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Dragon Gate 3/21/2019 - Memorial Gate 2019

Dragon Gate 3/21/2019 - Memorial Gate 2019

Note - This is all I've been able to find for this so far.

Mochizuki Dojo (Hyo Watanabe & Shun Skywalker) vs. Mochizuki Dojo (Kota Minoura & Yuki Yoshioka)

This is the first time I've seen any of these guys. Hyo's got the leopard print tights. Minoura's kickpads don't match his tights. The Skywalker name isn't a gimmick, he can really flip. Hyo busts out Tajiri's tarantula hold on the ropes. Minoura busts out the waterwheel drop on Shun. Yoshioka hits a double dropkick then a flip tope to the outside. Hyo does multiple flips out of the corner very fast to escape and does a very cool roll into a fireman's carry then a TKO. Minoura and Hyo have an extended forearm exchange out of nowhere. Shun jumps to the top rope and turns it into a crossbody on the way back down. Shun hits a really cool looking double underhook sitout powerbomb where Minoura just floated. Hyo hits the split-legged moonsault and Shun misses a moonsault eating canvas. We get a ton of moves in quick succession with Shun hitting a brogue kick. Shun then does a standing moonsault into double knees. Minoura does a cool roll up and Shun hits a reverse sitout razor's edge where Minoura lands on his back. Shun then takes it on Minoura with a moonsault. Non-stop high speed action here. No real thought or story put into it, but tons of action.

R.E.D - Kazma Sakamoto, Takashi Yoshida & Yasushi Kanda (c) vs MaxiMuM - Kaito Ishida, Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi
Maximum has an interesting theme. Yoshida is the former Cyber Kong and he's been stinking up the 2019 Champion Carnival. Real quick stuff to start out here. Sakamoto really looks like every other guy these days. This is a much slower paced match which is a weird feeling with how fast this promotion is. There's really few highlights early on here. Red's other members openly beat up on Maximum and no one cares. There is a super annoying fan who yells "ISHIDA" nonstop. Yoshino hits the missile dropkick + senton combo. Ishida gets chaired in the back by someone outside then misted. Ishida kicks out of a pineapple bomber and fire thunder. He takes a doomsday device and does the full flip there then gets finished by a sitout powerbomb. This was not good at all and was a pretty lazy effort.

Dragon Kid vs Susumu Yokosuka
DK flips out of an armlock and then armdrags Susumu. DK does two nice hurricanrana's in a row with the second being from the apron to the outside. DK goes for a handstand double knees and Sus sees it and grabs both legs and slams them down. Sus lifts DK for a nudo lock. Sus drops Kid down on both knees and then locks in the figure four. I seriously hope they don't do the "work the knee" thing, because we all know darn well they will forget it by the end(they did). Kid does a springboard hurricanrana then does an asai off the 2nd rope in the corner from the apron. He's still holding the knee. Sus blocks the christo then lariat's DK's knee as he tries the 619. Kid then hits the christo. Sus hits the Jumbo No Kachi lariat and DK ends up flipping over onto the top rope because of it. Never saw that before. Sus hits a top rope exploder on Kid, for only a 2 of course! Can't finish a match on a weak move like that, can we? Kid hits a big hurracanrana from on top of Susumu and then gets an exploder into the top turnbuckle. Kid hits a top rope hurracanrana into the 619 then the dragonrana, only for a 2. Kid eats a big last ride, then rolls through a missed dragonrana and takes a jumbo no kachi lariat. Kid takes 2 more lariats for a nearfall. Sus then hits a World Liner reversal off of Kid's hurracanrana and wins it at 22:53. Was pretty much what I expected. Way too many moves, little selling and little storytelling. Just action.

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