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WCW Power Hour 2/9/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 2/9/1991 Review

Last week's show is here:

Tommy Rich vs John Peterson
"Tommy Rich needs a piece of somebodies mind because the one he got now just isn't working for him." - Paul E.
Tommy Rich got the win with a bad Thesz press. Boring match here with lots of armwork.

The Steiner Brothers vs The Master Blasters
As always, Kevin Nash is the bigger Master Blaster.
The Steiners won in a squash here in less than 30 seconds. Nash and Rick Steiner brawled outside and Scott hit a belly to belly followed by a frankensteiner for the win. After the match, the Freebirds tried to attack but ended up getting thrown out of the ring.

Sid Vicious vs Todd Galina
The finish
Sid Vicious got the win here with a powerbomb in no time at all. Quick squash and nothing really to it.
Sid then stomped on his opponent while he put him on the stretcher. He then hit him with the stretcher.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs Flyin' Brian Pillman and Candyman Brad Armstrong
"Shut yo stinkin' mouth." - Jimmy Garvin
Michael Hayes got the win with a DDT out of nowhere and had Garvin get the pin. Pretty decent match with good heat. It was too short though and the finish was sudden. The faces had control for most of this, until they lost. This was mostly the Freebirds stooging around and making faces. Rating:*1/2
"I want you at WrestleWar 91." - Michael Hayes

Wrestling News Network with Gordon Solie
They showed highlights of Z-Man going to a draw with Terry Taylor in a #1 Contenders match for the TV title on Main Event. Taylor slapped Z-Man after the match.

Then they showed DDP conning Teddy Long into a match with Doom. DDP said he had some guys who weren't ready for Doom, but he wanted to give them a chance anyway:
"Bottom Line, I wanna give them a match with Doom. I wanna see if they're ready before I put money into 'em so I can see if they are even worth it yet." - DDP
"They might even learn something if they're in the ring with the tag team champions. I'll tell you something brother Dallas, I can trust you, you're my friend, my blue-eyed soul brother, the deal is on." - Teddy Long

Doom vs Greg Sawyer and Jim Faulkner
"Hey hey hey, not yet." - Teddy Long
"Don't do it yet, don't do it yet. Hang on." - Teddy Long
The finish
Doom got the win here when Butch hit a shoulder tackle off the top. The big story was Long not allowing his boys to get the pin until they abused their opponents a little bit more. This will kind of play into the Doom break-up and the deal with DDP definitely will.

Barry Windham vs Carl Robertson
Barry got the win in a quick squash.

WCW Television Title - Z-Man vs Arn Anderson
"Tonight the belt comes home daddy, tonight. You can take that to the bank." - Arn Anderson
"The Horsemen ain't going nowhere." - Z-Man
The finish
Arn Anderson beat the Z-Man with a roll through after a crossbody with his feet on the ropes. This was honestly a joke of a title change. The match lasted maybe 5-7 minutes tops and the finish was totally out of nowhere. Bad booking here that devalued the TV title and all of the work they put into building it as of late.

Overall thoughts: Not that great of show with the ending being a stinker. I'd recommend skipping this one.

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