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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/28/1990 Review

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/28/1990 Review

I did a podcast on this show here:

Last week's show is here:

"Jesse, you look like the deer hunter." - Vince | "I'm dressed for war. You know why? Because the war for the Intercontinental Championship is set to begin!" - Jesse

The Hart Foundation vs Bob Bradley and "Pistol" Pez Whatley

"Talk is cheap. It's put up or shut up. We're gonna find out how tough you guys really are." - Ax
The finish
The Hart Foundation won with the Hart Attack in a quick match. Just a squash here with Pez Whatley bumping all over and the announcers kind of pushing Bret.

 WWF Update

They had an interview with Bad News Brown from last week's Wrestling Challenge about Brown's birthday.

"I don't want no birthday present." - Brown
Bad News was being racist, then was mad at Mean Gene for knowing about his birthday and getting him a gift.

"Hahaha, it's only a rubber snake." - Gene
"Who who gave you this?" - Brown

We then went to a Jake promo, since it was obviously him who gave it.
"A birthday should be a happy occasion, Bad News Brown. All I was trying to do was put a smile on your face." - Jake
"Well, happy birthday anyway, Bad News. I hope you enjoyed it." - Jake
Dino Bravo vs Mitch Ryder

Beefcake did an inset and said he was focused on kicking Dino's butt, and not cutting his hair.

Dino Bravo won in no time with a side slam. Boring squash here.

WWF Event Center
"I'm gonna put my foot so far up your backside that when you open your mouth, your breath is gonna smell like shoe polish." - Brown on Jake
Brown wasn't happy about Jake's trick and threatened him.

"There's an old saying - may the best team win, well, you're looking at the best team right here." - Bret
"Demolition - we want our belts back." - Neidhart

"Ultimate Warrior, I can read you like a book. I've beaten you before, and I can beat you again." - Rick Rude
We got some clips of Rick Rude working out, with Bobby Heenan cheering him on and talking trash about the Ultimate Warrior.

Intercontinental Title Tournament - Akeem vs Tito Santana

"That's a little different style." - Vince

"I told ya McMahon, it's Chicho not Tito. I've known this guy for years and years in Tijuana, Mexico, before he even got into wrestling." - Jesse

Tito Santana beat Akeem in a few minutes by Countout with a Flying Forearm. Big surprise ending here and I can't really figure out why they did it. The crowd popped big for it and honestly, it wasn't a bad match for the 2-3 minutes it got. Slick couldn't believe his eyes and I couldn't either.

"Rhythm N Blues, when we get you in the ring, you're bloody history!" - Butch

"Down in Texas, we talk about that kind of royalty as Yellow Dogs." - Dusty on Savage/Sherri

"Sherri, not only am I gotta put yellow dots on you, but I'm gonna black both of your eyes, and you know I can do it." - Sapphire

IC Title Tournament - Paul Roma vs Rick "The Model" Martel

"Since I've been using that Arrogance, I've been exhausted, McMahon." - Jesse | "Pack of dogs still chasing you down the sidewalk?" - Jesse
"Arrogance Stinks." - Vince | "Yeah, look who's talking. That sweathog." - Jesse
Rick Martel beat Paul Roma in a few minutes with a Boston Crab. Roma got a bunch of offense in and in a way got put over, but Martel got the win after he missed a dropkick and Martel hit the Boston Crab. They talked about how great Martel's Arrogance was the whole time and how Jesse gets all the girls now that he has some.

The Brother Love Show with Hulk Hogan
Love ripped Hulk, saying no one loves him.

Hulk ripped on Love for saying he was battered and torn.
"It was the Earthquake who was responsible for you losing the WWF title." - Love

"Hulkamania will never die." - Hulk
Hulk said Earthquake's attack on him wasn't a full attack and that if he gets another shot at Earthquake, Hulkamania will show that it's the strongest force.

Pretty crappy segment with both screaming and talking nonsense.

Earthquake vs Paul Perez

"I gave Hulk Hogan the earthquake before Wrestlemania VI. I caused him to lose the championship. I'm taking all the credit for that." - Earthquake
Earthquake won with the Earthquake butt drop quickly in a squash. He then did it again after. Not much to say about this.

Perez was then stretchered out.

We went to clips from the finish of The Rockers vs The Orient Express at Wrestlemania VI.

Tugboat vs Joe Champ

"All ashore that's going ashore. I'm here to tell all these wrestlers that you better bring your life preservers and water wings if you don't wanna tread water real well, because I'm about to make the biggest splash in WWF history." - Tugboat

"I got one thing I've got a complaint on, McMahon. I don't get paid enough to listen to Hacksaw Jim Duggan hoot. Now I've gotta listen to this guy too?" - Jesse

Tugboat won with a big splash. Tugboat has a terrible gimmick, but he looked great and like the next big thing here. He was so agile and looked great squashing people. His dropkick was great and I liked his splash too. Lots of sailor and water jokes though.

Hulk said he was reborn and stronger than ever against Earthquake.

"If he was to deliver the big one, the 10 on the Hulkamania Richter Scale, the earth would open on the San-Andreas fault line. The Earthquake would be devoured up, the Hulkster would be devoured up and all the Hulkamaniacs would go along with us." - Hulk | "We would crawl out of the fault, and rise to the top of the mountain as we show Jack Tunney, then we bury the Earthquake miles below, that Hulkamania will never die." - Hulk Hogan

"You Haku, shall fall this weekend in trying to capture the title. You Haku, shall fall to the power of the Warrior." - The Ultimate Warrior
"This weekend, Mr. Perfect, Hulkamania is gonna run wild and ruin your perfect record. " - Hulk Hogan

"'re gonna find out that I'm absolutely what I say I am, and that's absolutely perfect." - Mr. Perfect on his match with Jimmy Snuka

Overall thoughts: The matches were fine, but I do think it is saying something when Tugboat(he did look great though) and Pez Whatley are the highlights of your show. The promo's weren't very good with most of them being screaming nonsense and there wasn't much else to speak of here. I can't really recommend this one.

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