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Pro Wrestling Noah 4/17/2019

Pro Wrestling Noah 4/17/2019

Junta Miyawaki & Kinya Okada vs. Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura
Junta in orange, Okada in White, Inamura in the black tanktop and Masa in the black near long tights.

Technical wrestling and a standoff to start between Inamura and Junta. Junta takes a slam and Kita/Inamura knock him down with double shoulders along with his partner. They stomp a mudhole in Junta and Masa then stretches him. Junta gets whipped into the ropes by Ina and then turns it into a judo throw. Junta finally gets the hot tag to Okada who takes down Ina with his spears then puts in a crossface. Ina hits a big powerslam and then tags in Masa who slams both opponents. Okada hits a big german on Masa and puts him in the cross face while Junta grabs Inamura and armbars him. Okada punches Masa multiple times but gets nowhere with it then then big guys beat up on him. Masa lariats both opponents and hits a Saito suplex for the win, since Masa's gimmick is a homage to Masa Satio. This wasn't bad at all and I enjoyed it. Not anything super special and just basic stuff, but it worked.

Maybach Taniguchi & Yuji Hino vs. Mohammed Yone & Rocky Kawamura
I've been wanting to see a good boxing gimmick in wrestling forever since Toba stopped wrestling. 

Yone looking good
Hino with the red mohawk, Mayback with the regular mohawk

The crowd chants "ROCKY" and loves the guy. Rocky does some shadow boxing and is ready to go. Maybach ain't impressed and tags out. Hino tries to box and gets popped twice as Rocky slips out. Hino gets lit up with shots but chops Rocky down. Rocky goes out and Maybach chokes him with what looks like a light stand. Rocky tries to come back with shots but Maybach goes for the eyes. Hino puts his head out with Rocky missing a few then is surprised when he gets caught. He just slams him though. Rocky does a comedic power-up, but Hino keeps slapping him down. Rocky makes the hot tag to Yone, who ends up getting stopped by Hino. Hino and Yone exchange forearms and Rocky I think yells "ADRIAN" at him. Yone makes a big tag to Rocky. Rocky hits a nice combo on Maybach and a flying punch to his stomach. Rocky then poses and takes a big splash from the top from Maybach and loses. I really think they have something with Rocky here. I wish they wouldn't do comedy, because I think this can work. The crowd loves him too. This match was a lot of fun.

Akitoshi Saito & Masao Inoue vs. AXIZ (Go Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima)

Akitoshi Saito

Masao Inoue

The finish

 Masao hits some punches and cheap tactics on Go early as does Saito. Go hits Msao with some chops, with some in front of Kobashi. The brawl in the seats a little and Go lights up Masao with some kicks. The crowd gets behind Masao, who really gets beaten up. Saito powers up and hits a double clothesline on Go and Nakajima. Go hits Kobashi's machine gun chops. Saito gets beat up on more with kicks and tries to power-up. Masao comes in and gets some offense going. The younger guys take control again and Masao tries to block their shots and beg some, but he keeps taking them as they double team him endlessly. They get a little cocky and the ref backs off Go to the corner. Nakajima misses a running kick when Masao ducks and Saito hits a suprise enzugiri. Masao then does a roll-up out of nowhere and they win it. Don't let the lack of pics/gifs for this fool you, this was a lot of fun. The young guys beat the crap out of the older guys all match long until they got too comfortable and the vets put it away. A real fun match that I enjoyed a lot more that I expected to with good story telling.

Kaito Kiyomiya & Kenou vs. KAZMA SAKAMOTO & Takashi Sugiura
Kaito in the green, Ken in the red

The finish
Ken and Kaito fight over who starts. They wrestle around a bit to start. Ken and Sugi have a yakuza kick battle but Ken avoids the big shots. Kaito tests Kazma, but gets put down. Kaito does the old Misawa feint to the apron, teasing a dive, but Sugi boots him. Kaito then dives onto both opponents. Things slow down with Kaito and Ken working over Kazma. Sugi hits a big middle-rope suplex on Ken. Sugi cris-crosses Kaito and hits a big surprise spear as they work over Kaito. Kaito gets beat up more and goes into the railings. Ken gets in and the heels later collide. He works over both of them with kicks and hits a cool spin kick on Sugi. Ken takes another 2v1, but loses this one taking a bunch of shots. Ken and Sugi trade yakuza kicks and Kaito gets in. Ken does a missile dorpkick from the top on Sugi. Ken and Kaito hit their own version of Total Elimination. Kaito gets german'd into the corner. Kaito then takes some nasty nasty forearms. Sugi backs off and Kaito comes back with a german. Kait goes for the tiger suplex and gets blocked, but then hits it. Kaito tries to suplex sugi but he turns it into a choke and gets choked out for the loss. I thought it was a good match, just longer than it needed to be in typical Noah fashion. It wasn't the greatest but the story was solid and the crowd was into it.

Overall thoughts: This was a little long but not bad at all.

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