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Stardom Oedo Tai Produce 5/5/2019

Stardom Oedo Tai Produce 5/5/2019

GOLDENWEEK STARS 2019 大江戸隊プロデュース 5月5日(日)新木場1stRING

The previous Stardom show is here:


Kagetsu and Andras come out. Kagetsu seems in a good mood for losing her title. OT talks about some merchandise stuff and tells people to cheer loud today. Kagetsu said Andras has officially joined Stardom as has Bea Priestley. Kagetsu gives Andras an official jersey for joining and Kagetsu brought up how they started in Sendai. Andras talks, which she never does, and tells the crowd to thank the demons for this. She also said everyone better have listened up, then she runs away. Kagetsu said the devil allowed Andras to speak and said Mayu would be the special announcer. Mayu is dressed up like the usual announcer. Kagetsu asked "Why do you look so cute?", then she said she better not make any mistakes. Mayu said every time she messes up she will pay Kagetsu $100. Kagetsu then said she's not getting paid for this! Ha-Ha

Mayu immediately messes up and goes over the card. 

Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura, Rebel Kel, Ruaka and Rina vs STARS - Arisa Hoshiki, Tam Nakano, Hanan and Saya Iida vs Queen's Quest - Momo Watanabe, Bea Priestley, Leo Onozaki and Hina

Promos: Hana says its the 3rd day of Golden Week and asks Kel if she knows it. Hana said Kagetsu isn't feeling well after losing and then a ref walks behind them to get through. Arisa and STARS have an awkward promo. QQ said TCS and STARS are troublesome and Momo said this is a preview of her match with Arisa. She said she wants to beat her convincingly.
Mayu Iwatani and Sumire Natsu doing announcing

New TCS spot?

Natsu and Mayu are on commentary here, since this is a OT show. Rina does a cool counter on a double armlock and takes down Hina and Hanan. The crowd is laughing at Natsu and it's really distracting. TCS does quad abdominal stretches. Natsu says Rina puts on too much mascara. The twins go after each other and said Rina's stomach looks like a mouth. Iida hits a boston crab on Ruaka. During this, Natsu rips on Ruaka, talking about her favorite idol, Fuma Kikuchi and says when Ruaka is in the boston crab that "I bet if Fuma was in front of you, you could move". She escapes and NAtsu says it is through the love of her idol. Natsu and Tam have an odd kick botch and Natsu says Tam's hobby is taking dreams, which she doesn't understand. She said Japanese people don't like Kel because they are all short lol Tam hits her handspring double knees and said Tam's puppet P-Sama is missing. Mayu asked where P was and Natsu said "P saw things were going downhill and bailed" LOL TCS puts everyone in a corner and yakuza kicks them. Hana slams Hanan on Hina. Natsu says Momo likes gyoza and is addicted to Resident Evil. Natsu said Momo's momo is young that according to rumors, Momo's mom was a degenerate. Arisa and Momo have an exchange, but we all know no one is really paying attention. We get a 9 person suplex and TCS tries to steal the pin but fails. Natsu says Leo is 25 which has to be a joke as she looks so young. Arisa hits a brogue knee on Leo. Natsu calls Arisa's kick a crazy kick and Arisa wins her craz brazilian kick. Natsu then says Hana likes old men lol Natsu then said she has to go for the next match that she is in. To be honest, it was hard to pay attention to the match but it seemed kind of rushed and not super serious. But the purpose of this was probably just to fill time and laugh at Natsu anyway.

Saki Kashima vs Natsu Sumire

This is a rematch from 4/21 - 

Promos: Natsu calls Saki an old relic and says it's time for a new era. Saki said it's her birthday and this is a birthday present from OT she doesn't want. Saki said Natsu can't sing her song today and if she does he will pay for it.

Natsu sings for Saki

Natsu steals the mic from Mayu and starts singing LOL OT stops Saki from getting through the ropes, holding and wrestling her down as Natsu keeps singing. Mayu even gets in on the song and dance. Natsu then asks everyone to give it up for her and is proud of her work. Natsu then heads to the back and Saki jumps her. Natsu begs off and grabs the mic. She said she can't excite the crowd anymore after that song as it was too exciting. She then brings up that it was Saki's birthday. Saki brings a gift bag and sings Happy Birthday to her. She does a long exxagerated song and gives her a bag from a chain shop called Don Quixote, with the joke being its a cheap shop. Saki hits her with the bag and starts pounding on her. What a jerk, eh? Natsu is not happy as she says she did a good thing, then Saki and her argue while striking each other. Kagetsu trips Saki and Natsu baseball slides her. Natsu spits on her and nails Kagetsu as well. Kagetsu then wipes it on people. Natsu kicks the rope and nails the ref in the jewels then apologizes. Similar to their last match, Saki get thrown into the ref then trips Natsu into his jewels. Then Natsu trips her into his jewels. Like last time, the ref couldm't count because of it and then Saki lines her up for a roll-up for 2. Saki hurricanrana's her lucha style then dropkicks her into the corner. Saki hits her double footstomp from the top for 2. Saki tries a backslide and Natsu counters it by sitting down. Natsu grabs Saki's leg and swings it into the ref's junk then Natsu goes for her bronco buster. Saki grabs her whip and lets her have it, then Natsu hits her low. Saki goes to do it to the ref and Natsu pulls the ref in and gets Saki disqualified!  Natsu tries to consol the ref and is pleased with her work. Saki says this isn't the end of this. Natsu then tells her not to be mad because she got DQ'd. These girls don't have the most technically sound matches but they are always entertaining and build off their feud. I usually hate comedy wrestling but I don't have any problem with this.

