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NXT 9/12/2012 Review

NXT 9/12/2012 Review
The previous episode's review is here:

Jey Uso vs Kenneth Cameron
Jey won this one with the superkick. The crowd really liked it but I wasn't so into it. I was surprised Cameron lost this one. The Uso's celebrated after in the crowd.
My boy Rob Naylor was in the back hanging with Dusty Rhodes.
"Man she really fits in the diva division, you did a good job there." - Dusty to Rob
For those that don't know, Naylor was a longtime poster on the message boards and he's pretty passionate about his pro wrestling. He's a pretty cool guy and I did some podcasts with him before.

Rick Victor walked in.
"Being a contender is one thing, showing me what you can do is another. You wanna prove yourself to me, that's cool." - Dusty on Rick's asking of a title shot
Big E. Langston vs Chad Baxter
This was all squash city, all the time and it wasn't that interesting. I think Big E. is going to end up screwed though as they already have their Goldberg type in Ryback, and he's much better and more over. They also have another world's strongest man type of guy, who has more of a rep in WWE. Langston hit his move again after the match and then did a 5-count on his opponent. The crowd chanted, "One more time".
"A 3-count is normal. Big E. Langston is not normal. From now on, my opponent's will feel the pain, the agony of not getting up from the five count." - Big E.
Langston then hit his finisher a 3rd time and counted to 5 again as the crowd chanted, "One more time".

"Next week on NXT we are going to have the first ever Kassius Ohno sparring session. If you don't know how dangerous I am now, you will soon".
We then got a "Where's Trent?" promo.
"Hey Trent, you wanna wrestle next week on NXT?"
"Yeah" - Trent Barreta
"I think this man is wonderful." - Regal
Damien Sandow vs Garrett Dylan
Sandow offered Dylan the chance to leave beforehand so he could lecture the crowd, but he said no.
Sandow won this one easily. Nothing to this at all. Sandow teased doing his cartwheel a second time after the match but didn't.
"I bet you don't even know my name." - Rick Victor
"You're right, I don't know your name." - Rollins
Rollins then said, "Actually, I do know who Rick Victor is, and he just jumped to the top of my list".
Dusty's response after Rollins challenges Victor
Tyson Kidd vs Michael McGillicutty
"The winner of this match moves up the ladder for a shot at Seth Rollins". - JR
McGillicutty won this with the McGillicutter. I was not into this at all but the crowd liked of it. Of course, the crowd saw the whole match whereas they cut out a good portion of it for anyone on tv.

Overall thoughts: Maybe the least interesting NXT yet. Skip it.


  1. I came here from FAN. These reviews are really hard to read because of the


    format. IMO the pictures don't add anything to the review other than making it look longer than it is.

    1. I totally disagree with you !

      the format is PERFECT.

  2. Hey,

    Basically, I really don't think move by move reviews are very interesting. I flat out do not want to do those unless I have to. I think those reviews are long, boring and simply impossible to do in long matches.

    Just having my overall thoughts on the match isn't enough for me. I only do it when GIF's/pics aren't possible(i.e. live reviews from my TV). So, I usually get GIF's/pics of the interesting parts instead of just describing those parts and add my overall thoughts on the match after. I think pictures/GIF's tell better stories and allow the readers to form their own opinion on different parts of the match. I do not think text can properly accomplish this task.

    I'd also like to add that I usually have more thoughts/images on shows I enjoy than shows I don't enjoy. This is because boring shows have less highlights.

    You are right that pictures make it longer it, but the pictures are just there to cover the interesting/funny/cool/botched spots of the matches.

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading. I apologize that I don't think I'm appealing to what you are looking for.

  3. First time I've read your reviews and I greatly appreciate the photos and GIFs. No need for long recaps, especially on a show that isn't particularly important.

    1. maybe it isn't important to YOU ! I love it and follow it. and I appreciate me those pictures and gifs, mind you, sir >:(

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for reading. I am glad you enjoyed the photo's and GIF's!