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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/11/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 6

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/11/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 6

Day 5 is here -

Gianni Valletta vs Yuma Aoyagi

Yuma get rushed and thrown out from the start. GV does his yells/growls. He chokes Yuma on a railing. Yuma jumps over the top and dives on him. GV works over Yuma a bit with some rest holds. GV then takes Yuma into the crowd and they trade headbutts and climb over people. GV kicks a fan, which was the best part of this so far. More not good stuff outside and GV beats up a couple of ring attendants. I'm pretty sure GV is trying to do Bruiser Brody and he's not doing a good job. GV hits a big clothesline and flips up Yuma with a Tiger Driver. Yuma does a sunset flip off the top during GV's failed attempt to superplex him then puts GV in a seated choke + armbar combo. Yuma grabs the win off of this and then hits the ref in the chest for some reason. This was what I was expecting. Both guys are pretty bland and this wasn't anything good.

Jake Lee vs Yoshitatsu

They start out with the usual trade of holds and stare down. Yoshi wraps Lee's arm around his leg then does this weird hop to the other side of him. Yoshi goes outside the ring with Lee inviting him in, then Lee goes after him and ends up outside the ring. He then eats a dropkick cause of it. Yoshi hits a running knee. Lee works over Yoshi's elbow for a bit. Yoshi hits a few running boots to the face and a springboard dropkick. He then fisherman's Jake for 2. Lee hits a stunner and then a gutwrench. Yoshi hits a tornado DDT. Lee goes to block Yoshi's strike then punches him in the stomach. Lee hits a pair of kicks for a nearfall then has his backdrop reversed into a pinning attempt. Yoshi hits the STO > Koji Clutch combo but gives it up for a nearfall. Jake then hits a running knee and a big backdrop the win. Not very good with neither guy putting in much effort in front of a dead crowd, who I don't blame for being dead.

Sam Adonis vs Suwama

I can promise you this isn't the cure for a dead crowd. They battle over the shoulder block early until Suwama takes him down and then slams him. They go outside and Sam pushes a ring attendant away and tells the ref to get him out. While the ref is distracted, he hits a chairshot pretty much in plain view then says "I tripped". Sam backdrops him and hits the camel clutch. Sam takes over for a bit and then Suwama hits a jumping shoulderblock. He then belly to belly's Sam for a 2. They have a nice strike exchange which Suwama wins with double chops. Sam hits a blockbuster. Suwama starts to come back and hits a big dropkick and a backdrop for 2. Sam gets a ring attendant's attention, then goes for the chair. Suwama blocks it and the ref takes it out of his hands, then Sam low blows Suwama. Sam then hits a brainbuster for the surprise win. Neither guy is that good and naturally this wasn't either. It wasn't that bad though.

Dylan James vs Kento Miyahara

The ideal way to work this would be for Kento to screw around and use cheap stuff to get DJ upset until DJ destroys him for it. DJ pounds on Kento early then misses and nails the post.  Kento did his usual schtick with Wada here, refusing to break for the count. DJ pounds on Kento for a while with some good corner spears that Kento really sells. DJ hits the lariat on Kento in the corner, which was HUGE and knocked him down. Kento fires back with big strikes. Kento gets chokeslammed on the apron. They exchange strikes and Dylan nails a big one to put down Kento. DJ goes for the chokeslam and gets countered into a slooow  german. DJ lays waste to Kento with a big powerbomb and gets put down with a slow straightjacket german. It was an entertaining match, but like always, DJ lets too many moves be done to him when he really shouldn't leave his feet. I enjoyed this and both men were able to add their own styles into this. It's not must see though and they went a lot more even than you would have thought.

Overall thoughts: Kento/DJ is really the only thing worth seeing(and I wouldn't go out of your way for it). When you are looking for Sam Adonis to spice things up, you know it's not a good night.

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