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Wrestlemania Weekend Day 2 Catch-All Post

Wrestlemania Weekend Day 2 Catch-All Post

NOTE - I found a way to watch this online, which was not part of my plans today. I have other things to do, so unfortunately, I can only watch this a little and can't go in-depth.

I will update this throughout the day.

Wrestlecon USA vs the World 4/5/2019

I liked the MJF match. Both guys came across as good heels and atleast got the crowd involved.

I went to the kitchen and missed almost all of Brian Pillman Jr.'s, match with Emil Stioci, but for being super new to wrestling, he looks just as good as anyone else.

Black Taurus vs Darby Allen -  Taurus has one of the best looks in wrestling. I enjoyed this match. Darby is small and flippy, but he knows how to do it. Taurus didn't slow it down to show off his size like I would have hoped, but this was still fun with Darby bumping big.

Jiro Ikemen vs Rich Swann -  Do you know I love Jiro? I love Jiro. One of the best looks in wrestling and he stands out amongst all. Dude is going to be a superstar if Vince finds him. Rich danced and almost went out the door. That would have been the most epic finish. This was all flying with some dancing and comedy mixed in, but these two matched well together and it was fine.

6 man - The worst of indy wrestling 2019. I popped for Tope "ONTO my dad" though.  They did a Canadian Destroyer on the apron into another Canadian Destroyer right after. ADHD Pro Wrestling.

Hart Foundation vs LAX - Teddy has the greatest gear ever. How much for it dude? I would wear that everyday if I had it:
The match wasn't that great. Didn't really seem to flow, but I like Teddy and I don't care. The finish was Davey doing a hiptoss while Teddy did a Canadian Destroyer. Someone watching this suggested Teddy should sell his cats at the merch table and that's the best idea I've ever heard. The same person also suggested Puma King was delayed to come out because Teddy kept petting him. Someone hire that guy.

Sammy Guevara vs Puma King - Puma stopped the match to do a cheap pop for his youtube channel. Guevarra then plugged his youtube. Pretty awful match that wasn't even wrestling really.It's like some weird 2019 Survival Tobita stuff. Both men were telling each other to suck their dongs.

Brian Cage vs Masato Tanaka - This was rushed and it really wasn't as good as it could have been. This should have had a slower start with Cage dominating Tanaka early before Tanaka comebacks with elbows. Instead it was pretty even throughout the match and they kept a quicker than average pace. They did everything they could and it was just a typical indy match.

Overall thoughts - I'd have been pissed if I spent money on this. So much half-assing and the wrestling was truly not very good. This was a blast though watching this in a group chat.

Shimmer 4/5/2019

8 man tag - Kris Wolf is wrestling. I thought she retired? The phrase "Now that is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig woman" popped into my head with the one.  This was a lot of comedy and screwing around and I got out before it ended.

Chikara 4/5/2019

Colony vs FIST - How does the Chikara show of all things have the least amount of comedy on it? There was a mega bullet tope into the 2nd row. One of them did sumo style palm strikes and Quack called it "E HONDA STYLE", which was great and is the worst promotion name ever. This was a really solid match with good back and forth action and little comedy, Thank God.

Ladder Match - Dasher Hatfield vs Mark Angelosetti - Not a bad match at all. It had a little slower pace to it and they definitely gave you enough time to care. I had to do something else while watching this, but it looked really good. This was not a spotfest ladder match with SSP's off the ladder and all that, and that was a nice change of pace. Dasher got the win with a powerbomb off the ladder on the bridged ladder.

2:20PM update - Currently there's no wrestling on til 3pm. I may review some of the 3pm shows before covering Stardom at 4PM.

WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2019

Miyu Yamashita vs Alysin Kay -  I caught the second half of this and I liked it. These two were teeing off on each other and were working real real stiff. Miyu took the win here by submission and they fought afterwards.

Stardom American Dream 2019 in the Big Apple 4/5/2019 

Bottom rope is broken here.

Violette and Sonya Strong vs Natsuko Tora and Jungle Kyona - Not too good at all. The American team didn't bring a lot and Natsuko Tora isn't that great either. Kyona had a nice lariat, but that wasn't enough.

Bobbi Tyler and Hana Kimura vs Konami and Bea Priestley vs  Britt Baker and Brittney Blake - Not a long one at all here and pretty much a waste of half the girls. Hana was the only real highlight out of this and looked heads and tails above everyone else. She's just as good as her mom was too.

Dust vs Hazuki - Hazuki won in the best match of the night so far. Dust held up with her pretty well. This wasn't anything that special that being said and the crowd wasn't too into this, but everything both girls hit looked good.

Utami Hayashishita vs Momo Watanabe -  The stream died during this. Looked pretty decent and like a legit match, which we have not seen much of this weekend. Supposedly the stream service died during this.

Main Event Elimination Match - Decent match. Nothing special and nothing to remember or go out of your way to see, but there wasn't anything too wrong with it. It was just basic stuff for the most part without anything else. We also missed the entrances here due to the network outage including Oedo Tai's dance.

Overall thoughts - Stardom didn't really impress here. I really hope this isn't the best they have to offer. The crowd was dead all night which hurt things and the technical and rope issues also made the promotion look bad. The commentary was also not good. The girls tried their best though regardless, but just about everything that could go wrong outside of the wrestling did go wrong.

NXT Takeover: New York
I originally intended to do this, but got too tired out and was unable to. I however did cover it eventually:

Joey Janela's Spring Break Part One - 4/5/2019
Joey Janela vs Marko Stunt

Marko Stunt got the win here and I think it was with a surprise pin. They were crowdsurfing and chest slapping in the process and Marko dove onto Joey into the 3rd row.  Marko did a top rope hurricanrana here when Joey was on the apron and got busted open from it. And then he kicked out of a super sit out slam as shown above. Look, I get the Marko thing. He's an underdog, and not even bad at it and people think anything can be a wrestler nowadays. He's just too small though and it hurts it for people who want to believe in wrestling and try to take it seriously. I don't believe everyone belongs in wrestling nor should they wrestle even if they can.

Tony Deppen vs No Legs

Deppen got the win here after No Legs missed a splash. No Legs is a heck of an athlete. Mad respect and props to this guy for doing this. One of the most insane and craziest things I've ever seen with my eyes. This is something everyone needs to see.

Shinjiro Otani vs Nick Gage
They had a nice slap exchange and I liked seeing Otani suplex Gage through the table in the corner. Otani again did the facewashes to Hideki Suzuki in the crowd here. Gage got the roll up out of nowhere here in a spirited encounter.

Invisible Man vs Invisible Stan with ref Bryce Remsburg
Uh, well, someone has an imagination. Pro wrestling and it's fans are weird.

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