Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NOAH 11/20/2012 - KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima

NOAH 11/20/2012 - KENTA vs Takeshi Morishima


This is another one from NOAH's GLOBAL LEAGUE.
KENTA is a junior heavyweight kicker and the inventor of CM Punk's Go 2 Sleep, which Punk stole from him. Takeshi Morishima is a popular fatboy who is often compared to Terry Gordy and was a former ROH World Champion/
The Mark Hunt Buttdrop
The finish - The Game Over
KENTA beat Takeshi Morishima with the Game Over aka Daniel Bryan's No Lock. Strong match here with both guys looking good. KENTA led this the whole way through and nailed Mori with some great kicks and two nice double stomps. Morishima didn't get too much in and aside from some butt attacks, was pretty much squashed. Really good one here that is definitely worth a look. Rating:***3/4

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