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WCW Power Hour 1/26/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 1/26/1991 Review

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Minotaur vs Keith Hart
Minotaur is Steve Disalvo aka Steve Strong, a guy who was a star in Canada and then travelled around a bit. He had his biggest run in International Wrestling in Canada.
"The national poster boy for Stridex." - Jim Ross
"That is an evil looking individual." - Jim Ross
"Keith better find himself some more heart. As a matter of fact, just run for your life." - Paul E.
"Minotaur is a half-man, half-bull and this guy to me looks like the bull has taken over the man." - Paul E.
"There is no give to those mats. Those mats are there for the aesthetics, not the protection." - JR
"Those mats are there in case you spill a soda on the floor. That's all those mats are gonna give you." - Paul e.
"Very very bizarre looking indvidual." - JR
"Good morning, how are you?" - Paul E.
"Yeah, yeah, really. You won't see a guy like that down at the IHOP and if you do, you better leave the IHOP." - JR
The finish
Minotaur beat Keith Hart with a lariat as shown above. This was mostly all Minotaur fooling around and making goofy faces in the camera. He bit Hart and did that upwards throw that I got a gif of above(the one on the mats) before getting the win with a lariat. Minotaur didn't really show anything here but was a little stiff. Rating:1/2*

"Ever since I was 12 and I cracked my mother for burning the filet-mignon and my father doubled my allowance, I knew that a woman's place was at home." - Paul E.
The Master Blasters vs Tim Parker and Scott Allen
The Master Blasters are Al Green and Kevin Nash.
"This guy is the franchise of the Master Bastlers. He is the Master Blaster." - JR
The Master Blasters got the win here after a double shoulderblock. This was all squash and all crap. But hey it's Kevin Nash and we should expect that whether it be 2012 or 1991.

Rick Steiner vs Mike Samples
Mike Samples was a journeyman wrestler who was mostly active in Memphis and later in BJPW.
"Rick Steiner is my absolute, no question favorite wrestler. And that's for one reason, because I can point to him and say that Darwin was right." - Paul E.
The Master Blasters came down and pointed at Rick Steiner before being escorted out.
Rick Steiner beat Mike Samples with a belly to belly suplex off the top rope. This was a waste of time and they did nothing besides the finish. It must have been the life to be a WCW squasher back in the day. No need to even take one bump.

Wrestling News Network with Gordon Solie
They showed some clips of Bobby Eaton attacking Z-Man after a title defense to get an advantage before their match.
"Yes, Bobby Eaton, you did get my attention and this wednesday night, you're going to get 100% of my attention at the Clash. Bobby Eaton, you're gonna get a beatin'. That one's on me." - Z-Man
"I'm gonna set the man free." - Paul E. on his arm wrestling match with Missy Hyatt
"Hi Uncle Gordon, are you going to be there on the 30th of the month at Clash of the Champions?" - Paul E.

They also showed workout videos of Paul and Missy preparing for their arm-wrestling thing at the clash. I can't wait for that to be done with.

"Learn to love it boys. The Horsemen are for real." - Ric Flair
"Hey Steiner, you're next." - Ric Flair
"Why don't we do it right now in the hallway?" - Scott Steiner
"Take all those amateur medals and try to buy a cup of coffee." - Ric Flair
Flyin' Brian Pillman vs Lt. James Earl Wright
"Lt. James Earl Wright and his partner there, Barney, or whatever you wanna see."
- JR
"Buddy." - Paul E.
"Oh yeah, Buddy Lee Parker not Barney Lee Parker." - JR
"I'll write you a ticket." - Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
"Your name's on that one." - Paul
"He'll probably write it with crayola's. They're pretend cops." - JR
"Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker choking Flyin' Brian." - JR
"I don't believe it. We got it on film. He double-crossed his own partner. He was giving Pillman advice! Whisperin' in his ear. Unbelieveable!" - Paul E.
On Paul E's interview with Sting and Lex Luger:
"I hope you don't intimidate them Paul. I know you've been training. Running 8, 10, 12 yards a day eating alot of Oat Bran. Go easy on them, you big bully." - JR
"Flyin Brian' with a double dropkick and Barney and Gomer have rolled to the outside." - JR
"Barney and Gomer?" - Paul
"Those guys are about as competent as the guys from Mayberry." - JR
"That's it. Put 'em up! You and me right now." - Paul
Flyin' Brian Pillman beat Sgt. James Earl Wright with an Air Pillman springboard clothesline. This was your basic semi-competitive match. The heels cheated the whole time and Pillman made his comeback at the end to get the win. Not terrible but not good either. Rating:*1/4

Terry Taylor vs Joe Barrett
"You know, Ms. York has been looking at alot of new wrestlers.." - JR
"Alexandra York has been approached by Donald Trump to refinance his whole organization." - Paul E.
The finish
Terry Taylor beat Joe Barrett with a five-arm. Boring match with no heat whatsoever. The focus was on York and that was about it.

WCW Television Title - Z-Man Tom Zenk vs Moondog Rex
The finish
Z-Man beat Moondog Rex with a missle dropkick from the top. This wasn't very good. Rex didn't want to bump or do anything and brought the match down. Z-Man looked fine. Rating:1/2*

Overall thoughts: Not a good edition of the Power Hour. Minotaur wasn't good nor were the Masters Blasters. Nothing was really good here to be honest and this was very skippable.

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