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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/24/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/24/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

El Local vs Justin Gabriel
El Local aka Ricardo Rodriguez is back!  R-Truth is on commentary here.  Gabriel did a standing backflip to get out of an armbar. Josh called El Local a "journeyman individual" and a "little bit of a loner". Gabriel did a headstand on the apron and grabbed Local in a reverse huracanrana and then rolled-up. Gabriel countered a hip toss and did a botched monkey fli. He had local stomach first on the buckles and did a ran-up backflip off him. Gabriel tried to do a backflip scorpion deathdrop, but he missed and the camera's switch to make it appear that he did it flawlessly.  The camera switch was really bad as one second he's in the air, the next he's standing a foot away. Anyway, that's how he won. I did enjoy this but there was definitely some akwardness going on. I just hope it isn't the last of El Local. Rating:*

The 3rd Degree - What are you thankful for?
Drew said 3MB and the music they make. Foley said one ear, gray hair and a winning smile. Dolph said he is thankful for being the greatest speller in the classroom and thankful that he's managed to stay humble.

Pie Eating Contest - Santino Marella, Zack Ryder and R-Truth
Truth said that Little Jimmy couldn't see so they got him a chair. Santino said that he was a 6-time pie eating champion in Italy. Truth said that Santino took one of his pies. Miz declared that Santino Marella won the contest and Truth protested. Ryder and Truth then nailed Santino with pies. They got into a pie fight and Brodus Clay ran in. He said there was a party and you can't have one without them. Santino then went into a sugar rush and fainted, doing a flair flop on the table. Look, I know people will say this was stupid and a waste of time but I like goofy stuff and I'll always enjoy a good pie fight. I would have totally chosen this over some of the stuff on Raw.

The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal of 3MB
Is there any reason why Drew never actually wrestles since he got in 3MB. I know he had the family issues but he's there and he's a better wrestler than both of them, so what is the problem? 3MB's tron has the confederate flag all over it. I know when I'm thinking the confederacy, I'm thinking Jinder Mahal., but that's the beauty of 3MB. The Uso's did their usual haka. Josh called this the "sima kow?" version of it. If anyone knows the name, let me know. 3MB did some air-guitarring with Jinder in their corner during the match. Slater was wearing some heavy eyeliner. Jey then did some slow dancing with a moonwalk. Jimmy the pop-locked and they threw the 3MB out and followed with dives.

We went to the break and when we came back, Antonio Cesaro did a don't try this at home ad. He said if you really wanna be like him, learn how to speak 5 different languages.

Jinder worked the abdominal stretch and held onto Slater's hand for the extra leverage. Truth said he wouldn't do this as hime and Little Jimmy play by the rules.  Drew ran over to the booth and said this was tag team wrestling than 3MB was better at than Kofi Kingston and R-Truth. Jimmy did a gorilla press into a samoan drop. Jimmy made the hot tag and Jey made a comeback with a Rikishi running butt into the corner. Drew McIntyre tried to interfere as Jey was on the top and it worked as Heath hit a top rope body slam for the win. Good match here with a fast pace.

Overall thoughts: Someone on f4w said that Saturday Morning Slam was the best wrestling TV show and this week it gets my vote. This was simply a fun half hour with a little something for everyone. We got some okay wrestling and we got to see some of the wrestlers in different situations as usual. Best of all, it didn't take more than two minutes for the non-wrestling stuff which is perfect. A big thumbs up for this one.

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