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Stardom Tokyo Cyber Squad Produce 5/6/2019

Stardom Tokyo Cyber Squad Produce 5/6/2019
2019年5月6日 GOLDENWEEK STARS 2019 TCSプロデュース

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There's no promos on this show.

Gauntlet Match

Starlight Kid/Arisa vs Rina/Ruaka starts us off. TCS gets dropkicked early. Kid blocks a Rinaa judo throw by stepping on her foot. TCS double teams a lot here. Ruaka crossbodies Kid. Rina does a backslide and then flips over(see gif). Rina almost upsets Kid with a pin. Kid then sits on Rina on a pin and eliminates her team.

Hina and Leo Onozaki are up next. They jump Stars early. Kid hits a nice corner dropkick on Hina. Hina blocks Kid's neckbreaker and STO's her. She hiptosses Kid and Leo drops her elbow. Arisa hits double knees on Leo and she counters with a cutter. Leo and Arisa trade pin attempts. Arisa comes at Leo with double knees then presses on her to eliminate them.

We really need a name for this Arisa Hoshiki kick

Iida and Hanan rush in with dropkicks. They work over Kid. Kid gets a moonsault in and tags in Arisa. Arisa and Iida exchange. Arisa gets a hard kick in on Iida and Iida almost steals it with a cradle. Arisa hits her nasty weird thrust kick on Iida and Hanan saves her off a brogue knee. Arisa then wins it with a high kick. I have no idea why they did this in this fashion. If Kid/Arisa were going to win, just have them come out last and get the rookies a win. Preferably, I would have had any of the rookies upset Kid/Arisa, since it would have been justifiable due to it being a gauntlet. This was fast paced and I enjoyed it, just I didn't agree with the winners. We also got a STARS vs STARS battle here in the final match-up of this.

Momo Watanabe vs Bea Priestley vs Rebel Kel

We got two QQ members against Kel. One would think they will work together. Kel gets sandwich kicked by the two early. She rolls through and double dropkicks them. Kel double chokes her opponents with her foot. We get a hard but short exchange between the two Western women. Kel gets double suplexed by QQ and finally QQ turns on each other. Momo and Bea kick each other and Bea kind of misses a high kick. Kel runs through their double clothesline then does one of her own. Kel holds her own for a bit. Momo does sit out knees on Kel. Kel falcon arrows her for 2 then Momo kind of sandbags her on a chokeslam. Bea double jump M. Bison's Kel then does a backdrop hold on Kel's head for the win. Fast paced match here that was fine.

Oedo Tai - Andras Miyagi and Natsuko Tora vs STARS - Saki Kashima and Tam Nakano

The finish
Tora's got this ugly red camo outfit on since her outfit the night before was falling apart. Slow early start here with the heels working on Tam. Tora double machine gun chops Tam. Tam comebacks with her cartwheel double knees and tags in Saki. Saki double bulldogs the heels. Saki double underhooks Andras onto Tora. Tam does a cartwheel armbar but doesn't hit it clean and can't submit her. Tam hits a superkick and Tora spears her back. This match has been almost all Tora/Tam. Andras turns around Tam into a big Tora forearm, then they double backdrop her. Andras does a big missile dropkick on Tam, folding her up. Saki gets back in and hits some stuff on Andras. Tam and Saki double kick Andras. Tam double knees Andras from the top and Saki double stomps her. Saki hits an unprettier but Tora breaks it up. Tam hits a big german on Tora. Andras reverses a Saki headscissors into a tombstone for the win. This was a little longer and slower than you get used to when watching Stardom. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it though, just not great.

Konami vs Toni Storm

They go to the mat for a bit to start. Toni does an Indian Deathlock crossface. Toni hits a nice euro uppercut. They trade some shots and Toni clearly wins. Konami does a sliding kick and some other kicks. Konami does the one leg underhook clutch that I can't remember the name of then Toni hits her triple suplexes on her. Toni hits a big lariat on her for 2. Konami hits the triangle lancer but Toni hits the ropes - they really need to protect that more if they are going to say it has a 100% win rate. Toni hits a big lariat then a short piledriver for a win. This didn't do a thing for Konami when it could have elevated her some. I'm still not impressed with Toni in Stardom and her whole tour so far has really decreased her value in my eyes.

Money on a Pole - Oedo Tai - Kagetsu, Hazuki and Natsu Sumire vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Hana Kimura, Jungle Kyona and Kaori Yoneyama

Promos: Both teams just said they were going to win without anything special. TCS also yelled "DEATH".


OT turns around when the match starts to their corner, and TCS quietly puts Hana on their shoulders and goes for the prize. Nice spot. Everyone goes outside early. Kaori gets choked, but does the TCS pose with it, which I don't like. OT climbs on each other to try and grab it. Hazuki facewashes Jungle and Natsu bronco busters her. Jungle really goes through the gauntlet here as Kag then spits water in her face. Jung finally gets a shoulder in Hazuki and Kaori gets in. She then immediately gets knocked down. Kaori handles OT 1v3 for a little and dropkicks 2 of them while doing a senton on Hazuki. Hana put Kaori on her shoulders to try and grab the prize, but she was too small, so Kaori got a bigger ride - Rebel Kel. This leads to Kaori getting eliminated though as OT pushes her off Kel's shoulders and out of the ring. Hana and Haz trade strikes but Hana ends it with a big dropkick. Haz reverses a suplex into a DDT. Jung and Natsu go at it, then Jung gets thrown into the ropes and Natsu goes for the prize, missing it. She then stands on her back to try for it and is real close. Jungle tries to powerbomb Natsu, but Natsu gets close to the prize and goes for it. OT sees this and tries to help her, but Hana dropkicks them and Natsu gets eliminated. OT double senton's Jung, but Jung double suplexes them after. Jung gets on th top rope and tries a leap of faith for the prize, but ends up belly flopping. Kag puts Haz on her shoulders, but Hana spots it and dropkicks Haz off. Hana does a big missile dropkick on Kag for 2. Kag takes a double team elevated bulldog then a hard foot by Hana. Jung lifts Hana but gets water misted by Kag and puts her down. Kag and her opponents end up taking shots from each other on accident. Then Jungle lifts Hana and they win it by grabbing the prize. This was a good example of good comedy wrestling. It was funny, but it made sense and didn't expose wrestling. I was entertained by this and thought it was very creative.

TCS talked after. They said they won every prize this week and OT isn't the best faction anymore. Hana called Kagetsu a dog and a loser. Hana called out Mayu and called her "hospital girl". Hana said TCS wants a shot at their 6 man titles. Mayu said they can't yet because she can't compete. Hana then said to return the belts. Jungle said she didn't care about those titles, which I never like as it buries them. Jungle was wondering though who gets the prize money since many members of TCs helped. Jung then said to return the belts or let them challenge. Konami then said she didn't care about those belts either, burying them more. Konami said the people holding them are 3 sickly looking people and told Mayu to hurry up and come back. Mayu said she ain't coming back yet and Hana said to go back to the hospital. She then spit on her. Hana called on Rossy to have them give up the belts. TCS then posed to end the show.

Overall thoughts: While I did skip the Janken Tournament, the show was just fine with the main being a lot of fun. Nothing must see but nothing that bad either. TCS is finally starting to come together as a unit though and feeling more legitimate.

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