Highspeed Title - Hazuki vs Starlight Kid

I reviewed their previous matches here and here

Promos: Kid says this was supposed to be a 3 way with AZM, but AZM is injured. Kid says she's been matched up against Hazuki multiple times lately. She said she has the momentum and wants to win for AZM so she can fight AZM. She said this is her 3rd chance and 3rd time is the charm. Hazuki says she will do her best and defend it later against AZM.

Kid built this up a little a day ago and Kid is real good about that stuff. They do some armdrags early and very quick reversals on pin attempts. Haz stomps on her and gets dropkicked on a facewash attempt. Kid hairwhips her then does her own facewash on her! Kid dropkicks Hazuki in the corner hard then goes all the way around with a DDT then a 619. She goes for a standing moonsault but Hazuki sees it coming. Hazuki gives her a hard half nelson backbreaker and puts her in a crossface. Kid hits the ropes though. Haz does a brogue kick and a falcon arrow for 2. Kid does her swinging neckbreaker into a bridge. Kid does her la magistral and then Hazuki gets out of it and does her own in a very "high speed" match indeed. This was rushed unfortunately, clocking in around 7-9 minutes. I'm really waiting for them to get a nice long match someday. Hazuki then holds the title in her face and Kid pushes her off.

Andras Miyagi vs Toni Storm

Promos: Andras doesn't say much but says the fans better be happy they heard her words. Toni says she feels like Andras is her kind of person and it's Toni Time and Miyagi Time.

Toni wants a handshake but gets a finger. Toni reverses a test of strength early into an armlock and Andras gets out. Andras puts her in a headlock then bounces off the middle rope and keeps it on the ground. Toni hits a big boot and gets 2. Toni tries for an indian deathlock but Andras on the ropes. Andras gets grabbed from behind, then rocks her head with her rocker pose, then grabs the ref and tries to german him with them. The ref gets free and Toni hits a hard forearm on her. Toni hits triple suplexes on Andras for 2. Andras does a bad forearm, then Toni drops her with a better one and Andras fires some off on her. Andras gets a few more shots in the missile dropkicks her for 2. Andras suplexes her and misses a swanton. Andras misses a kick but Toni sells it anyway. They reverse tombstones into a pin attempt and Toni hits a german and a lariat for 2. Ton hits a short piledriver and wins it. Toni rocks her head like Andras after. I didn't think this was that good. They almost got it together for a little there but the match was just missing a lot and I'm still not impressed with Toni. Andras, while a fun character, still hasn't proven to be a great in-ring worker either. I thought Andras shouldn't have went outside early after taking the forearm from Toni as it ruined the pace and they just never got it back.

Oedo Tai - Kagetsu and Natsuko Tora vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Jungle Kyona and Konami

Promos: Jung said she wants to get this over so they can prepare for their own show tommorow. Konami said the chances of the TCS show being a success are 100%. They then do a double gun pose, which may be sticking around.  OT said since it's Kid's Day in Japan, they would show the kids what OT is all about.

 TCS does another gun pose, so that's definitely a thing now. Doesn't fit Jungle at all IMO. OT now comes out to a faster remix of their song. Tora and Jung stare down then Tora tags in Kagetsu. OT has new camo gear with their names on the back. This starts off slow. Tora plays games about coming in when Jungle is in there. Jungle charges at Tora and they trade some good shots. Tora machine gun double chops her then they trade more chops. Jung gets a win in the chop battle but Kagetsu pulls her out. Tora throws a chair at Jung and takes over. Kagetsu gets in and spits water at Jung and the ref. Tora beats up on Jung more and single leg crabs her. Jung finally tags in Konami and she does a cool armbar takedown into a triangle lancer, which Kagetsu breaks up. Kagetsu then triangle lancers both of them but the ref forces her to break it. Jung and Tora got at it again with a nice forearm exchange. Jung hits a sweet criss cross forearm on Tora who sells it well. Jungle scorpion deathlocks her and Kag breaks it up. TCS does double sliding strikes on Tora. Jung bolo punches Tora, gets spears and doesn't sell it, then gets lariated herself and doesn't sell it, then they both drop after a Tora spear. Kag and Konami trade kicks and Kag starts working Konami's leg. TCS does a sunset flip + sliding lariat combo. OT works over Konami and Kag gets a cradle shock for 2. Kag misses a 450 and gets triangle lancer'd, but Tora breaks it up. Konami gets hit with OT's sign then gets sprayed in the face by Kag. Kag hits a 450 for 2 then wins it with a death valley driver. Good match here. Loved the Tora/Jungle segments and Konami and Kagetsu's segments were good as well. Just hard-hitting work throughout that all made sense and helped advance the Jungle/Tora feud.

Kagetsu talked after. She said she wants a singles match with Konami and said this is the new Oedo Tai. Tora asked which version of OT they prefer, and they said the old one. Yeah, shoulda saw that coming. She then told the crowd the correct answer and said OT is better since she joined. Tora said OT has a new saying and said it's hard to explain, so watch Stardom World so she doesn't have to say it again. The new saying is: "We are the best. We are the worst. We are Oedo Tai!".

Overall thoughts: A real good show from start to finish. The main event was good wrestling and Natsu Sumire was hilarious all throughout. This show also did a great job in advancing the Tora/Jungle, Kid/Hazuki and Saki/Natsu feuds and had a little something for everyone. Definitely one of my favorite Stardom shows so far and worth seeing.

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