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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/20/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 12

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/20/2019  - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 12

Day 11 is here:

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Nice arena they are at here:

Sam Adonis vs Yoshitatsu
The crowd chants for Yoshi and Adonis asks for some chants as well. They wrestle around early and exchange some armdrags before the usual stare down. Sam asks Yoshi "what was that?" and says "you can't do that to me, I'm a superstar" and he does his dance. Yoshi then mocks him with a dance of his own. Sam hits his blockbuster and takes control for a bit. They trade some forearms and Yoshi downs him with a backcracker. Yoshi hits some weak kicks and a springboard dropkick. Sam goes for a swanton and misses, then takes Yoshi's STO > Koji Clutch combo for the loss. Nothing bad but nothing real good either. Atleast it wasn't too long.

Daichi Hashimoto vs Naoya Nomura

Should be an interesting test to see where Hash is at. I'm kind of interested in this match. They do the basic holds > standoff spot early. They trade some elbows early and show some heat towards each other. Hash wins the exchange and hit harder elbows all throughout. They have another forearm exchange. Nomura hits his spear after taking some Hash kicks and hits his delayed northern lights suplex. Nomura hits a top rope dropkick for 2 and starts to comeback, but Hash drops him with a DDT. Hash hits a corner shining wizard for a 2. They have another forearm exchange which Nomura wins, but then he gets knocked down by a hard Hash kick. Nomura suplexes him for a 2 and does a top rope splash. Nomura runs into Hash and gets knee'd but on the second try, Nomura does a takedown where he rolls forward into a pin for 2. Hash hits a falcon arrow for 2 and another hard chest kick for 2. Hash gets frustrated and wins it with a shining wizard. This was average. Not what it could have been, but not bad either.

Gianni Valletta vs Kento Miyahara

The crowd loes Kento. They chant for him and GV does his yell thing to try and stop it. They get caught on the ropes and they both tease not doing a clean break. They go outside and GV tries to throw Kento into the post but he twirls around it. They go back out and Kento hits a hard headbutt that he hurts himself with. Wada doesn't look and he tries to trip him. Kento does his usual corner spot with Wada then gets rushed from behind and rammed into the post. They go back in and Kento fools around with Wada more. GV grabs a chair and Wada tries to kick it out of the ring. Wada takes away the chair! Kento recovers during this and dropkicks GV low then gets him in the face. Kento fires up. GV chokes Kento with his chain pretty much right in front of the ref Wada and Wada doesn't care likely because Kento didn't listen earlier. Kento gets hanged with the chain and Wada does outside to count right at Kento. Kento pops right up, which I don't like. GV bites Kento then Kento returns the favor. Kento hits some offense and GV hits a tiger driver for 2. GV grabs his chain and Wada says no. GV surrenders it to Wada who puts it away then GV grabs a chair while he does so and blasts Kento. Still only good for a 2 though. Kento then does a roll-up on a pin an dseems to be perfectly fine after getting nailed with a chair, which I don't like. GV pushes Kento into Wada then hits him with another chair for another 2. GV then wins it with a TKO. When GV outperforms you, you have issues. Kento's lack of selling here really hurt the match. I really think these two could put out a decent one though and this may have been it without the selling issues. For once, GV is totally blame free from the issues this one had.

Suwama vs Joel Redman

They wrestled around to get a hold early which I liked. Redman spun out on the mat to get the first attack in. Redman traps Suwama with both his feet then Suwama lifts him in the scissors position. Redman tortures him for a bit and then gets rammed into the post backfirst outside. Redman does some good selling for Suwama and hits a flying european uppercut. They just kind of did stuff for the next few minutes with Suwama controlling until Redman got the surprise crucifix pin.

Yuji Okabyashi vs Dylan James

DJ ends up getting punched off a lariat
DJ's eye after the lariat punch
A match between two of the big boys. A test of strength and a shoulderblock competition early on. The chopped each other for about 4 minutes with Yuji going down. Yuji hit a big spear and lifted DJ all the way up from his knees through a vertical suplex. More super hard chops. Yuji throws DJ over him and they exchange big lariats.  More chops. Yuji lariats DJ so hard he actually punches him in the eye and busts him open, swelling his eye. Yuji freight trains him twice again with big lariats. DJ rolls out for a bit after taking a big splash. Yuji bounces DJ off the mat with a powerbomb and they go the full 30 minute draw. This was mostly all chops and lariats which I didn't mind. I've seen a lot worse 30 minute matches and this held my attention for most of it. This wasn't really a great match or anything.

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