Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 2

AJW Big Egg Wrestling Universe Part 2

I skipped the shootboxing match before this.

Chigusa Nagayo (GAEA) vs Reggie Bennett
"I'm excited about fighting her. I've heard that she's a legend, but she's on her way back and I'm on my way up.
Reggie gets Chigusa on the way to the ring
Chigusa bleeds
Chigusa won with a roll-up. This one was odd. Reggie looked like the kicked out of the roll-up but the ref counted anyway. Chigusa sold and took offense the whole match(mostly sleepers) and got in absolutely nothing, then she won out of nowhere. Very weird match and probably the worst pro wrestling match on the show. Rating:1/4*
"First off, I want you to know that's not my style of fighting. She wants to come off like she's some tough girl, a street fighter. This girl can street fight with the best. This girl wanted to wrestle but that's the way she wanted to play it. There's no reason in the world for someone to be saying f*** you this, f*** you that. I'm not that type of person. I'd like to have this match again, this time all wrestling and no street fighting." - Reggie Bennett
Toshiyo Yamada (AJW) and Tomoko Watanabe (AJW) vs Shinobu Kandori (LLPW) and Mikiko Futagami (LLPW)
Yamada calls for Kandori to get in
The finish
They go at it again after the bell

Kandori won with the wakigatamae armbar. This was a really strong match. Tons of stiff shots, lots of hate and lots of heat. These three things are what every wrestling match should have. This is the match that got me into joshi and it's still one of my all-time favorites. Sadly, we never got the Yamada/Kandori match which would have been a classic. Rating:****1/4

UWA World Women's Tag Title: Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda - Las Cachorras Orientals vs. Yasha Kurenai & Michiko Nagashima
LCO get an awesome entrance
The finish
Mita won with the Death Valley Bomb. This was a good match but a little long. This was basically two teams trying to show who were the bigger jerks. Lots of top rope dives and tons of double teams. A fun match between two of joshi's best bad girl teams that deserved a rematch. Rating:**1/2

Legend's Match: Jaguar Yokota and Bison Kimura vs Lioness Asuka and Yumi Ogura

This ended in a draw. I don't know why. These girls were all retired before this, so it's not like a loss would have mattered. Regardless, this was a good match. All of these girls could still go and Jaguar looked better than she ever looked before. This could have been a main event on any show. Rating:***

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