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AWA All-Star Wrestling 8/15/1981 Review

AWA All-Star Wrestling 8/15/1981 Review

Last week's show is here:

I think that this show may have been clipped. It was only 33 minutes long and that's short for an AWA episode.

Buck Zumhofe vs Butch Scholl
This was an okay match. Buck's opponent was bigger than him and I almost thought he was going to lose. Buck did a flip over his opponent's back on the back body drop attempt, hit a few dropkicks and a vader bomb to take it.

Scrap Iron Gadaski vs Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie
The finish
This was all Adnan staring into the camera and making goofy faces. He did typical stuff of heels like back rakes and dropped some knees. He ended up winning this one with the abdominal stretch which the announcer called a "Camel Stretch".

AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle with Bobby Heenan vs Rick Young
Rick Young
Nick Bockwinkle
The oriental sleeper

Heenan interrupted the announcer and said that he's now the 4-time manager of the year and should be called as such. The announcer then gave in. This was all Bockwinkle as you can imagine. Bockwinkle worked his opponent's leg a little and ended up putting him out with a sleeper that the announcer claimed he learned in the orient.

Handicap match: Hulk Hogan managed by Johnny V vs Nacho Barrera and Mickey Shannon
"The Incredible Hulk reminds them of the late Yukon Eric. The man that had one of his ears bit off." - The announcer
No, Hulk is not fighting a midget
"It's cracked coconut time".
The match originally started out with Hogan only fighting one guy, but V complained to Wally Karbo that he wanted Hogan to fight two. Karbo said okay, and brought out more meat for Hogan. Hogan won this one with no problem whatsoever and finished both of them off with a legdrop that hit both of them at the same time. The crowd cheered and it was pretty obvious right away that Hulk had something going on in the AWA.

Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis vs Sonny Rogers and Chuck Greenly
The finish of the 1st fall
The finish
This was your fifth squash of the show only this one was 2 out of 3 falls. I don't know why it was because it really didn't need to be. Rogers and Freely may have gotten one move total in. During the match, the announcer asked who had the bigger arms between Jesse and Hulk. Jesse came to the side of the ring where he was and proclaimed that he had the bigger arms. Jesse got the first fall here over Rogers with a backbreaker and Adonis got the 2nd fall with a diving splash(pictured above) for the win.

Overall thoughts: Welcome to 1980's wrestling on television. Same squash time, same squash channel.

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