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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/16/2013 Results and Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/16/2013 Results and Review

Last week's show is here:


The Wyatt's came out to start this.
Bray talked about being picked on as a kid and running away.

I missed a minute of this but Bray ended up getting Kane to come out. He said "one man's hell is another man's paradise". From there, Kane sneaked up on the Family, but got laid out with a Sister Abigail.

They announced that Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Natalya will be helping out for the Summerslam kickoff. No matter what, I will be reviewing Summerslam live with some pics and gifs.

Damien Sandow vs Christian

Damien chained his briefcase to the ring pre-match. Going into the first break, Christian was bumping big. He went out of the ring hard and then did an even harder flip over the steps when he went into them.DS controlled Christian with a chinlock coming back from the break. Cole said Cody was having fun when he took the briefcase and JBL countered by saying if I stole your car, would it still be fun for you? Christian won with a cradle. Nice finish here as Damien was getting ready for the Elbow of Despair and Christian simply just moved and then pinned him. DS looked good here as he put his moves together well.

After the match, Christian speared Sandow and then ADR jumped Christian telling him he would never get the gold. He called him amigo and for some reason, I found this little bit of mocking quite funny Christian got the better of ADR though as he nailed him with the Killswitch.

Renee Young interviewed RVD.  RVD said he wants to get some gold since it has been a while since he got some. The Big Show and Mark Henry then appeared behind him. Show said he returned because he had unfinished business with The Shiel. Henry said The Shield would need a shield, and they'd accompany RVD at Summerslam.

AJ Lee and Layla vs Kaitlyn and Natalya

I'm glad to see Layla on TV, but I wish she was a face still. Layla did some pre-match butt shaking. JBL called Eva Marie "Eva Maria". He's not the first to do this. AJ hit a cool spin kick while Natalya's head was on the ropes and while she was on the apron. Layla did a big butt thrust into Nat's head and then she did a Tarantula while AJ kicked Nat. Kaitlyn hit a cool jumping shoulder tackle and a gorilla press into a gutbuster. AJ then hit a running and jumping knee to Nat to take the match. Not too much heat here but it wasn't really bad. Layla shook her cans afterwards and pointed at her butt.

Renee Young interviewed Ryback. Ryback has a new vest. He mocked Renee's question when she asked why he wasn't at Summerslam. He talked about people being scared of him and Ryback started yelling at someone off camera. This person ended up being a stage hand. The stage hand had a pretty good poker face then got punched hard in the gut. Ryback threw him over a table and the stage hand took an awesome flip bump. Ryback then said people are scared of him.

They ran a Brock/Punk package. Paul said Punk was willing to fight to the death to what he believed in. They went over some of Punk's highlights and they showed the Brock/Punk confrontations.

The Shield vs Rob Van Dam, The Big Show and Mark Henry

This is Show's return. The entrances took forever here once you count in commercials. Rollins took a great monkey flip bump and Show did the RVD hand gesture when RVD did it. The crowd strangely chanted "We Want Big Show". Show got tagged in and looked so huge compared to Ambrose. Henry got on the outside and absolutely tossed Reigns over the announce table and then Rollins did a nasty mid-air turning dive on Henry. Show ended up knocking out Ambrose and then RVD hit a 5 star frog splash for the win. Really fun match with the crowd being very generous. Good work and nice bumps here. Rating:***

The Miz vs Jack Swagger
Zeb said he had a new hit single called "Do you know a way out?".  He then called Miz a phony. He just turned face here with that comment. Swagger hit a really nice amateur style slam on Miz. He then did push-ups off Miz's back. Swagger did a diving double leg to nowhere and Miz hit a short DDT while Swagger was on his knees. Cesaro pushed Miz and got kicked out, as did Zeb. Zeb did the old bit of taking off his tie and jacket, throwing it to the ground. Swagger got caught up in all of this and got rolled up for a Miz win.

Zack Ryder vs Curtis Axel
Zack booted Axel in the face while Axel was outside. Zack got a little in before taking his usual whooping. He went fast here but got more in than expected.

Paul Heyman talked about Raw. He said he got outsmarted by Punk. Paul said Punk only proved that he is the best CM Punk. Paul said Brock would get revenge on Sunday.

No DQ - Daniel Bryan  vs Wade Barrett

Big pops for DB here. He is like a maestro with the "YES" chants. DB did his usual stuff and upon going outside, he got thrown into the rails. Wade went for a big kick and missed, sitting himself up near the time keeper. DB then knocked him into that area. They brought out the tables and kendo sticks, with Wade going to town on DB. DB got the stick and Wade went out, with DB tope'ing him. DB hit a missile dropkick when Vince walked down. Vince was wearing a hideous red and white suit and was doing troll motions. After the break, DB did his knee off the apron onto Wade. He then ended up taking a suplex on floor, making Vince go "YES! YES!". They went back in with Wade belting DB with chair shots and Vince loving it. He tried to dive off the top with a chair in his hand and DB moved. DB then got the cane and lit Wade up with it and kicks. DB had the Yes lock in when Vince moved the ref out. He called for a ref and Brad Maddox came out. DB then managed to get the upperhand once more and Brad wouldn't count it. Vince then handed Wade a cane and he accidentally nailed Brad with it. Both men then went through a table with Vince taking a ref's shirt and jumping . Triple H then came down. DB hit the top rope headbutt and Triple H counted it for the win. I thought this was fine to good. It was exciting and they kept it moving. The ref stuff added extra drama and the crowd was hot for it. Rating:***

Randy Orton then came down to stare down DB.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad SD at all with two good matches. Not must see, but I think a lot of people will love The Shield's match.

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