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Stardom Gold May 2019 5/6/2019

Stardom Gold May 2019 5/6/2019
スターダム GOLD MAY 2019 5月16日
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Queen's Quest - Leo Onozaki and Hina vs STARS - Starlight Kid and Hanan vs Oedo Tai - Natsuko Tora and Andras Miyagi


Promos: Andras yells and calls her opponents "little turds". She said OT will have an overwhelming victory. Anras says we're the worst and the best. Tora looked at her phone. Leo and Hina said they would join forces and win. The Stars kids are super shy here as Hanan said they have lots going on in school and they are young. Kid said OT's been talking trash on twitter and said they will teach them to fear the youth.

Leo and Hina have new gear. Leo's got orange and black and Hina has blue and black. They also got matching masks to go with it. The ref makes Andras take off her jacket before the match starts. Everyone gangs up on OT early, then after they got them out, they went after each other. Hanan armbars Hina til Leo breaks it up. Leo almost wins on a roll-up of Kid. Leo takes an STO from Hanan then a moonsault from Kid. OT hasn't been seen since early on until Tora spears Kid. Tora spears two girls and Leo takes a top rope Tora splash for the OT win. This was rushed and there was too much going on to take it all in or to even enjoy it. I'm not sure if there were less than 4 people inside the ring at any point here.

Saya Iida vs Death Yama-San vs Natsu Sumire

Promos: Natsu calls Death a weird wrestler. Natsu said she heard she is just like Andras, but she things she is just weird. Natsu then lets us know she isn't weird. Death yells about death. Iida said she isn't sure if Death is the same as Kaori, and she will do her best.

Death Yama-San is just Kaori Yoneyama. Natsu brings a cam with her and we get the Natsu Cam. Kaori's new gimmick is her wearing Kiss facepaint/hair and doing the rock and roll hand gesture. Kaori plays to the crowd while the other 2 lock up. they do three way forearms, hitting the person next to them. Iida and Natsu dropkick Kaori together then Iida does a running elbow and natsu tries to roll her up. Natsu tries to guide Iida on what to do, then tries to roll her up again. Natsu does her bronco buster on Iida. Yama gets suplexed by Natsu. Iida hits some dropkicks on Natsu and a slam. Yama tries to break the count and Iida moves, so she sentons's Natsu. Iida does her bridge pin on both girls for 2 and Natsu lariats both of them down. Natsu goes up top and Yama/Iida fight around, then knock over Natsu and Iida gets rolled up by Yama. Really? You couldn't give Iida the upset win here? This was really rushed and short.

Kagetsu vs Toni Storm

Promos: Kagetsu said it's Kagetsu time and doesn't like the Toni-Time stuff. Toni said she lost to Kagetsu last time, but it won't happen anymore, because she doesn't lose. Then she said the only thing they have time for is Toni-Time.

They clean break to start and chain wrestle. Toni gets herself out of a leg scissors and offers her hand to get Kagetsu up. Kagetsu takes it, kicks her then brings her down. Kage then headflips out of a leg scissors. Toni leg locks her and she makes the ropes. Toni boots her over the top then dives on her in between the bottom and middle rope. She tries it again but gets hit with a sign. Then she does a running and sliding dropkick to Toni who was on the apron, then throws her into chairs. She stacks chairs on her and Kagetsu hits the pile of them. Kagetsu dropkicks her from the top and then puts her in the ropes and dropkicks her. Kagetsu gets dragon sleepered, then walks up the turnbuckle and dragon sleepers Toni, only for it to get reversed again. Kagetsu lifts Toni out of it then suplexes her.

They trade forearm shots and Toni throws some euro uppercuts. They trade headbutts and Toni downs Kagetsu with hers. Kagetsu gets release german'd. Kagetsu pops back up though and hits her with strikes and a cradle shock.  Kagetsu then hits a kimura and Toni gets to the ropes. Toni flips Kagetsu with a lariat then germans her. Toni puts her in an STF, switches it then goes back to it. Kagetsu then makes the ropes again. Kagetsu accidentally mists the ref then Toni hits a short piledriver on her. Toni goes up top, then gets misted and Kagetsu hits the cradle shock. Kagetsu hits the 450 and time runs up after Toni kicks out. I thought Toni got too much in here and the match wasn't anything special. Not much story or anything to it and I have no idea why the ref didn't DQ Kagetsu for misting him. Kagetsu and Toni then shake after Kagetsu misted her and hit her with a sign earlier. Go figure.

Artist of Stardom Titles - STARS - Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima and Tam Nakano vs Tokyo Cyber 
Squad - Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona and Konami

The finish

Promos: Hana said they came for the Artist titles and it should be "easy money" since Iwatani is hurt. Jungle said she doesn't know what Hana is saying. Then they do the "Yes Sir" pose. STARS said if they win, they will have the record for 5 title defenses. Saki said they want their names written in the Stardom history book and Mayu said Saki polished hers many times.

