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Oriental Wrestling Entertainment - First Time Japan Evening Show 4/20/2019

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment - First Time Japan Evening Show 4/20/2019

Wulijimuren & Xiong Zhiyu vs Chen Xiangke & CIMA
Cheng Xiangke

Xiong Zhiyu


Wuljimen has the white leggings with the yellow/green/red skirt thing and threads on him. Zhiyu has the bulls horns, wears red and is heavy. Chen carries around a spear.

Chen and Cima spear through a box and Chen bends the spear with his neck. 

Cima and Wulj start off. Cima pushes him over his knee and he goes down. Wulj does a cool kip-up and armdrags Cima over. Chen makes fun of Zhiyu's weight. He tries to armdrag Zhiyu but Zhiyu just holds him there, stopping him. He then shakes his own stomach which was funny. Chen runs the ropes, crotching himself, then recovering and armdragging Zhiyu out. He walks the middle rope then jumps up to the top rope and springboards onto Zhiyu outside. Cima gets in and front flips on him with help from the ropes. Zhiyu tags in his partner. Wulj does double punches to Cima's stomach. Cima lightly double footstomps his face. Chen tornado DDT's Wulj. Wulj punch combo's Chen then double punches him and tags Zhiyu back in. Wulj and Zhiyu double gorilla press Chen. Chen goes for a Toyota Roll but Zhiyu stops it and then gets DDT'd off of it.  Cima comes in and cleans house. Chen crossbodies Zhiyu from the top then steps on his leg and kicks him across the chest while Zhiyu stands. Zhiyu hits some big forearms on him. Wulj climbs on Zhiyu's back and then squash Chen. Zhiyu lifts up Chen and lays him across his head, then does a sit down alabama slam with him. Zhiyu and Wulj get behind each other again and do a super splash on Chen from the top, likely turning him into a pancake. This was fun. The big guys know how to use their weight and I liked them squashing the little guy. This also had some clear face and heels roles to it.

Issei Onizuka vs Michael Nakazawa

Michael tries to rush attack him but Issei pounds on him. Issei takes him out and back in, but Michael rolls out again. Issei chases him. Michael tries to bow to him then sneaks in a low blow but gets caught. Issei lands more forearms and drops him. Michael walks on his knees between Issei's legs, which is like a sign of surrender in Japanese culture then tries to kick him low but gets caught. Michael crotches him on the ring post, then sits him on the top rope and drags him across it while he sits. Issei slaps Michael's chest more. The Michael intentionally walks on him and then slips going from a footstomp to a senton. Issei missile dropkicks him for 2. Issei spears Michael and suplexes him. Michael pulls down his knee pads each time he gets slapped, then pulls down his trunks. Issei then grabs the trunks and puts it on his head, making him stuck,  which I thought was funny. Michael pulls off his under garments and tries to hit Issei with them. Michael reaches under him and then backdrops him from underneath then tries another undergarments shot. Issei armbars him, but Michael still has those in his hand and he puts it in his face and on his head. He then angle slams him for the win. Why did I watch this?

Fan Hewei & Fan Qiuyang vs Mentai Kid & Tang Huaqi
Tang Huaqi

Mentai Kid
Fan Hewei
Fan Qiuyang
Fan Hewei and Fan Qiuyang

Fan Qiuyang - Black/red/white
Fan Hewei - Black/white fur
Tang Huaqi - Has the red and silver glittery stripes
Mentai Kid - Pink outfit and mask

Qiuyang and Mentai Kid start off. Kid grapevines the leg then kips-up on a shoulder block. Hewei and Tang then get in. Hewei puts Tang in a headlock then Tang headscissors him. Tang misses a kick then Hewei moves when he moonsaults. Qiuyang gets back in. Tang tries some kind of move from the middle rope and just belly flops. Qiuyang then kicks him and tags Hewei back in. Tang gets double reverse STO'd. He makes the two Fan's kick each other, then we get a kungfu sequence with Tang doing a tornado DDT off Hewei. Kid gets in and then springs off the ropes and double back elbows both opponents. Kid hits the 619 and frogsplashes Qiuyang. Qiuyang bites Kid then takes a jumping brogue kick. Hewei gets back in. Mentai Kid does an over the shoulder pele kick and tags Tang in. Qiuyang forearms Tang hard and Tang gives him a good one back. They trade some more shots and Hewei cartwheels on Qiuyang's side and then puts him in a head scissors. Kid hits a diving double footstomp from the top and Tang does a twisting moonsault on Quiyang. Hewei and Kid trade forearms and the Fans pick up Kid and dump him on his stomach. Hewei hits a cool tornado kick that kind of ends up being a stomp, then he does a sitout reverse DVD, then hits another tornado stomp to win it. Again, just a lot of moves and action without a ton of meaning or anything else to it. Some cool moves sure, but that's it.

