Saturday, November 3, 2012

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/3/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 11/3/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Today they are celebrating the day of the dead from Mexico.

Sin Cara vs El Local
Part 2 of the Superstars holy grail comes to life! El Local is Ricardo Rodriguez and alot of people have been waiting to see this for over a month. Sin Cara did a bunch of headsprings around the ring to scare Local off. Santino said Local "looked like a hamburger on the barbecue". Cara with a top rope hurricanrana then a corkscrew plancha. Cara then sent El Local flying out again before we hit the break. We came back with Cara hitting an armdrag on Local. Local hit a codebreaker with his feet instead of his knees.  Cara ended up hitting a springboard swanton with a little turning while in the air. Really nice move and a good match. Ricardo is awesome as himself and as El Local. Fun match and worth a watch! Rating:**

They did a feature on LA PARKA and day of the dead. LA PARKA IS ON MY TV. LIFE IS GOOD. They also showed some clips of Juventud Guerrara and Rey Mysterio. LA PARKA IS ON MY TV. They did a small feature on Rey that had him talking about his masks. He said that his black mask with the lightning bolts was representative of his hometown. He said his red debut mask was his favorite.

Brodus Clay vs Cody Rhodes
The Funkadactyl's were really clothed this time around and did a lot less sexy dancing then last night on Superstars(see here: ).  Dolph Ziggler was on commentary here, which is only the 2nd time we've seen him this week since he wasn't on Smackdown. Cody mostly got squashed here and then when we came bac from the break he did a lame dance. Brodus then did some walking type of dance and got hit with a top rope dropkick. Cody worked a standing toe hold before getting kicked off. He then did a Nagata Lock but Brodus got out. Brodus then hit a powerslam and a splash to take it. Brodus is Brodus and I liked Cody in this one. Not great but passable.

Overall thoughts: LA PARKA. Also, Ricardo wrestling, which is worth a look. Watch it for that and LA PARKA and skip the rest. Not too bad of a show.

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