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WCW Power Hour 1/19/1991 Review

WCW Power Hour 1/19/1991 Review

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Motor City Mad Man and Big Cat vs Allen Iron Eagle and Greg Sawyer
"Thanks for being here this morning." - Jim Ross
"You're welcome." - Paul E.
"I wasn't referring to you." - JR
The finish. Lame.
Motor City Madman pinned Allen Iron Eagle with a fist drop to the chest. Totally lame finish here to cap off a rather lame squash. I have no memories of the Motor City Madman so he didn't make a good first impression here. Rating - DUD
"Of course the Freebirds are gonna talk about the Steiners. They're obsessed with the Steiner Brothers demise." - Paul E.
"Yeah yeah yeah. You know Reno Riggins and Italian Stallion are in alot of trouble PS. You know who else is in alot of trouble? Those stupid, stupid Steiners." - Jimmy Jam Garvin
"You know Steiners, you were elected the most popular tag team in 1990. Well, everybody loves a winner. Well let's see if those fans are behind you when you are minus two possessions. And those two are the belts that go around your waists cuz come hell or high water, the Freebirds will be the United States tag team champions." - Michael PS Hayes
The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Italian Stallion and Reno Riggins
"The Freebirds haven't taken my route of hiring my lawyer Semore Green of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe. They haven't taken the whining and crying route like Terry Taylor. They fired their manager Little Richard Marley...and they decided to take it upon themselves to go after a title." - Paul E.
"Evander Holyfield sent Michael Hayes a thank you note saying thank you for not becoming a boxer because he knows with that righ hook and that left jab, PS could become the boxing champion of the world in a heartbeat." - Paul E.
"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah." - Jimmy Jam Garvin
Awesome DDT for the win by Jimmy Garvin
Jimmy Jam Garvin pinned Reno Riggins with a DDT to get the win. Not a very interesting squash minus the DDT and a backdrop that Reno took. Rather boring otherwise.

Wrestling News Network with Gordon Solie
"Everyone's saying that it wasn't fair, but the fact remins that on Friday Night, January 11th, in East Rutherford, New Jersey, this man Nature Boy Ric Flair became a 7-time World's Heavyweight Champion." - Paul E.
"They're lining up and paying homage because they said, it couldnt be done. Outfront, I tell you I'm the dirtiest player in the game but I win, win, win and that's the bottom line in this big old world we live in." - Ric Flair
"Scott Steiner, they tell me you are the champion of the future, the new young lion, the new Ric Flair maybe. But look at this kid, you were tempted in my moment of glory to step on my toes. WRONG." - Ric Flair
"You my friend, for the first time in your young lion career, started to pay the price. And if you don't like it Steiner, look me in the eye and do something about it." - Ric Flair 
"Arn Anderson and Barry Windham have reverted back to basic training in an effort to win back the WCW tag titles from Doom. We have an interesting video of their basic training." - Gordon Solie
"Alot of people think this is an uncivilized way of training. Well maybe we got too nice. Maybe we got too used to the cushy life and that silver spoon. It got so big, we had to spit it out." - Arn Anderson
"The most assured emotion is pain followed by fear." - Arn Anderson
"I want everybody affiliated with WCW to prepare themselves for armageddon." - Arn Anderson
"1991, our resurgence has come and don't think you're safe." - Arn Anderson
"America's greatest fear is gang violence. As far as the Horsemen are concerned, there won't be any drive-by shootings. We're going to keep it legal. As legal as the law allows. No one's safe. You jump on the Horsemen, you're going to the hospital in the 90's." - Arn Anderson

Magnum Force vs The Renegade Warriors
"These guys are terrified of the Horsemen. Their yelling and throwing smoke signals for reinforcements." - Paul E.
The Renegade Warriors got the win with a top rope la silla. Not that bad of a squash but not really that great either. They did a headlock and then the Youngbloods did double team moves to take it home.

Konan vs Chuck Coats
Yep, this is indeed that Konnan from WCW, AAA and TNA. He was still masked here as he hadn't yet lost his mask to Perro Aguayo. WCW smartly figured out that since they were bringing him in for Starrcade in the tag team tournament that they might as well have him do a squash on TV.
"You know why he wears the mask right?" - Paul E.
"Why's that Paul?" - JR
"Because he's from Mexico City and the water's real bad so he has real bad acne and has to cover it up with that mask." - Paul E.
"He's got alot of previous jobs. He used to sharpen shoes in Mexico and hey, he was El Gigante's interpreter for a while." - Paul E
Paul E. wasn't kidding about the acne
"You know how to say where is the library in spanish? Wheree iz dee library?" - Paul E.
"Yeah, I heard that one before. Why don't you get a new jokebook? That one's a little outdated." - JR
"You know Konan's parents met each other on a banana boat? They were both trying to pick each other's pockets." - Paul E.
"Can you verify that story?" - JR
"Sure, just ask El Gigante." - Paul E.
"And the masked man from Mexico City. Much like you'd tie up a steer for branding." - JR
Konan beat Chuck Coats with a reverse suplex and a nudo. Chuck Coats wasn't really the man to put against someone doing bad lucha libre. Brian Pillman? Sure. Bobby Eaton? Definitely. Chuck Coats? No way. Konan wasn't very good here. He was slow and akward and was trying to not trip over himself while Coats was doing the same. Rating: DUD

Sid Vicious vs Mountain Man Bailey
"I don't like anyone, period." - Sid Vicious
"This is no pushover." - Jim Ross
"Not too big on brains but he's a big son of a gun isn't he." - Paul E.
"The earthwhile Jethro Bodine of WCW." - JR
"Don't turn your back on him." - JR
"Aw that's a STUPID move." - Paul E.
"Hey, there's your buddy. The president of the Paul E. Dangerously fan club, Marietta chapter. He's got the hat on. He's got his Paul E bell!" - JR
"Please tell your relatives to sit down." - Paul E.
"Everytime we come down here Jim Ross has to get front row seats for all of his family. Ah look, there's Junior! He's a little pudgy too ya know." - Paul E.
"Alot of people in New York love my name. Yo Paulie, how you doin' huh?" - Paul E.
"He's not a man, he's a monster. He's indestructable." - Paul E.
Sid Vicious beat Man Mountain Bailey with a powerbomb. This was a little slow and Sid didn't even try the helicopter powerbomb unfortunately. I did like the powerbomb though as it made Sid look pretty good. Sid is still the best squasher though.

"Sid Vicious has been interviewing EMT companies because he knows that he's gonna start sending people to the hospital." - Paul E.
WCW Television Title - Z-Man Tom Zenk vs Wild Bill Irwin
Tom Zenk uses the force to put Irwin's head in the buckle without touching him
"Everyone wanted Manuel Noriega, well we took care of him. Everyone wanted Saddam Hussein, we took care of him. This makes Z-Man the #1 most wanted man in America today  because everyone is gunning for the TV title." - Paul E.
"How you like that, huh?" - Wild Bill Irwin
"Mobile, Alabama is the only city where a guy invites you to meet his wife and his sister and there's only one person behind him." - Paul E.
"Yeah, that's real original. Probably haven't heard that one in 6 or 8 months." - JR
The finish
Z-Man Tom Zenk pinned Wild Bill Irwin after reversing a superplex into a pin. This was decent enough. Not that bad for a TV main event but nothing really stood out or was too special. Rating:**1/4

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show all around. No great matches but some different wrestlers in different squashes. Flair's promo was awesome and was the highlight of the show next to the Horsemen's vignettes. You wouldn't want to go out of your way for this though.

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