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Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling - Yes Wonderland 2019 5/3/2019

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling - Yes Wonderland 2019 5/3/2019
東京女子プロレス YES! WONDERLAND 2019~チャンスはそこにある~

Thunder Rosa vs Yumi Kamifuku

The finish

Yumi comes out to the Old McDonald song. Yumi mocks her latin dancing. Rosa rubs Yumi's face into her crotch. Rosa bumps her in the face with her butt and Yumi says "What the f**k you doing, b*tch?" then hits a big dropkick. Yumi does a cartwheel hurricanrana. Rosa dropkicks Yumi while hs is laying on the bottom rope. Rosa hits an ugly backbreaker that Yumi gets out of, then Yumi hits a fameasser that didn't look like it hurt at all with her thin frame. Rosa then hit a decent buckingham drop for the win. Not a good match here.

Muscle JK Strikers - Marika Kobashi & Reika Saiki vs Raku & Riho

Kobashi and Riho roll out of armlocks early and they do a nice little sequence. Riho and Raku do their cute little team pose thing that looks awful. The Muscle Sisters then do a double elbow and pose. Kobashi single leg crab's Raku. Kobashi does a top rope chop to the head. Riho cartwheels out of a move then does a 619, and a nice top rope crossbody. There's a cool Kobashi/Riho sequence with a nice pin attempt. Reika tries to muscle out of a sunset flip but Kobashi chops her and drops her. Riho rolls htroghg and double stomps Reika. A lot of quick stuff follows. Kobashi takes a big Riho knee. Raku kicks out of a shinging wizard by Reika for 2. Reika then wins it with a jackhammer/brainbuster. If you can ignore the weak offense, this was fine. Reika and Riho are both real good.

Maki Ito vs Aja Kong

Maki wants a handshake early, putting her hands in front of Aja and Aja just gravs her by the hair. Maki gets her head based on the turnbuckle but she overcomes it, then does it to Aja, who just ignores it. Maki tries to get some shots on Aja and it goes nowhere, then she gets hit a few times. Aja then runs her over and stands on her back. Aja kicks her while shes down and sends her down again with another shot. Aja then ties her up on the mat. Aja misses a corner splash and Maki climbs on her with super weak corner shots. Then she gets taken outside and chair'd. She dinks her with a trashcan shot then 2 more. Ito does a comedy power-up and a weak diving headbutt. Aja just tosses her off. Maki puts her in the sleeper, but can't submit her. Maki gets up and flips off Aja, but gets knocked back down. Aja then beats her with a brainbuster. That was very nice of TJPW to put over Aja like that. Afterall, she definitely needs it over the younger popular girl /s. Aja then flips her off and leaves. If the goal was to make Maki look like a goof, this was mission accomplished.

Rika Tatsumi & Miu Watanabe vs. NEO Biishiki-gun - Misao & Saki Akai
Miu Watanabe in pink, Rika Tatsumi in red/white

Rika and Miyu try to get Misao to return back to being Hyper Misao. Misao and Saki just beat them up instead. 

The finish

Misao rips up the poster to start things. Miu and Rika do a pose and double elbow. Saki puts a nudo on Miu and then uses her as a chair. Saki then kicks her in the butt to break it. Saki brings her rose in and Rika steals it, but the ref takes it. Saki then slaps Miu with it. Misao does a cool armbar and Miu tries to make a comeback but gets stopped. Rika finally gets in and goes for some ASS BASED OFFENSE. She does a flying butt to Saki's head for 2. Saki puts on a triangle but almost gets pinned with it. Rika dragon screws her. Miu gets back in and does a backbreaker on Misao. Misao takes a wind-up slap to the chest and hits Misao with her butt. She grounds her with a dragon sleeper, but Saki stops it. Saki gets dragon screwed by Rika, then does a stunner on Misao. She goes for the flying butt again but misses. Misao then gets a nearfall with a final cut. Misao then wins it with a standing sit out pedigree. I enjoyed this.

Magical Sugar Rabbits - Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki vs Pandemic Boo-Boo - Natsumi Maki & Hikari Noa

The Rabbits try to attack early and get caught. They do this weird locking arm thing and then throw their opponents into the corner and hit dropkicks. They dive out on their opponents on the outside.Mizuki takes some crossbodies from Maki and gets dropkicked on the bottom rope. Mizuki gets double teamed on then springboards off the ropes for a splash. A whole bunch of fast paced counters happens and Mizuki dives on Noa with footstomps. Mizuki throws Yuka on Noa. The Rabbits do a double leg trip on both of their opponents(see gif) then dropkick them in the corner when they are in front of the other. They then climb the ropes together and hit a very obvious choreographed double cross body. Yuka gets sandwiched with dropkicks then slammed down in reverse. Yuka takes a uranage for 2 then she hits this ugly and weird reverse STO off the ropes. Yuka and Noa get into a random strike exchange(see gif). Yuka lights up Noa with shots and then a spinning elbow. Yuka then hits this awesome spinning move(see gif). Yuka then wins it with a climb up the ropes 180 splash on Noa to win. Some of the double team spots were pretty contrived here. I think they could have done a lot more selling and more story telling over all of the action. I have to give them points for creativity though, as they hit some really interesting moves and with more practice, I think they can do something with them.

TJPW Title - Miyu Yamashita vs Shoko Nakajima

Snapmare Driver

The finish
They go to the ground to start off. Miyu hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. They botch two small things in a row. Miyu does a cool counter out of a headlock. They do another kind of botch where Shoko goes for a dive and then obviously stops for some reason, then Miyu hesitates to kick her then does so. They botch another move where Miyu tries to put her leg around Shok's head, then they work a headscissors, which Shoko hits the ropes to get out of. Shoko gets pounded on with kicks and knees then does a tope over the bottom rope. Shoko hurracanrana's her into the post outside. Shoko bridges her over the middle rope and DDT's her, and it looked like something went wrong with that too. Shoko hits a snapmare driver. Miyu tries to drop her on her knee, and barely nails her with it then tosses her back with a suplex. Shoko screws up again on a kick to Miyu's back. She then botches a 619. Miyu hits a cool spin drop from the Alabama Slam position. They trade some strikes and Miyu hits a hard high kick to Shoko's head. Miyu dangerously botches a top rope hurricanrana and takes it on her face. Miyu does a spinning back kick and just pushes Shoko into the corner with her foot. Shoko wraps just about every part of Miyu in some kind of submission hold, which Miyu gets out of, then Miyu slams her down. They did a sequence where a northern lights suplex got turned into a choke. Miyu throws her back with a release german and a high kick. Miyu then delay germans her for 2. Shoko counters a brogue knee for 2, then takes a spin kick. They have another mistiming that ends with a DDT. Shoko then wins with a northern lights into another northern lights. This wasn't good at all. There were no less than 5 different botches and this just didn't click. Everything they did had an issue and I don't know what went down. And I'm a big Miyu fan so I really hate to say that. Major disappointment.

Overall thoughts: Of what I reviewed, it wasn't TJPW's best stuff. Maki got jobbed out hard and the main was a disaster. The rest was the usual cutesy/funny not so great work.

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