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NXT 12/12/2012 Review

NXT 12/12/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Tom Phillips (BOOO) and William Regal are your announcers.

Paige vs Sasha Banks
"A unique submission manuever." - Tom Phillips
"What is that hold there? It's a very unique hold." - Tom Phillips
"It's a double arm, isn't it?" - William Regal
The Paige Turner
Paige beat Sasha Banks with Masato Yoshino's Lightning Spiral or the Paige Turner. Good match here with Banks looking good in her debut and Piage looking very good and motivated as well. No problems with this at all, minus the terrible announcing. Rating:**1/4

"Finally we have a chance to interview Roman Reigns." - Tony
"Finally? What do you mean finally? Are we supposed to operate on your time?" - Roman Reigns
"Tell me what did you do today? Did you go to the dollar store? Is that what's so important?" - Roman Reigns
"Nah man, it's all about my time, my schedule. Who wears the big watch?"
"What time is it? Tell me what time it is." - Roman
"What, you can't read clocks? It's Roman Reigns' time and you should feel very fortunate right now. You've never been so relevant little man. You've never been so important." - Roman
"What about the interview?" - Tony
"Richie Steamboat, Trent Barreta, Tyson Kidd. Three superstars who had the audacity to cross us and three superstars who found themselves in the need of intensive care." - Kassius Ohno
"William Regal, if you get a bright idea and interfere in our buisness again I gurantee you, I'll see you in the ICU." - Kassius Ohno
Oliver Grey vs Erick Rowan
"I know power. I want you to share this sensation with me. I want you to feel what true power is. I'd like to introduce you to your opponent. My son." - Bray Wyatt
Erick Rowan
"What is this guy wearing? It looks like he just escaped a mental institution." - Tom Phillips
Erick Rowan beat Oliver Grey with a sidewalk slam. The announcers didn't announce Rowan's name, but that's what it was before. Not a good one here and Rowan is just like every other generic big man ever with a big boot and a sidewalk slam.
"Welcome the second son of the Wyatt family...Rowan." - Bray wyatt
"Vickie, you're welcome here anytime but you make no decisions as long as NXT is under my watch. Now the NFL said there are no bounties any longer, so you cannot come out here and say I'm gonna put a bounty on somebody. There is no bounty on Big E unless you run it by me." - Dusty Rhodes
"Yo heffy, there is still a bounty, homes." - Camacho
"It's not heffy. It's either General Manager or it's uh, what do they say in Spanish when you're president?" - Dusty Rhodes
"You want El Capitan?" - Camacho
"YES! I love El Capitan." - "El Capitan" Dusty Rhodes
"Yo, I need that money, homes. Have you seen Hunico lately homes? No, cuz he's in f**kin' Mexico, homes. I need that money. Listen, that bounty, if you erase it, homes, I'm gonna re-open it on you, Dream." - Camacho
"Next week, we talkin' handicap match, so you better get someone with you. We gon do that next week." - Dusty Rhodes
Big Show cut a promo talking about how he won't let some skinny, long haired dweeb get anywhere and said he would come next week. He didn't actually say who the dweeb was.

NXT Championship - Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal
Jinder is back to 3MB persona here even though he's been doing his other persona as of late. I guess WWE took my advice and realized how dumb it was. The only problem is, Rollins still isn't in his Shield persona...
Seth Rollins won with an Asai DDT. Decent match but not as good as their previous one. Jinder's control segment was just too long and it brought it down. Rollins tried but Jinder just is always going to be Jinder. Rating:**3/4

After the match, Corey Graves pretended to clap from the crowd and him and Rollins exchanged words.
Overall thoughts: Decent show with some really bad commentary and a good promo from Roman Reigns. Reigns' promo was worth checking out and you can probably skip the rest. I hope Tom Phillips goes away ASAP.

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  1. at this point, I'm sure tom philips was just pretending to be bad. like, it's his gimmick or something ...

    ofcourse it could be that he never watched wrestling other than big matches long ago, too.