Zhao Junjie vs El Lindaman
Zhao Junjie

Zhao Junjie
The finish
Zhao comes in with a giant weapon and Peking Opera like facepaint. Linda is looking wild these days with long blonde braids and Finn Baloresque facepaint. They do the usual arm work early and then stand off. They trade shoulderblocks and Zhao wins that battle. Linda dropkicks him from the second rope. Zhao shakes off his forearms and tells him to hit more. Zhao works a headscissors on him. Zhao and Linda exchange forearm shots and Linda hits a few homers with his. Zhao just kind of dives on him  and Linda does a waterwheel drop type hold on him. Zhao powers through more forearm shots, then gets reverse STO'd. Zhao palm strikes him and Linda hits a great dropkick on him. Linda hits an exploder. Zhao does a super butterfly suplex on him from the top and almost flips him for another rotation. Zhao and Linda botch a german and Linda has had enough of his braids, throwing them off. Linda armbars Zhao. Zhao then lariats him, rolling Linda all the way over, and does a spinning lariat on him. Zhao then puts him on his shoulder, swings him around to the other arm and rock bottoms him(I forgot the name of this, sorry). This was just mostly moves. Not a ton of story or anything else. 

T-Hawk, Yang Hao & Zhao Yilong vs A-Ben, Liu Xinxi & Wang Jin 

Liu Xinxi

T-Hawk, Yang Hao, Wang Jin, Liu Xinxi, A-Ben and Zhao Yilong
Zhao Yilong(monk) does some flips to start and he and Wang Jin(black/red tights) do headflips to start.  Liu Xinxi(black and silver) tags in. He flips Yang Hao who lands on his feet then he does a handspring backflip onto his feet. They both then headflip back to their feet. A-Ben(black small tights with gold) goes up against T-Hawk. They chop each other hard and Ben knocks him down with a shoulder. Jin does two backflips into an elbow on a cornered T-Hawk. Hawk chops Jin and Zhao headflips off Jin, then sentons and headbutts him. Yang Hao then SSP's onto Jin. Jin tries to forearm Hawk but it goes nowhere. Hawk returns with a much harder shot. Jin does a step-up enzugiri and then DDT's him. A-Ben and Zhao go at it. They both front kick each other and Zhao goes down hard. Hao flies in and gets chopped down then Zhao eats Ben's chops. Ben chops the head of Zhao and hurts himself. Zhao headbutts him then does more headflips. Zhao does an SSP and Ben moves. Zhao does a flying battering ram to Ben. Xinxi hits a big dropkick to Hao then does a lucha way of putting him on his shoulder then flipping him off the shoulder. Xinxi and Jin superkick Hao then Jin hits a Yoshi-Tonic on him. Hao gets up and dropkicks Jin with the inner parts of his feet. Hawks goes off the ropes and Jin jumps up, then gets slapped down. Zhao hits an SSP from the top on Jin and Hawk reverse slams Jin. Ben stares down Hawk and they have a chop battle. Ben gets dropkicked by Hao out of nowhere then Xinxi does a super cool tornado kick with an extra rotation. Zhao then battering ram headbutts Xinxi. Zhao tries two flips on a flying space tiger, but gets stuck on the top rope. Jin then does Dragon Kid's powerbomb reversal on Hawk for 2. Hawk moves on a Jin 450 then Hawk does a huge splash mountain to him that gets him a 2 count only. Hawk does a big running knee to Jin and wins it. This was fun and a fast paced flying match. Not much more to it than that really, and that's what it was supposed to be.

Overall thoughts: The Chinese guys are what I expected - guys who don't get wrestling that much but have some original gimmicks and can do some cool stuff. They'll be perfect for AEW. The matches weren't that amazing or anything and were a lot less exciting than the various clips make it seem, but I've seen worse. I was intrigued by this. This isn't Dragon Gate.

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