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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/10/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/10/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

The Primetime Players vs The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
Dolph Ziggler and Josh Matthews are at the booth. The Uso's did their haka as the entered. Both teams wore matching tights. Jey took Young's hair pick and teased giving it to him. Young then fell right on his face. Uso then messed with Young's hair. Darren Young then started crying and went overto the corner where he tagged out to Titus. Titus did his PTP's dance and then the Uso's mocked it together. The PTP's then ended up trying to regain control of the match on the outside as we went to the break.

We came back with the PTP's in control. This is where the match started to drag as Young had Uso in a leg scissors for a while.  Uso got out and they ended up hitting a rocket launcher for the win. Good opening but the rest of the match was pretty slow. Not what it should have been at all.

We got a John Cena message thanking the veteran's and asking people to support them.

We then got a feature on the giants of WWE. It included Great Khali, The Big Show (which showed alot of good highlights of past things he did) and of course Andre the Giant. No Giant Gonzalez though.

The Great Khali vs Primo
Epico came out with Primo, but no Rosa Mendes at all. They didn't even mention her so it's a lock that she's going to be doing stuff with Alberto Del Rio from now on. I don't think anyone has aged as much as Khali in 5 years only. No Khali dancing during his entrance. Primo went for a test of strength but was a mile away from the arm of Khali. He then got on the top rope to challenge him then got thrown onto Epico on the outside. Josh said that Primo had the upper hand and Dolph said that it was to oupper. Dolph then said that he was rooting for Primo and Primo is his favorite superstar. Epico then tried to scare Khali and get his attention while Primo failed on a sneak attack. Primo went for a slam twice and failed with Khali falling on him for the win. This was somewhat entertaining but silly and no wrestling at all. Khali danced after the win.

Overall thoughts: This was just a little bit below average edition of SMS. Neither of the matches were that great and it was overall pretty skippable.

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