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WWE Satuday Morning Slam 12/1/2012 Review

WWE Satuday Morning Slam 12/1/20012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Jinder Mahal vs Ted Dibiase Jr.
R-Truth was at the booth and joked about 3MB playing air guitar, as there was nothing there. Ted put Jinder outside then dove on both members of 3MB. Ted hit a sit out spinebuster and then hit a crossbody that Jinder rolled through. Jinder then hit the pin for the win. This went less than 4 minutes and wasn't very impressive at all. Nothing was bad but this was a rather unassuming match. Rating:*

Layla talking about British English vs American English
This was taped in England, making this happen. She said policemen are called bobbie's in England. Saubways are called the Underground or tube. Elevators are called lifts and bathrooms are called the loo. She then ran into the bathroom or the loo.

They then featured some past British superstars like Regal, The British Bulldog, Pirate Paul Birchall(he was so underrated) and Wade Barrett. Wade looked so young in the clips from last year and before as to now.

Saturday Morning Spotlight with Wade Barrett
He said his gaol is to become the world champion. He said he is remorseless and relentless and the Barrage cannot be stopped.

The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd
No Haka or "USO" yell for the Uso's today. Kidd and Gabriel each entered seperately today. Josh said, "Many people believe Tyson Kidd is waiting for that breakout moment". They did a really cool kung-fu style reversal sequence to start this off. The crowd was mixed, liking both teams. Kidd did a kip-up then tried to get the sharpshooter but it was no good. Kidd stood on the middle rope and Gabriel dove through him then Kidd followed with a flip tope. We then went to the break. We came back and the Uso's were in control. Tyson Kidd was the face in peril, getting bodyscissored. Kidd hit an arm drag off the top rope and both teams tagged out. An Uso tried to counter out of the corner but landed on Gabriel's head. Gabriel then hit a blue thunder driver in an akward moment. Uso missed a splash and then Gabriel jumped offthe top ot nothing. Gabriel got alley oop'd into a samoan drop for the Uso win. Good match here and would have loved to have seen an even longer one. There was no way these two were going to have a bad match. Rating:***

John Cena made an announcement. He said next week he will be wrestling on the show. He made an open challenge and 3MB came in. Drew was here when he wasn't earlier. Heath Slater accepted the challenge.

Next week: Cena Saturday on CW Vortex and Cena vs Slater.

Overall thoughts: This was your typically good SMS. Some decent features and some build for next week with a good main event. A nice way to spend 30 minutes.

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