TCS has awful music right now. Sounds like a computer crashing. Mayu's hurt going into this. TCS throws out Stars early and Stars goes into the chairs. Hana puts Mayu's leg in a rail outside and hits it with a chair. Hana gets in and goes to work on Mayu's leg. Konami continues and Mayu's already hobbling and struggling early. TCS double dropkicks Mayu's leg while Hana holds it up on the ropes. Stars finally gets a comeback and triple submissions everyone. Mayu goes for the tag but Jungle pulls her back. Jungle works her leg and Mayu comes back with a big dropkick then sells hard on her leg. Mayu then finally gets the tag. Tam gets in and fights off a Konami/Jung double team. Tam hits a DDT and a scorpion deathdrop on Hana and Konami, then Stars triple dropkicks TCS on the ropes. Tam and Jungle trade forearms. Jungle hits a big shortarm clothesline on Tam. Hana comes in and does 2 big stomps on Tam who is on the ropes. Hana hits a spinning side slam and then takes a backdrop and Tam's cartwheel knees. Tam gets suplexed and no sells it, then kicks Hana in the head. Saki and Mayu combo Konami with kicks and Mayu does a big double sotmp on Konami, hurting her knee with it. Konami blocks a kick and dragon screws Mayu, then leg bars her.

Konami grabs her by the leg and captures it and does a nasty german with it. Stars gets in and triple kicks Konami individually then together. Stars does a kick then german combo on Konami and Mayu tries to go up top but struggles. Mayu misses a moonsault, then Konami reverses it into a stretch muffler, but Mayu makes the ropes. Konami runs the ropes and meets a Mayu superkick and Mayu tags in Saki. Saki hits a butterfly suplex and a double underhook drop for 2. Saki eats a combo from tCS with a sliding Konami kick then takes a kick to the head for 2. Saki counters the triangle lancer into a roll-up and almost wins it before TCS breaks it up. Stars spin kicks and double german's TCS together. Saki powers up but gets caught by Konami's triangle lancer and Saki submits! Really good match here. I liked the storytelling with Mayu's leg and it was just a really fun trios match with triple teams and back and forth action. They brought out the big moves for this and got plenty of time and it turned out great. Easily one of the better Stardom matches I've seen so far. There's not a lot of knocks on this either except maybe Mayu's leg playing a role in the finish, and I'm not sure why they didn't do that. Other than that, this was great trios action.

World of Stardom Title - Bea Priestley vs Hazuki

Hazuki is the High Speed champ and would hold double titles if she wins this. This was supposed to be Bea vs Toni, but WWE put the kobash on that, and that doesn't really surprise me since they wouldn't lend Toni out to lose.

Promos: Hazuki said the card has changed and she will have double titles if she wins. Bea said she was beaten by Hazuki at the Cinderella tournament, but has beaten her before and will do so again, then she said Hazuki will bow down to the queen

The finish
Wonder of Stardom Title - Momo Watanabe vs Arisa Hoshiki
Arisa got this shot by winning the Cinderella Tournament, which I reviewed here. Arisa said this is her second chance at the White Belt ever. She said she wants to begin the era of Hoshiki. Momo said this is her 14th defense after winning it from Io. She said she has become the absolutely ruler and doesn't want to eat Arisa's kicks. She said she will tkae them and win.

The finish

Arisa is shown in the back, and she is wearing something very odd for this. Momo is also shown in the back talking to AZM, who has her leg in a cast. Arisa teases kicks early and Momo catches her first, then hits one back. They go to the mat. Momo lands a shot to the her chest and they chain wrestle. The crowd expects the usual stand off spot but Momo kicks Arisa. Arisa eats more kicks and tries to fight it off with forearms. Momo hits Arisa with a hard dropkick and they trade more kicks. Arisa throws Momo into the corner and she dropkicks her. Momo kicks Arisa from the apron. Arisa puts her on her shoulder then slams her on the mat outside. Arisa runs up to her with double knees and presses her down, then enzugiri's her. Arisa goes to the top and then jumps off of it, kicking Momo. She slams her again and goes up top, but Momo gets up.  Momo superplexes her then they trade kicks again. They high kick each other at the same time and Momo gets up and kicks her in the head then knee dives on her. Momo MK Ultra's her but they both get back up and Momo knee dives her twice more, with one coming from the top. Momo hits a half tiger/half dragon suplex on her and Arisa does a roll through for 2. Arisa slams her down again and does her ugly 180 degree splash from the top.  Momo ducks the Brazilian and then half/half suplexes her and Arisa hits the ropes after taking her Peach Sunrise suplex. Arisa does two brogue knees and 2 brazilian kicks and wins it. I didn't like this. It started off good, but they rushed and didn't really sell at all. Sad too because this would have been good. And it really sucks because Momo has been champ for so long and this should have been a special match. 

After the match, Arisa grabs the mic. Arisa yells that she won the White belt. She said Momo is strong. Arisa said she wants to climb to the next level now and will do her best. She asks for everyone to come out and Hazuki gets in her face. They grab each other by the hair. Tam needs dragged in and is acting very strange, staring down Arisa. Then they pose together to end the show.

Overall thoughts: This was a 2 match show. The trios match was real good and is definitely something worth checking out and while I wouldn't say the same for the Bea/Hazuki match, it was good as well.

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