Wednesday, December 26, 2012

NOAH 11/18/2012 - Jun Akiyama vs Akitoshi Saito

NOAH - 11/18/2012 - Jun Akiyama vs Akitoshi Saito

This is from NOAH's annual "GLOABAL LEAGUE". Basically, their annual round robin tournament with all of the top wrestlers of NOAH.

I don't usually watch NOAH as I never forgave them for hotdogging it at an ROH show years ago that I drove hours to see and still couldn't get a pic with Misawa at before he died. But, I don't know, this is recent and it interests me.

Saito and Akiyama used to be partners in Akiyama's stable called "STERNESS". Saito is one of the great underrated wrestlers and probably the definitive upper mid-card wrestler.

Sorry for all the of the crap in the corners of the pictures. This is from dailymotion.

Let it be known that I can't stand Jun's new bald haircut.
Jun Akiyama's King Crab hold
The finish
Akitoshi Saito beat Jun Akiyama with an enzugiri in about 20 minutes in an upset. This was without question a house show match. They pretty much stuck to your basic stuff like suplexes and lariats and the biggest highlight of the match was Saito taking an exploder suplex onto the floor. They gave about their usual effort and this was really nothing great. Nothing wrong at all with this though. Rating:**3/4

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