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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/17/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/17/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

William Regal vs R-Truth
Little Jimmy was in the ring and Truth had to open the ropes for him to get out.  Regal started off with technical wrestling until Truth tripped him. Jimmy then got in the ring again and high-fived Truth and then fooled around with Truth until he apparently went to the outside. Truth did a roll though that basically got him piledriver'd on his head for the win. Truth was a litle off here and not that crisp at all. It was over quickly.

They did a feature on Miz with some outtakes from some photo shoots. IT was mostly him screwing around in front of a green screen with costumes on.

They did a segment on famous Survivor Series moments like the Montreal Screwjob, Truth and Miz vs Rock and Cena, Rock's SS 1996 debut, and some different Survivor Series teams.

They did a Saturday Morning Spotlight on Kofi Kingston with some different clips of Kofi. They talked about his jumping ability.

Intercontinental Title - Kofi Kingston vs Zack Ryder
Kofi is really becoming the king of the b-shows. This is an odd face vs face match. Zack wrestled with the headband here until Kofi pulled it over his eyes. I'm surprised Kofi didn't kick him in the face like he did to Miz when Miz couldn't see too. Ryder tripped Kofi's head in to the middle buckle and they cut away. They each tried to dive on each other but each moved out of the way before we went to the break.

We came back with Kofi trying to send Ryder over the ropes. They traded pinfall attempts and Santino said that Ryder's hair is better than Kofi's. Ryder worked both arms from behind for a little until Kofi headscissored himself out. They hit a russian legsweep that they cut away from until Kofi hit the boom drop. He then hit a double jump twisting splash from the top for the win. Decent match here. Not as great as it could have been but the crowd liked it and the work was pretty good. They posed together after the match.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad SMS as both matches were good. I like their format and their shows go very quickly. The matches are usually different at worst so overall it was a decent show.

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