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NXT 12/19/2012 Review

NXT 12/19/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

I'm going to be honest. I used to look forward to NXT but it is getting increasingly harder to watch this show each week.

Yay, no Tom Phillips!
Primo and Epico vs The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
You're Welcome
"Every Samoan that I know is a superhuman." - Regal
"Oh my goodness. Leaning in for a kiss. What do you make of that one, William?" - Dawson
"Oh I wish I could get one." - Regal
Jey Uso got the pin for his team with a Samoan Splash. The crowd and the announcers loved this and it was pretty good. The Uso's and their opponents traded control for most of the match until the Uso's made their comeback in the end and took it home. Big bumps by the heels and stiff shots by the faces. Rating:**3/4

"Enjoy your moment in time because the war is far from over." - O'Brian

"Like a cockroach on it's back, you will be exterminated. We are the Ascension and we will rise." - Kenneth Cameron
Kenneth Cameron is now fired so I don't know where that will go from here. It depends on how many taped episodes are left.

Camacho and Aiden English vs Big E Langston
"Strange pairing, isn't it?" - Regal
"You know what you can get Aiden for christmas, don't you? A subscription to TanTastic because he makes me look like a bronze god." - Regal
Aiden English appears to be working a british gentleman style gimmick.

We are back to Bizarro World as Big E is a now a heel on Raw, but a face here.
"Why would this be a handicap match? There needs to be 3 or 4 of them in there." - Regal
Big E Langston won with a Big Ending in about 60 seconds. He tried to get Camacho to tag in but Camacho wouldn't. He hit another one and did a five count after. He then did it again and the crowd ate it up. You know, Jack Tunney would have suspended Big E for those actions.

Percy Watson vs Kassius Ohno
"The walking disasterpiece. Anger is his calling card. Kassius Ohno, vicious stirkes are his passion." - Dawson
The Ohno Blade
"As I call it, the OBE, the One Behind the Ear. That's gonna knock anyone out." - Regal
Kassius Ohno won with the Ohno Blade. This was just a squash and not a real interesting one. I was wondering if Percy Watson even still had a job. After the match, Ohno stared at Regal:
Ohno then went over to him but didn't do anything.

Jim Ross interviewed Seth Rollins.
Rollins said he'd take on anyone anytime and Graves jumped him:
"I said before that all my tattoo's tell a story and right there, I just told a story. The story is, I want that NXT title. Seth Rollins feeds off of you people. But me? I feed off the anarchy because that's all I've got." - Graves
"See you in hell Rollins." - Graves
John Cena tried to hype the NXT recap show next week.

The Big Show vs Bo Dallas
Just to let everyone know, the only thing I'm going to buy here is Bo getting squashed by Show in two minutes.
Big Show won in 4 minutes with a knockout punch. No problems with this from me as this is exactly how it should have gone. This was a silly match to book and was a waste of time.

Overall thoughts: The opener was good and the Big E squash was fine but that's all I really cared about here. Not a particularly interesting edition of NXT.

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