Sunday, September 23, 2012

GLOW Disk 13 Part 1

GLOW Disk 12 was unwatchable so I'm skipping to Disk 13

We got the usual GLOW song to start out the show:
"My fighting tactics are mean and vile. I'll spit in your face and stand and smile. I'll kick you, beat you and make you bleed, without regard for referees". - Palestina

Spanish Red vs Palestina
Apparently, Spanish Red somehow defended the USA flag against Palestina according to the commentator, Motor Mouth Mike Morgan.
Palestina does a revese big swing
"It's just like one of those planes she hijacked." - Mike Morgan
This went over 11 minutes and ended in a double count out. This was actually decent for GLOW standards. They had each other in holds the whole time and did alot of catifght style brawling.The wrestling was a little akward, but this is GLOW. I liked this to be honest. It should have been bad but it wasn't. Rating:*1/2
"Here Envy, I removed your cyst in under ten minutes." - Dr. Fiel or Dr. Grope
"Big deal, I removed your hubcap in less time than that." - Envy
"This farmer girl, she knows her stuff, she won't run when things get rough. I'll just stand and stay my ground, cuz nobody pushes Amy around." - Amy the Farmer's Daughter 

I know we have alot of Amy fans who view this, so I'm just going to tell you that you will want to find this rap somewhere for her dance at the end. Just trust me on it.
"I brought some flowers for Colonel Ninotchka because I never met anyone from Russia before and thought she might like some flowers." - Amy the Farmer's Daughter
"You already saw me beat up Sally the Farmer's Daughter. What's next, Grandma? Tell her to go back and wrestle pigs in the mud." - Colonel Ninotcka
Colonel Ninotchka vs Amy the Farmer's Daughter
"Amy is riding Ninotchka just like one of the mules back home." - Morgan
Amy tied up Ninotchka's hands with her belt, so Ninotchka uses it to her advantage
The finish
Ninotchka folded Amy with her tied up hands to get the win. Okay, Ninotchka did come untied, but she covered it pretty well and it was hard to notice. This was a decent match. Ninotchka banged Amy's head off the pole in the arena while she was riding her and Amy threw Ninotchka into the pole. The stuff with the tied hands was actually pretty creative and thoughtful. No complaints from me at all here. Rating:*1/2

"Amy the Farmer's Daughter misses those wide open spaces." - Chainsaw
"Then she ought to look inside her head." - Spike
"Tina Ferrari's just a clown. I'll take my bike and run her down. Then I'll get the rest and have a ball, black leather conquers all." - Angel
GLOW Crown Match: Tina Ferrari (c) vs Angel
Tina gets a bloody mouth after getting hit with a helmet
Tina won with body slam. One thing that I hated about this match was the usual odd GLOW rules on weapons. The ref frisked Angel to get a chain from her then she held up a helmet in plain view and whacked Tina with it without the ref seeing it. So stupid. Other than that, they kept this quick and Tina was a little more confident in using moves.
"You are calling from city jail? What did you do?"
 "You were arrested for sexual assault? How did this happen?"
"You went to your very first tennis match and heard the girl say Love 15 and you thought it was an invitation? "
"Vladimir, how would you like to visit a bizarre room for you? THE DUNGEON." - Colonel Ninotchka
"So let the bad guys do their worst, that only wets my wrestling thirst. I'm gonna put them in their place, they'll all remember Sugar's face." - Sugar
Chainsaw and Spike - The Heavy Metal Sisters vs The California Doll and Sugar
Sugar burns a piece of Spike's hair with a torch
Spike got DQ'd when she lit a fireball at Sugar's face. They didn't show it unfortunately.

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