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WCCW Disk 13

Fort Worth Local TV Taping at Will Rogers Coliseum 08/30/82:

1) King Kong Bundy/The Superfly vs. Kerry & David Von Erich (Most Falls wins the match with tv time remaining)
"From Alaska, King Kong Bundy." - Announcer
The Von Erich's got the first fall after Bundy ran into Superfly and got pinned. They started a second fall but time ran out quickly after. This was all about David Von Erich brawling with King Kong Bundy. They were clearly building towards a future match.

Dallas Syndicated TV Taping at the Sportatorium 08/31/82:

1) David Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy (Non Title NWA American Heavyweight Championship Match)
David Von Erich
David Von Erich puts King Kong Bundy in the iron claw
Bundy says Von Erich pulled the hair
The match got thrown out after a second ref came in and got Bundy thrown into him. Stupid finish here.  This was all axe handles, punches and forearms to the back.

Dallas Texas Stadium Event 06/06/82:

1) Harley Race vs. Kerry Von Erich (Number 1 Contender Match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship)
Kerry Von Erich
They mentioned that Kerry had two DQ's and a loss to Race in their previous 3 encounters.
Harley Race gets back body dropped on the outside
Harley Race puts Kerry von Erich in the chinlock
Both men are busted open as Kerry Von Erich puts Harley Race in the sleeper
Kerry Von Erich won when Harley Race got reversed on a body press from the top. Good match here. Lots of heat and both men fought all over the place. Race was really awesome as the cheating, dirty heel here. Most of this match took place on the outside with both men taking some hard bumps. Rating:***1/2

Fort Worth Local TV Taping at Will Rogers Coliseum Late June 1982:

1) Bugsy McGraw/King Kong Bundy vs. Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich (Best 2 out of 3 Falls, Non Title Match for the NWA America Tag Team Championship)
King Kong Bundy(with hair) hits Kevin Von Erich with a chair

King Kong Bundy and Bugsy McGraw get the first fall after Kevin Von Erich got counted out
Kevin hits a top rope splash to get the second fall on King Kong Bundy
The 3rd fall was total crap with Armand Hussein pulling Kerry Von Erich's leg to give the Von Erich's the fall. Only the first fall was decent here with the rest of the falls being under 2 minutes long.

Dallas Syndicated TV Taping at the Sportatorium 09/14/82:
1) Kevin Von Erich vs. The Magic Dragon (Non Title Match for the NWA American Heavyweight Championship)
Kevin Von Erich beat the Magic Dragon with the splash above. What they showed was a good match. Magic Dragon is alot of fun and Kevin was good in this. Kevin mostly worked an armbar and controlled most of the match. Rating:*1/2

2) Arman Hussein vs Kerry Von Erich
"The African heavyweight champion, the honorable, Arman Hussein." - Announcer
Kerry won this in no time at all with a discus punch. This didn't even last a minute.

Fort Worth Local TV Taping at Will Rogers Coliseum 09/20/82:

1) Kevin Von Erich vs. The Magic Dragon (Best 2 out of 3 Falls, NWA American Heavyweight Championship Match. If Von Erich loses, he loses the belt. If Dragon loses, he is unmasked)
"The challenger, the uh, the Dragon." - Announcer
Dragon won the first fall in 3:32 with a superkick.
Kevin did a roll-up from the electric chair position in 2:46 to get the win. Again, nothing here at all, and it's been 6 minutes now.
Ken Mantell and Marc Lowrance on the mic
Kevin takes off the mask during the match

Kevin then won with a flying body press. The third fall was decent but it was totaly crap that Kevin could take off the mask early and not get DQ'd. I felt bad for Dragon if anything. The Great Kabuki then came in to get some revenge and David Von Erich followed .
The Great Kabuki

Dallas Syndicated TV Taping at the Sportatorium 10/07/83:

1) Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts vs. Chris Adams and John Mantell
John Mantell and Chris Adams
Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts
Michael Hayes takes the wig off of Buddy Roberts
Adams got the win with a superkick over Buddy Roberts. This was a decent match. Lots of heat and nice work by all. The Freebirds were very good here as was Adams. Crowd was very hot. Rating:**

2) Jimmy Garvin vs. David Von Erich
Jimmy Garvin
"I'm here to make a formal challenge to you Garvin." "I'm here to call your bluff, because I'm here to call you a coward to your face." - Chris Adams
David von Erich beat Jimmy Garvin by DQ when Kamala attacked David Von Erich. This thing barely got running before it happened. Garvin was starting to take over then boom, Kamala hit the ring and got put in the iron claw. David Von Erich clawed Kamala and chased him off as Kamala refused to get back in the ring.

Overall thoughts: Not a great disk. Everything was too short or had screwy finishes. Skip it!

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