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PURE-J Bolshoi Retirement ~ Thank You!! 4/21/2019

PURE-J Bolshoi Retirement ~ Thank You!! 4/21/2019

Battle Royal
The finish
This is a goofy comedy battle royale. I'm not going to go move for move here since most of it will be nonsense. Kyoko tossed on the apron by everyone then eliminates herself for the most part. Emi puts Ohka in a surfboard and Kid slides in underneath and pins her. Anou pulls down the top rope and Ohka goes over. Giulia, Chihiro, Arisa, Moeka and Kuragaki(dressed as Stan Hansen) come out. Eiger also fools around outside then scares everyone when she comes in. Hotta trips over someone and everyone pins her to get her out. Eiger eliminated herself running from Hotta. Kandori and Jaguar Yokota came out. Moeka(under a Bolshoi mask) was submitted by Kandori and Ando was submitted by a Jaguar octopus stretch. Kid rolls up and pins Kazuki Hansen. Arisa screws up a 619 on the apron and Chihiro knocks her off. She knocks off Kid too, but the other wrestlers catch her twice. Everyone pins Kandori, Jaguar and Chihiro after they catch Arisa on a crossbody, but the way everyone was stacked, they counted it as Bolshoi pinning them all since she was on top. This was all comedy and fooling around as expected along with being business exposing.

Manami Katsu, Mari Manji and Yako Fujigasaki vs AKARI, KAZUKI and Rydeen Hagane

Yako blows a headflip to start this. Yako's team charges in on Rydeen then they pose on top of her. Akari does a back armdrag on Yako. Akari is wearing the brightest red outfit possible and puts Katsu in a type of rack while she is on one knee. Katsu comes back with a samoan drop and a superkick to the face. Katsu gets on a roll on offense and her and AKARI roll around with Akari trying to keep the armbar locked in. Kazuki stacks up all 3 of her opponents on the ropes then drops knees down on them, but only hits the first two. Katsu's team hits triple submissions on all 3 opponents.  Yako hip attacks everyone and her and Kazuki trade knees to the body. Yako blows something on the ropes, then just elbows her, then blows a fallaway slam. Rydeen lifts up Yako in a gorilla slam position and drops her on Kazuki's knees. Rydeen hits a bunch of lariats in the corner on Yako for 2. She then misses a vader bomb and takes a hip attack from Yako. Yako hits a tiger suplex on Rydeen for 2. Katsu and Rydeen lariat battle with Rydeen eventually winning it. Rydeen goes to the middle rope and Katsu powerbombs her from there. Katsu gets brainbuster'd then takes top rope attacks fomr her 3 opponents. Kazuki climbs on Rydeen's shoulders, but the other team stops it. Katsu hits a really weird suplex on Rydeen that I will gif later then she does a diving elbow from the top to a standing Rydeen. She then hits another while Rydeen lays and wins it. This was rushed and Yako did not have a good night here which hurt it. I really don't know why this was rushed when the rest of the card was not exactly lengthy.

