Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AWA All Star Wrestling 8/8/1981

High Flyers vs. Micky Shannon & Butch Scholl
This was 2 out of 3 falls and really shouldn't have been that long. The High Flyers won this extended squash quite easily. Brunzell won the first fall with a dropkick and Gagne took the 2nd with a sleeper. Brunzell was really ripped here.

"Dizzy" Ed Boulder vs. "Scrap Iron" Gadaski
This is Bruti's debut here in the AWA. Really not good.

Baron Von Raschke vs. Ricky Young
Squashamania baby. Baron did some cool mat wrestling but he ended up taking it with the Claw. You aren't missing anything here eithr.

Hulk Hogan w/Johnny Valiant vs. Sonny Rogers & Chuck Greenly?
The announcer forgot to announcer Rogers' partner, oops. Hulk looked like quite the specimen here. He also had a full head of hair. But I just can't buy it when they say he's from NYC. Johnny V was his manager here and he seemed to make no improvements in his WWF run a few years later. Hulk took care of buisness here and the crowd seemed to be into him even though he was a heel. Hulk really looked like a monster here which is something you tend to not notice during his WWF run. I'll say this though, Greenly was no midget himself. Hulk won with the double bear hug to alot of cheers.

Tito Santana vs Nacho Barrera
Tito looks like a giant here. He looks legitimately 6'5. Note to bookers: The smaller that your roster is, the more impressive it looks when someone who is tall comes in. They pushed Tito as being from America which was not what I had expected. Tito got the win here with the flying burrito and the dropkick. Not bad for a squash. Tito got a ton of air on the dropkick.

Mean Gene said that this was live and joined in progress:
Evan Johnson vs. Laurent Soucie
This was JIP thankfully. Looked like a stinker and had the crowd heat to defend that theory. This ended in a draw. Good riddance.

Thoughts: Aside from seeing a young Hulk and Tito, there's not much here. Maybe check it to see Hulk but that's about it. Very skippable.

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