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All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/10/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 5

All Japan Pro Wrestling 4/10/2019 - Champion Carnival 2019 Day 5

Day 4 is here -

Joel Redman vs Sam Adonis
Redman had another good performance here, adding in some neat escapes and really showing off a British style of wrestling. Adonis really wasn't anything special here as usual. Redman got the win with a schoolboy roll-up which everyone was surprised at.

Yuma Aoyagi vs Zeus
Yum won here with a seated choke and armbar in an upset. Did not see that one coming. There wasn't anything really wrong with the match but Yuma didn't bring a ton to the table and it just plain wasn't that interesting. Zeus looked good as usual with his stiff shots. This was a bit too long and the crowd wasn't that into it.

Joe Doering vs Naoya Nomura

Doering got the win here. This followed the usual Nomura formula with Nomura getting destroyed for most of the match until he hits a spear and then takes over. Nomura charged early and took a big shoulder to get knocked down. Nomura got thrown outside and beat up by Doering for about 8 minutes before hitting his spear. Then he got a bunch of offense in but couldn't put JD away after two top rope splashes. JD hit a nasty forearm shot on him then did a running thudding crossbody on him for the win. Nomura really didn't add anything to make this match interesting here.

Suwama vs Yoshitatsu

Yoshi won after 20+ mins with an STO into a Koji Clutch in an upset. Long match that didn't really need to go that long. The story here was Yoshi being the underdog against Suwama. While Yoshi still isn't back to his old self, he showed some care and fire here and had a respectable outing. You could tell this was going long by the way it was paced. It wasn't bad, and the last portion of it was good with them doing more than the usual house show fare with nearfalls and trading big moves. At least they put in an effort.

Overall thoughts: Another skipable night of the Champion Carnival, which is a shame since the first night was so good. Just was going to be tough since the crowd wasn't that alive and they have to work a bunch of singles matches so they don't want to kill themselves over this.

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