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WCW Power Hour 2/2/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 2/2/1991 Review

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Tim Horner vs Mike Samples
Nice job spelling Samples' name wrong there.
Tim Horner beat Mike Samples with a bridge and a pin. This was very boring and they did very little besides some weak rest holds.
"With all these people like Arn Anderson coming after him, 5 bucks says the Z-Man won't hold the television title another month." - Paul E.
Ricky Morton and The Junkyard Dog vs Joe Cazana and Mark Kyle
*Jim Ross coughs*
"Gordon, Gordon, put that cigarette out, we're on the air." - Paul E.
"Kids, don't smoke or you'll end up looking like Gordon Solie." - Paul E.
"Wrestlewar 91, I challenge Gordon Solie to an arm wrestling contest, right now." - Paul E.
"Wow, you are living on the end of a lightning bolt, aren't you?" - JR
The Junkyard Dog got the win here with a Big Thump powerslam on Joe Cazana. This was all squash with JYD hitting some of his trademark moves and not really much else going on. The jobbers did bump pretty well though and it wasn't that bad.

Wrestling News Network with Gordon Solie
They  showed footage of the 8-man tag with the Horsemen vs Sting, The Steiners and Brian Pillman.
"I'm back, Horsemen, get in the ring with me, I dare you. You don't stand a chance." - Rick Steiner
"The Wargames are the toughest match ever created." - Barry Windham
"We created the Wargames. The Horsemen made the Wargames legendary. You surrender or you submit. Sting, Pillman, The Steiners, remember, the cage is metal. It's a weapon and you will bleed and you will sweat until you submit or surrender." - Ric Flair
"It's a possibility that you may bleed to death. In 1987, we had 25 of 'em.We had the Red Cross follow us across the country. Nobody knows better about blood and guts. Wargames, somebodies gettin' hurt bad." - Arn Anderson
Just in case you didn't know, they did a tour in 1987 for the Great American Bash with Wargames matches almost everynight, which the 25 is referencing.

Flyin' Brian Pillman vs John Peterson
"For all the fans that wanna attend WrestleWar in Phoenix, because of where it is, it's going to be illegal alien night. So if you come in without your green card all you need to do is see El Gigante live in the Danger Zone and bring your velvet pasty collection and it's a dollar off your ticket." - Paul E.
"You know how you tell when El Gigante fans come in? Their shoes are sharpened." - Paul E.
Flyin' Brian Pillman got the win with an Air Pillman clothesline in a quick match. Pillman got little offense in before picking up the win here. Nothing to see here...
 Sid Vicious vs Dave Johnson
"Sid Vicious rules the world." - Sid
"Okay kid, run. Run for your life, kid."  - Paul E.
"Uh oh, GOODNIGHT." - Paul E.
Big Sid Vicious got the win with the powerbomb here in a very easy squash. Johnson got lucky in my opinion as he didn't get beat up too bad.

"Paging Dr. Fine. Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, please report to ringside." - Paul E. making Three Stooges references
"Sid pushes over the gurney. Those guys are Sid Vicious' guys. They are not full-time EMT's. I think Sid got them from the unemployment office." - JR

Lex Luger vs Magnum Force #1
"Did you know that my cousin Murray plays the guitar on Lex Luger's entrance music? That's true. Murray the Musician. Murray the Musician Dangerously." - Paul E.
"I think Lex Luger's making a mistake getting in the ring with Magnum Force #1. Not that I think he's gonna be in trouble, but I'd have him stepping in the ring with guys like Mike Samples that are over 300lbs and 6'6 because he has to fight Danny Spivey at WrestleWar." - Paul E.
The finish
Lex Luger beat Magnum Force #1 with a torture rack. Not much to say here as it was a quick squash. Lex was quite over though.

Winner gets a TV Title shot - Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson
"See that? Honor amongst theives." - Paul E,
"This is gonna be a tape collector's dream." - Paul E.
"This is gonna be a down and dirty streetfight. May the better, hey, may the lousier man win." - Paul E.
After JR says that they support the stroops in the Gulf War:
"I'd like to take this time to thank all the people in Mexico for coming up the border to see El Gigante. Thanks alot guys, you're really doing alot to support us in the war. Thanks alot. Muchas gracias amigos." - Paul E.
Arn pulls the tights and puts his foot on the ropes for the win!
Arn Anderson got the win after a pin with his foot on the ropes and while pulling Eaton's tights. Good match here that was sensical. Arn got his shoulder rammed into the post early and they worked that arm most of the match. The other big story was both guys trying to out cheat each other with Arn winning that. Good match here that was pretty sound in any way you can think of. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: The main event was good and the only real highlight of this show. The main isn't worth going out of your way to see but it was entertaining. Skip this one.

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