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Stardom Queen's Quest Produce 5/4/2019

Stardom Queen's Quest Produce 5/4/2019


The previous Stardom show is here:

There's a "blind sword fight" on here. Not covering it.

Rina vs Hanan

Rina said she's going to crush Hanan and someone, like Konami, tells her to say "F-U-QQ" over the mic.
Hanan said Rina has been doing well but she's going to beat her.

Rina wants a test of strength, Hanan goes for it and gets her toe stepped on. They do some basic stuff and Rina is heeling it up here as she steps on Hanan and poses on her. Rina puts on Hana's octopus hold and unlike Hana, she can actually put it on without falling. Rina dropkicks Hanan on the mat and has controlled most of this so far. Hanan hip throws her for 2. They exchange forearms and STO each other. Rina gets another octopus but Hanan hits the ropes. Hanan then does a rolling armbar off a running Rina and wins it. Not a bad rookies match at all and this new gimmick is doing wonders for Rina.

Hana Kimura vs Hina

Hina said she will do her best for AZM. No promo from Hana.

The finish
Hina wants a handshake and Hana says she can't do it(in Japanese). Hina won't give up on it though. Hana flips her off and Hina dropkicks her. Hina hits more dropkicks. Hana then takes over and mocks the crowd for booing her. Hana toys around with her prey. Hina keeps getting up but Hana kicks her down. Hina hits a hip throw on Hana. Hana puts her in a sleeper and grounds her but Hina hits the ropes. Hana hits some running boots on her and Hina hits a surprise roll-up for a nearfall. Hana then does a nasty rolling octopus hold on her and wins it. This was all squash but Hana made me believe Hina had a shot here and I didn't mind this.

Leo Onozaki vs Saya Iida

These two have been matched up a lot lately in various ways. Leo said Iida's had some momentum lately and she wants to stop it. She said Iida was her junior in Jungle Assault Nation. Iida said she will do her best.

They do a strike exchange early and exchange more a minute later. They do some basic rookie moves and Iida beats her chest with forearms. Leo hits 2 cutters for 2, goes for a pinning attempt but gets caught with Iida's bridge pin and Iida wins it. This was only a few minutes long and all sprint. Leo then kicks Iida down after the win.

Oedo Tai - Hazuki, Andras Miyagi, Natsuko Tora and Natsu Sumire vs STARS - Arisa Hoshiki, Saki Kashima, Tam Nakano and Starlight Kid vs Tokyo Cyber Squad - Jungle Kyona, Konami, Rebel Kel and Ruaka

 TCS says "Yes, Sir" they will go to Korean BBQ after their win. Natsu tells Tora to say something and she said they will try their best. STARS' Tam said she doesn't know who to fight because there's too many people. Kid says she's facing Hazuki for the high speed title and wants to focus on her.

Natsu beats up a ring attendant with a sword on her way in. Natsu and Kel try to work together then, Saki tries to set up a team with Kel, then Natsu and Saki go at it before Kel knocks both down. Natsu hits an unprettier. Konami hits the triangle lancer but it gets broken up by Andras. Tora and Jung go at it and Arisa tries to stop it but then gets knocked down by both. Jung and Arisa exchange shots at the same time and tora knocks them down. Arisa and Hazuki have a great strike exchange. Then they pull hair. We get a Kid/Hazuki exchange and Ruaka does a big boot to Kid's chest. Ruaka hits a perfectplex for 2 on Kid. Ruaka takes triple kicks from STARS and Kid takes stuff from every OT member. Kid ducks a Ruaka yakuza kick then rolls her up for the win. Non-stop wrestling going on here with no breaks at all really. This was only about 9 minutes though and was a waste as this could have gone a half hour easy. I liked that they furthered Kid/Hazuki, Tora/Jungle and started Arisa/Hazuki though.

Momo Watanabe vs Toni Storm

Momo said she is excited about wrestling Toni and says it is a good oppurtunity. She said if Bea wins the red belt tonight, she wants a shot if she wins here. Toni said she is feeling rough after her match with Tam said she will take stuff from Momo but give it back. She said "It's Toni Time".

They wrestle around early with Toni grabbing a headlock and a knee. They exchange a little more until Momo hits a dropkick and works her with kicks for a while. Toni hits triple suplexes and stretches Momo on the mat. Toni hits some euro uppercuts for 2. They trade strikes and Momo hits a big high kick then Toni bangs her hard off the mat with a german. Momo hits multiple dropkicks on Toni for 2. Momo takes 2 clotheslines for 2. Momo hits an MK Ultra for 2 at 10 minutes in. Momo dives on a standing Toni with double knees, then she tiger suplexes her for 2. Toni does a kick to the head and a short piledriver for 2. They tease moves on the apron with Momo hitting an MK Ultra on the apron. Momo does double knees to Toni on the outside then chickenwings her on the mat on the inside. Momo hits a suplex on her and they go to a 15 minute time limit. This was okay, just nothing special and nothing you'd remember. I don't have any real complaints about it.

World of Stardom Title - Kagetsu vs Bea Priestley

Kagetsu says it's her 9th defense and no one can match her. No promo from Bea.

Bea finally got a QQ mask. Kagetsu's in all white. They go on the mat then Bea hits a running hurricanrana on her. Bea sits her on the apron and dropkicks her into the fans. Kagetsu takes some hard elbows from Bea and she kicks Bea, but gets countered with a dragon screw. It's not often you see Kagetsu get bullied, but it's happening here. Kagetsu springboards and dropkicks Bea to the outside. Kagetsu does a nice dive through the ropes into Bea and the crowd, then does it again. Someone from OT then grabs Bea and she does it a 3rd time. I thought one was enough, and 3 watered the initial one down. Kagetsu makes bea bounce with a missile dropkick then does a nice vertical suplex on her. Bea clamps on the choke on Kag on the ground and Kagetsu turns it into a kimura. Kagetsu then does a springboard double stomp on the arm. Bea puts Kag's head behind the bottom rope then kicks it then does a big backdrop on her. Kag comes back with a cradle shock. At 10 minutes, they trade some forearms. Kagetsu gets another cradle shock after a combo and doesn't really even get 2 out of it. she teases chokeslamming Bea, who gets out of it, then brogue knee's her out. Bea flip dives onto Kagetsu and others. Bea hits a captured backdrop on Kagetsu's head for 2 that makes a ring attendant cringe. Bea does her step up double stomp to the head and then puts her in a koji clutch-like submission. Kagetsu is down and the ref takes Bea off of her from stomping her. Kag pushes Bea into the ref then mists her. Kag hits the 450 for 2 at 15 minutes. Bea double stomps her she's laying on the top rope then ocean cyclone suplexes her for win(which Manami Toyota does not approve of her using, and I take Toyota's side). It was good. The selling was questionable at times like it seems to be in every match but I think Kagetsu did everything she could to make it seem important and Bea held up her share.
Afterwards, Bea said she is the top gaijin in Japan.

Overall thoughts: Good show. All the matches were decent at worst and this was a lot more serious than a lot of Stardom shows.

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