Pure-J Openweight Title - Leon vs Hanako Nakamori

The finish
One of the ugliest titles
They lock up to start and do the usual stand off. Hana kick combos Leon. Leon chops her and spears the turnbuckle when she moves. Not a problem though as Leon is back at the spears right after. Leon tilt-a-whirl backbreakers her then backbreakers her. They trade some shots in the middle of the ring and Leon dives on her on the outside. Leon spears her hard into the side of the ring and the missile dropkicks her. Leon does a cool tilt-a-whirl spinning slam on Hanako then gets caught trying to frogsplash her. Leon gets kicked and is supposed to go over the top. She can't though so Hanako helps her and she takes a hard way down. Hanako does an apron destiny hammer then a shining wizard for 2. Hanako back headbutts Leon while both are on top then kicks her a few times as she hangs. She then does a delayed fisherman's buster on her for 2. Hanako hits a good destiny hammer for 2 on Leon then gets release german'd right on the neck. Leon then grabs her at the top and does a top rope spear which is either cool or stupid depending on how you look at it. Leon then spears her hard. Hanako hits a big high kick to Leon. Leon blocks some shots then spin kicks her and takes another high kick. Leon hits another spin kick and takes an enzugiri. Hanako hits like a delayed standing falcon arrow for 2. Leon gets back up then slaps her and headbutts her then hits a spider german suplex on her followed by a frogsplash. Leon then does a frogsplash double footstomp for and a kind of fisherman's buster for 2. Leon and Hanako roll around for a close nearfall then Leon does a cool cradle with the legs. Hanako does as well but can't put her away. Leon hits a half and half suplex on her then does a fast spear then lays on her legs for 2. They no sell a michinoku driver. Hanako hits her with multiple kicks including one to the head then picks her up like a backdrop and dumps her down for the win. They really went all out here and it was a strong match, but the selling issues were pretty bad here sadly, and they did do too much. Still a good match though despite its flaws and the crowd like rally liked it. I think a lot of people would really get into this.

Bolshoi Retirement Gauntlet - All matches have a 5 minute time limit

Bolshoi comes out in Kabuki gear with the Great Kabuki and does a nunchuks display.

Ozaki is her first opponent. Ozaki and her were both part of the original JWP and go back to the late 80's. Ozaki steps on her foot then bashes her with the chain, while her cronies distract the ref. Bolshoi armbars her hanging from the ropes and Oz sleepers her. Oz and crew pose on Bolshoi on the ropes Bolshoi finally starts to comeback and does a rolling leg bar on Oz. Ohka tosses her whip at Oz and pulls her to the rope.  Oz uses the chain more and Bolshoi just kind of stops selling it. They tug of war over the chain and Bolshoi does a shining wizard off of it. She then takes a uraken and a footstomp. Bolshoi ties up Oz and we go to the 5 limit time limit, because God forbid one of these people lose. It would just hurt business so bad! Oz and Bolshoi hug it out.

Kaori Yoneyama is up next. Yoneyama is crying then tries to roll her up for the cheap win. Bolshoi armbars her and they roll around. Bolshoi does a cool rolling armbar on her. Yone wants a test of strength then stomps on her foot. They trade mongolian chops and both punch each other in the stomach at the same time. It's hard to tell whether Yone is crying or just being regular Yone. Bolsoi does a cool go under and back kicks her, then gets northern lights'd for 2. Yone does a great senton off the top on Bolshoi. Bolshoi does a great spinning la mistica then does a rings of saturn to her and they go the 5 minute time limit. They then hug it out

Hanako Nakamori is last up. She kicks Bolshoi and gets her leg caught in an ankle pick. Hanako gets out and Bolshoi slaps her, then Hanako fisherman buster's her. Hanako kicks her in the head and goes up top, but Bolshoi knocks her down to the floor. Bolshoi does an asai moonsault to the outside and nails Kazuki as much as anyone else. They trade some shots in-ring. Bolshoi hits a big shining wizard and brainbusters her for 2. Then she tiger suplexes her. They trade more shots and Bolshoi downs her with a slap as the time runs out.

So to recap, Bolshoi has a retirement gauntlet with 5 minute time limits, with all going to a draw. Every match is rushed. She puts no one over on the way out, nor gets any wins going out either. 🤷‍♂️
Tanny Mouse, Yoshiko Tamura and Misae Genki

I think that's Tsubasa, Kuragaki, Kaori Yoneyama and Kayoko Haruyama

Cutie Suzuki, Dynamite Kansai and Mayumi Ozaki

Devil Masami

A pic of the JWP roster back in the day

A bunch of former wrestlers give her gifts and Devil Masami, who is looking rough these days, sends her a video message and she retires.

Overall thoughts: One of the more underwhelming retirement shows. It could have been a lot more than it was but Bolshoi's the boss that's the way she chose to go. The Leon/Hanako match was good though minus the selling issues.

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