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WWE NXT 9/26/2012 Review

WWE NXT 9/26/2012 Review

"Their grandfathers fought many years ago. You don't think their grandfathers are saying, you better beat him? On the phone this week, their grandad's have been giving them a serious ear-bashing." - William Regal
Michael McGillicutty vs Bo Dallas
"Sometimes a good elbow to the chin works wonders." - William Regal
The finish
McGillicutty won with a McGillicutter out of nowhere. This was a surprisingly good match. Lots of nice selling here by Bo, selling his hurt shoulder. McGillicutty was good at doing what he does too. Bo needs some help on offense though. Rating:*3/4

We then got a video package on Paige:
"I'm not here to be a diva, I'm here to be a fighter."
 "The less you know about me, the better." - Paige
"Leo Kruger came to NXT to continue his career as a big game hunter." - William Regal
Jake Carter vs Leo Kruger
Carter has a logo on his tron that says, "Your girlfriend's favorite".
"When you are a hunter, you only have so many shots, so many tries to get your prey, and that's what Leo Kruger is doing." - William Regal
"That is a scary man right there." - Byron Saxton
"Kruger was trained by the late great Donny Britz." - William Regal
Leo Kruger won with his neckbreaker into a face smash, which they called the Kruger's End. This was different but not super exciting. Atleast Kruger is different and kind of interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with him. This was all squash.

Ryback vs Francis Remidorian (SP?) and Aiden English
"You broke the man's singlet." - Byron Saxton
"How dare he?" - William Regal
"That wasn't a clothesline, that was a lariat. A Stan Hansen lariat." - William Regal
"How would you even stop him? How would you even think of a way to stop him?" - William Regal
Ryback won with the double samoan drop. This was a total squash and the crowd loved it. They were so into Ryback and chanted with him. Really good squash for Ryback and he looked pretty hard here.

Kassi Ohno vs Richie Steamboat
This one started from Richie chasing off Ohno last week and from taking a beating from him a few weeks ago.
"OHHH-NOOO" - Kassius Ohno

Richie Steamboat won with a cradle in a really good match. They mixed some Flair/Steamboat in with some other stuff and it worked out well. Steamboat did your basic face stuff in 2012 and the crowd loved it. Ohno keeps improving by the week and is looking better and better. After the match, Ohno hit Steamboat with a forearm from behind and a cravate.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Everything made sense, no time was wasted and it was a very quick hour. Recommended!

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