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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/17/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 11

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/17/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 11

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Atsushi Aoki vs Ryoji Sai

The finish
They feel each other out and trade some shots with Aoki winning the exchange with a dropkick. Sai hits some hard kicks early and when Said trie to do a move on his shoulders to Aoki, he makes it into a pinning combination. The crowd loves Aoki, as every crowd seems to. Too bad the management doesn't. Sai works over Aoki with a sleeper but Aoki hits the ropes. Aoki gets worked on for a bit but gets some offense in when Sai charges the corner and misses. Aoki goes up top but gets kicked and superplexed. Sai puts him on his shoulder and drops him down on double knees but Aoki kicks out. Sai goes for a german, but Aoki rolls back and gets the surprise roll-up win! Good for Aoki as he deserves some wins.

Gianni Valletta vs Shuji Ishikawa

Shuj gets jumped at the entrance ramp and they fight outside the ring, as they always do in GV matches. GV places a chair in the corner between the ropes and Shuj sends him into it. They trade shots and Shuj goes for a running something when GV uses the ref as a shield and saves himself. GV hits the corner cannonball and gets a 2. Shuj gets back up and double stomps him from the 2nd rope for 2. GV gets a roll-up for 2 and goes for the low blow. Shuj should have allowed it then he would have won via DQ, right? GV then grabs his chain and he and the ref fight over it. Reffy goes down then GV hits his low blow. Shuj gets to meet the chain head first and GV steals one. You should have listened to me Shuj! GV had the best match that he can have - one that is over quickly. 😂

Jake Lee vs Takashi Yoshida
I'm really doubting that Lee is the one to pull a good one out of Yoshida. They do pretty much nothing of interest for the first few minutes. By 11 minutes in, Yoshida hasn't really done much but throw cheap and basic strikes. Yoshida puts Jake in a figure four for a bit and Jake makes a comeback after Yoshida stands on his knee. Jake hit a big knee then won with a bow and arrow after about 15 minutes of nothing of interest.

Kento Miyahara vs Yuma Aoyagi

The crowd is hyped for this one and likes both guys. Yuma suckers Kento out of the ring then flexes and throws him back out. Yuma wraps Kento's legs around the post outside and hits his leg off the mat there. Kento does his usual post crossface move and a bunch of fans get some up close shots of him goofing off. Back in and Kento hot dogs a little more. He then gets caught with a big boot by Yuma, who goes for a missile dropkick and gets brushed aside. They trade some hard shots and Yuma hits a flying forearm to knock down Kento. Kento takes a dragon screw over the middle rope. They fight on the apron and Yuma gets DDT'd on it. They get back in after Yuma is out of it for a minute or two and Yuma hits some stiff shots but they both go down after a Kento knee. Kento then hits a big german followed by a big knee. Kento hits a high delayed german. Then he takes multiple germans after a hard shot by Yuma. Kento gets back up and throws some knees then hits another high delayed german for the win. The match didn't really make a lot of sense and selling was definitely not the priority, but people liked it. They had lots of cool looking moves I guess 🤷‍♂️, but this was by no means a smart or a good match, just not a boring one.

Overall thoughts: Another eh night at the Champion Carnival. Nothing really stood out for me.

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