
Ohno won with the cravate pictured above in under a minute.
"If you know how to apply certain submission holds, the torque and the pressure is enough. They aren't paid by the hour you know." - Regal
"This man just wasn't ready. So out of the goodness of my heart, I'm gonna give this man another shot." - Ohno
Kassius Ohno beat him a second time with another cravate and then Richie Steamboat came down and chased him off.
"Everything is about to change." - Leo Kruger
"I can't wait to meet all my new friends hahaha." - Kruger
"I have so much to share with them. This is going to be special. Ta-Da." - Leo Kruger

NXT Title: Seth Rollins vs Rick Victor
Rick Victor slapped Seth Rollins last week to get this match(See it here: )
"He is combatitve in nature and an Iowan in culture." - Jim Ross
The finish
Rollins won with the Blackout. I didn't like this one that much. Victor is just too generic and we don't know anything about him yet other than he likes to bite himself. He did that a few times for whatever reason. Very few highlights or anything to note in this one.

Overall thoughts: 3 out of the 5 matches were good so it's a good show in my opinion. I loved the opener and the divas match was good. I like what they are doing with Ohno as he's starting to come around and Seth needs a new opponent. Check it out.

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  1. why JR and william regal aren't the announcers for the f*cking main shows will always be a mystery for me ...

    they are the opposite of king and cole ! they are THE BEST ANNOUNCERS IN THE WORLD !!!