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WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 10/15/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Big Show came out and ripped the debate he took part in. Big Show  flipped out here and called out Daniel Bryan trying to rectify his 45 second loss against him. Daniel Bryan said he wouldn't go out and fight him, but AJ thought it was a good idea and had Daniel go. DB then yelled NO throughout the arena while other stars standing around yelled YES.

DB came out and ripped up a kid's goat mask. That was a waste of $4.99 and I'm surprised they did it after they got in trouble over a similar incident with Alberto.

Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show
DB got a big comeback here after taking a Big Show bearhug. DB tried something off the top and Show caught him with a chokeslam for the win. Kane then came out and Big Show got ready to punch him. Show left though. I don't think this segment really accomplished anything. Sheamus can still bring up the 45 second loss and it made DB look pretty weak which is unnecessary since he's the most over man on the roster.

Paul Heyman was in the ring. CM Punk then came out and talked for a while. Punk bragged about beating up Vince when the opposite is what really happened.  Punk had something covered up with a cover in the ring, which he said would show who his Hell in a Cell opponent would be. He tried to tell the crowd that he would decide later after teasing them, but Vince's music hit. Vince said he would  make Punk's decision for him as "he just blew it" later in the night with a contract signing.

Alberto Del Rio vs Brodus Clay
No entrance for either man here, guess they have alot to squeeze in tonight. ADR beat Brodus quick and clean with an armbar. ADR did a little armwork here before taking the submission in a nothing match.

Heyman and Punk talked in the back with Punk complaining about Vince's power abuse and Heyman basically saying that he told him so. Punk said that he's challenging Vince and Vince has to fight him tonight  if he wants to decide his opponent.

Team Cobro - Zach Ryder and Santino Marella vs The Prime Time Players
I've noticed that the PTP's are always on the side of the ring that is closest to the camera's. Titus got the win here with a low-down powerbomb in a very very quick match. This didn't go 90 seconds. The Band then came down and did a group stomping on Zack Ryder. They are all wearing leather now and wearing headwear and they said they wanted to put music back in the Music City. They then announced that their name was "The 3MB". I guess it means three-man band.

Dolph Ziggler came out and ran down Ryback, saying he doesn't deserve a title match. Dolph said he wanted to take on Punk at HIAC then cash in his breifcase and go for the other title too. David Otunga came down and talked some trash but AJ quick interrupted. She then signed:

Ryback vs David Otunga and Dolph Ziggler
Ziggy ran back up the stage near the end of this leaving Otunga to get shellshocked in yet another quick match. This didn't go more than two minutes either.

Heyman met with Vince in the back and relayed the challenge to McMahon. Vince said that the only way he accepts the match is against Heyman. If Heyman wins, Punk picks his opponent. Vince had some weird orange crap around his eye and on his face during this.

Matt Striker was in the back and asked AJ to apologize for putting Josh Matthews out there for him to get chokeslammed by Kane but she didn't agree. Striker called what she was doing crazy, then she thought that he called her crazy. She then signed Matt Striker vs Kane.

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel
This is a rematch from Superstars(see here - ). They had a great match so hopefully this is good too. The crowd broke out the USA chant again which still makes no sense since neither guy is from USA with Cesaro from Switzerland and Gabriel from South Africa. Gabriel hit a big 450 here but may have put a knee into Cesaro's shoulder/neck. Gabriel tried to do a springboard but Cesaro hit a huge uppercut and a Gotch-style Neutralizer for the win. Again, this was quick, maybe 3 minutes tops. This was not as good as their Superstars match because they didn't get the time.

Matt Striker vs Kane
Kane chokeslammed Striker on Smackdown and this is a follow-up to it. (see here - )
Striker tried to talk Kane out of this and said he's not a competitor anymore and asked Kane what Dr. Shelby would think? Kane then set up Striker for a hug. The two hugged and Kane asked for a second hug. He then bearhugged Striker and chokeslammed him for the win. Hey! Another sub-two minute match.

Kane then asked Striker for a word and grabbed the mic. He said it was a tough match but tough luck for Striker. He then asked Striker how he was feeling and Kane said, "I couldn't have said it any better myself" when Striker didn't respond. He then yelled, "I am the tag team champion" a few times and it ended the segment. Kane as an announcer has potential.

Miz TV with Kofi Kingston
Miz said Kofi will always be a b-player while Miz will be someone they never forget. Miz said that Kofi will be the guy that only says "boom, boom, boom". Kofi then decked him and sent him out of the ring.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
They were having a boring match with absolutely no highlights until Show's music hit and he came down with a chair. We went to commercial and when we came back, Show was sitting in the chair.  Sheamus worked over Barrett's knee here a little and they fought outside the ring a bit. Sheamus put the Texas Cloverleaf on Barrett then Show came closer to the ring distracting Sheamus. Show pulled the ring ropes down and Sheamus fell out, giving Sheamus a DQ win. Sheamus then Brogue Kicked Barrett and sent Show to the outside with a clothesline. This wasn't very good and didn't live up to my expectations. This really should have been a good brawl here.

John Cena met up with Vince in the back. Cena said he belongs out there and "if you choose me, I do what I do."

Divas title - Eve vs Layla
Eve beat Layla by pulling her off the middle rope on her knee then pinning Layla while her foot was on the ropes. Good match here. They worked a head scissors spot which got a "This is Awesome" chant but the finish was pretty dumb. They really didn't do much else here as this was short too.

Kane and DB argued in the back with Kane saying it was funny how DB lost. They got into a yes/no debate until DB got an idea. DB challenged Kane to fight The Big Show next week then said, "I'm the tag team champion".

Vince was in the back with Ryback. WWE has a habit now of showing backstage segments from the crowds point of view while they happen for a second or two. Vince talked about how unstoppable Ryback is and Ryback just responded, "feed me more".

They said that Rey Mysterio was sick tonight so the tag tournament finals will be next week. Weird.

We cut to 3MB invading a bar. They claimed they are music and got on the mics. They went to sing when they got kicked out by the owner.

The Rhodes Scholars vs Primo and Epico
The crowd was so dead for this since both teams are heels and they had no idea how to respond. Epico did a hot tag here but it was more like a freezing cold tag as no one cared.  He hit some rolling backdrops on Sandow. Sandow ended up winning here with a straightjacket neckbreaker called the Terminus. The work wasn't bad but without the heat, this match really had nothing.

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
They will be fighting each other on Wednesday so I'm not really sure why they have this here. JR mostly talked about Kofi not being as good as he could be yet and talking about his potential. JR said that Kofi needs to toughen up. Kofi threw Miz into the ropes and Miz bounced back into a Trouble in Paradise kick in a really cool spot. He hit Miz totally right in the eye and it ruled. Kofi then got the win. They had a trainer out looking at Miz as he was laying on the mat. It looked like he injured his eye.

Contract Signing
CM Punk signed the contract without any real hesitation and Cena gave the show he would have had to Ryback. Cena led a "feed me more" chant and the crowd went along with it. Ryback then shellshocked Punk to end the show.

Overall thoughts: Not a good show. Too many short and quick matches with the other matches having no heat whatsoever. A waste of three hours.

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