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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/21/1990 Review

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 4/21/1990 Review

Last week's show is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/wwf-superstars-of-wrestling-4141990.html

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Sonny Austin
Jake talked about answers to types of fear in an inset.

Jake won quick with a DDT. Not a very interesting squash here and the crowd was too loud to hear anything.
Jake brought out the snake after and put it on Austin.

"Mmhm Mhmm, they don't get any better than these Hulk Hogan vitamins. They are delicious and good for you." - Mean Gene
The Warlord vs Jimmy Long (?)
Sorry, but my DVD skipped here so I missed a lot of this one.

Slick bragged about how happy he was to have The Warlord via inset.

"The party's over." - Slick

Warlord won with a running powerslam in no time. My dvd skipped through most of this so I can't say much here.

"If you bring that snake when you wrestle me, I'll tell you something, I'll bite his head off." - Bad News Brown on Jake The Snake
" In the WWF, you have to look to one thing -  get to the top or get out." - Jake
"When you step into the ring with me, you're gonna see a reflection of yourself. I've watched you, the lethal loner. I'm a loner myself, except for Damien. Damien and I are real tight. It'll be interesting to see how you take to him, won't it?" - Jake Roberts to Bad News Brown
"The Genius is forever turning negatives into positives and Beefcake's Barber Shop is closing down."
"Just a message to The Barber, beware of my incredible IQ." - The Genius
The Bushwhackers vs ?
More skipping here.
"Before we get into chewing, let's do a little tenderizing." - The Bushwhackers on Rhythm and Blues

The Bushwhackers won with a double stomach buster in a pretty weak squash.

Hulk Hogan cut a total BS promo about how the world will collapse and everyone will die when he slams Earthquake.
He then said after Earthquake and world collapsed, he would climb a mountain with his Hulkamaniacs and show that they will never die.

Mr. Perfect vs Jim McFerton
"We're not going to see all what Mr. Perfect can do here, no offense to Mr. Jim McFerton." - Gorilla Monsoon
"Nobody beats Mr. Perfect, nobody." - Mr. Perfect
"I guarantee we're going to see a Perfect-plex before all of this is over." - Gorilla | "I sure hope so. It's one of the highspots of the WWF." - Alfred Hayes

"It's time for a Perfect-plex." - Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect won with the Perfect-plex. PErfect was aggressive here and hit a nice Perfect-plex for the win.

The WWF Intercontinental Championship Tournament 1990
The Brother Love Show with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Duggan said Earthquake hurt him at Wrestlemania but he won't be stopped and will put Earthquake down.

WWF Tag Team Championship - Demolition vs The Bolsheviks
Nikolai stopped Boris twice during the singing of the Russian national anthem as he said Boris was out of tune.

Demolition got the win with the Demolition Decapitation. This wasn't very good. It was mostly all punching here with the Russians getting the advantage early on and then Demolition hitting Zukov for about 3 minutes before getting the win. The Russians argued after.
"There's trouble in Estonia." - Jesse Ventura
"Ultimate Warrior, I have beaten you before and I will beat you again." - Rick Rude
"I'm gonna take your title." - Rick Rude
The Big Boss Man vs "Pistol" Pez Whatley
"I'm gonna make sure you find out just how mean I can get, punk." - Big Boss Man on Dibiase
The Big Boss Man got the win here in a decent squash. He basically caught Pez in kind of like an STO and put him down. Pez looked decent here and showed some charisma. The Big Boss Man handcuffed Pez Whatley after and hit him and choked him with the stick. What a lovely face he is. Where's Heenan when you need him?
"I don't think this had probable cause." - Lord Alfred Hayes

Earthquake took credit for Hogan's title loss at Wrestlemania 6 since he hurt his ribs weeks before.
"We want our belts back and The Hart Foundation is going to roll right over you." - The Hart Foundation to Demolition

Overall thoughts:
Pez Whatley was the unsung hero of this show and I kind of liked Jim Neidhart bringing out his game show voice for his promo. I also marked for The Ultimate Warrior's speed bag. Other than that, not a great edition of Superstars.

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